DIY Slime Life Hacks! 12 WEIRD Ways to Use Slime + Testing Recipes! Natalies Outlet

DIY Slime Life Hacks! 12 WEIRD Ways to Use Slime + Testing Recipes! Natalies Outlet

Slime Pillow
Ah its so pretty. If your shoes are feeling way too uncomfortable
and your feet are hurting here is a weird yet useful slime hack you could use. We are going to create slime foot insoles!
Oooo how comfy! Its as easy as putting some slime into a portioned food bag. Make sure
to take out all of the air so it will feel comfortable. Insert it into your uncomfortable shoes and
trust me you will thank the slime gods because it will feel like your walking on clouds. Normal pillows are boring soo instead we are
going to make a slime pillow! Say whaa So start out by using a plastic that zips
up and you can get this at Walmart or Target by just buying any bed sheets Then we are mixing Elmers Glue with shaving
cream to create fluffy slime! You can add food coloring to make it any color you’d
like. and then as your mixing slowly add contact solution to make it SLIME. If by any chance
it gets too sticky just add more shaving crème. Mix it well until it no longer sticks to your
hands and your done! I added a few other colors to make the pillow
that much prettier and omg it is the softest most comfortable thing my head has ever laid
on. I highly recommend you try his one out If you’ve ver tried to stick anything to
your wall with tape you will notice it will quickly fall off so we are going to be making
some wall putty. For this take ½ cup of water and mix 1 tsp
of borax into it and mix it up. Then take some clear glue and slowly pour
in the water with borax we just created. And its as simple as that now you can store your
wall putty into a container and leave this near your desk anytime you need to hang anything. Its very satisfying to play with and the best
part is its actually useful. Now you can hang anything and you’d be surprised how strong
this putty is. The best part is when you remove it it comes off in one without staining your
walls. If you have a lot of writing to do for a class
you will notice your fingers will start to ache so here is a quick solution to that.
I am adding food coloring into the slime putty mixture we just created and all there is to
it is to make a variety of these pencil grips. You can easy mold this around your pencil
and it will make the writing process that much more comfortable and easy. Not to mention
it adds a fun decorative piece to your pencils. If your feeling stressed, overwhelmed and
have way to much going on here this weird slime hack will help you. Im taking some fluffy slime that we made earlier
and I’m going to be adding some essential oil to it. The fun part about this is you
can make as many different variations of this aroma slime depending on how you want to feel. So since I want to relax I’m taking some
lavender essential oil and adding about 3 drops into the slime and then I mixed it up. You can put this in a little container and
leave it near you to send some good vibes and relax you or you can even play with it
and it will put your mind at ease while you work. If your super tired in the morning here is
a quick wake me up mask you could do to energize you. Mix your favorite face wash into a little
bit of elmers glue and you can add some color just for fu. And the I’m adding meta mucil just enough
until it starts to make slime. Then you can store this into your refrigerator overnight
and in the morning the combination of the face mask and the cool sensation of leaving
it overnight will instantly make you feel more awake. Leave it on for about 5 minutes,
wash your face and your skin will feel baby smooth and your makeup will apply flawlessly. Another weird slime hack is to make slime
teeth whitening strips. As you can see before I did have some yellowy patches and then after
just 2 MINUTES the stains disappear. If your interested in this video click the little
I on the right hand corner of your screen to watch how or the link in the description. Another useful slime hack is to create slime
nail polish remover! Say what?! If your interested in this video just click the the link in the
description. A colorful way to organize your pencils or
pens and spice up your desk is to make a desk pen holder. Im taking a plastic cup that I
bought for a dollar and adding layers of slime to make it that much more awesome. Then you can organize all your markers or
pens into a colorful pen holder. If you need your door to remain open but it
keeps closing on you just roll some slime together and use that as a door stopper. Very
simple yet very useful. I saved my favorite one for last. If your
self conscious about your hairy arms I’m going to show you how to make slime hair bleach. All your going to need is shaving crème and
mix that with glue then taking some crème bleach I use the brand Jolen and your going
to mix the crème and accelerator into a separate bowl and then you’ll mix that into the shaving
crème and glue. You will apply this slime bleach for 10 minutes no more than 15 and
you will notice it will dye all your hairs making them less noticeable and it will last
you almost an entire month! If people are always asking you for gum here
is a hack to get out of it without seeming like a rude person. For this slime recipe
mix Elmers glue with about ½ cup of shaving crème, add 10 pumps of foam hand wash, 5
pumps of hand lotion and add some red food coloring. Mix that in with 2 tsp of borax
into ½ a cup of water and ta-dah you have bubble gum slime. Now keep two versions of the gum. one will
be the slime bubble gum and the other one will be the real gum. Anytime anyone asks
you can just show them the slime bubble gum and keep the other gum for yourself. Its also
a fun gadget to relieve stress when your in class. And now for the Mac attack winners. Drumroll
please. And the Mac attack giveaways are.. But wait make sure your subscribed and turn
notifications on to be automatically entered into my next giveaway. Congratulations to Anna from Alaska! Congratulations Michelle from Ohio! And Congratulations Guadalupe from Oregon! Congratulations! Wooo- ooo If you enjoyed today’s don’t forget to
give it a thumbs up and also comment below which of these everyday uses for slime was
your favorite. Its 3am I’m about to go to sleep with my
slime pillow. I hope you have an amazing day. Don’t forget
to live weird or die normal. I’m about to face plant into this.

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