Following the previous bedroom decorating, I will make a small living room next to the bed. I think It is going to be very cozy area. This is an armchair. I like the design. Let’s assemble! I bought a slightly large artificial plant from IKEA. This is a side table that was easily makeover from the previous video.
Use as a coffee table. When I sit down, the size is just right and I feel cozy. This shelf was introduced in the previous video “IKEA HAUL JULY 2019”. I use this time. Check the horizontal. Mark where to make the hole. When I check with needle, wall groundwork was plasterboard.There was no wooden groundwork. Make a pilot hole at the mark. This shelf is a type that fixes four places with screws.Since the groundwork is gypsum board, I decided to install two gypsum board anchors. I don’t put heavy objects on this shelf, so I think two anchors are enough. I recommend a screwdriver with a thin handle or a long screwdriver because the place where the screw is hit is close to the was hard to screw. Installation complete. This product contains 3 pieces. It’s fun to choose which one. Sting the nail and hang the art. Checking the horizontal. Draw a marker line with a pencil. I mark the place 3cm from the end to fix the hardware for hooking the cork bulletin board. I can’t make a hole. When I hit it, it was concrete. I made a big mistake. I thought it was a plasterboard. I’m worried about the peeling of the wallpaper, but it seems to be easy to repair. I leave it this time. I changed the strategy to pasting by using this “Hittsukimushi”. This product can attach to the wall without making holes. This is useful for those who don’t want to make holes in the wall. You can’t fasten heavy objects, but the weight of what I use this time seems to be fine. The texture is like clay. I pasted many for just in case. The beginning is important, so I hold it down firmly. By the way, when you peel off after pasting for a long time, it is recommended to be careful not to peel off the wallpaper together. It is sticking well. (If it peels off later, I will report it) This is the push pin that came with the IKEA cork board bulletin board. I hung accessories. I bought navy blue color cup too, so I change it. I think this is matching room atmosphere more. The small living design is complete. This channel distributes various interior videos. I would be happy if you think about a subscription.

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