DIY Smartphone Projector

DIY Smartphone Projector

Experience a cozy
movie screening with the Smartphone Projector. It’s a charmingly low-tech
way to magnify videos up to eight times using
only cardboard and glass. After a bit of glue
and just a few folds, use your smartphone to
share your favorite content on any white wall. It turns out physical humor
is eight times funnier when it’s eight times bigger. [LAUGHTER] Laugh it up. Yep, yep, real funny. The image from your phone’s
screen is magnified by the lens and projected onto any
wall in your house, or even a hung sheet in
your backyard theater. Fine tune the focus by
expanding or collapsing the projector’s housing. This ingeniously
simple contraption is compatible with
any smartphone. As long as it fits in the
box, it’s ready to go. A tiny cutout lets you
charge your device while you binge on your latest obsession. And for kids, it
feels like they have their own personal theater. Turn your phone into a big
screen with the Smartphone Projector. Buy it now at (SINGING)

100 thoughts on “DIY Smartphone Projector

  1. Nice love the setup. Lots of different projectors out there, with a lot of features. I made a top 5 list in my opinion these are the best projectors (for the money) what do you think?

  2. Honestly don’t buy this product, nothing against Vat 19 they didn’t make it they just advertise it, it doesn’t really work, the image isn’t as big as is shown without being too blurry to see and the image can barely be seen because it’s so faint. Cool idea though none the less

  3. I have this and the room your in has to be completely pitch black not even a night light can be on. 1-10 I give it a 1.

  4. But there is something called Netflix and smart TV or just a TV. Which would be better and cost effecient than a projector that's probably impossible to see.

  5. i am the only one who got a video after this that said which is the best smartphone projector for under $40 | LOOTd

  6. Lol the first thing they were watching was a short film called Big Buck Bunny, and if u watch it, it looks like the beginning of BIG CHUNGUS

  7. DIY means do it yourself, you cant even hear anything, it wont be clear, your phone might not even fit, its £30

  8. What if I could watch porn on my room wall or put hentai on my classroom when it's dark that shit will be an actual experience

  9. Imagine you’re a teacher and you use this in your classroom, and while you’re students are watching you get rlly embarrassing text msg.

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