DIY Sliding Door Ideas

DIY Sliding Door Ideas

a high-style sliding door is the perfect privacy
solution for shared spaces. Sliding doors not only provide important functionality,
they do it with a lot of style. They’re a great fit for places that don’t allow
for a lot of ‘swing space’ for a door….and provide more architectural interest than a
pocket door. Sliders are also a good fit for a doorway that doesn’t get heavily trafficked,
but you still want the option to open or close the rooms off to each other. We’ve designed
a whole range of styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for
your space. a couple of things to consider with a slider
– do you have enough space? if you’re using a single door, you need to have enough
room on at least one side of the doorway to completely open the slider. So at least the
width of the door itself. If you want double doors, you need the width of an individual
door on EACH side of the doorway. when you’re installing the track, it’s
usually mounted to a header attached to the studs in the wall, so be sure you measure
for clearance so the door passes easily in front of the frame.
and finally, remember to think about how you’ll open the doors from ‘both’ sides. A flush
ring pull like this provides a way to open from the ‘inside’ without a handle scraping
along the wall /interfering with the wall. so find a space and let one of these doors
slide right in.

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  1. I'd be curious if this can be installed over an archway opening..since a practical door can't be installed in one.

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