DIY Snowflake Sculpture Art Display | Luxe Look For Less | Home Decor Idea

DIY Snowflake Sculpture Art Display | Luxe Look For Less | Home Decor Idea

(upbeat music) – [Tresha] Hey guys, welcome back. I had to share this
clothespin hack with you guys. This is the perfect decor item you can have on your entryway table, on your coffee table, end table, if you have a fireplace mantle. That will look great as well. And it will be a great gift to give. So, are you curious to see how I did it? Well, let’s just dive right in. You’ll need 23 clothespins to make one, but I decided to make two so I grabbed two packs of these and you can find them at the Dollar Tree. I started by taking each clothespin and twisting them to remove the spring. Next I apply a Rapid Fuse Wood adhesive to one side of the clothes pin and glued it to the other
side, just like that. Next I glued all of them together, creating a circle. I wanted to spray paint
the clothespin metallic, gold color, but I had this
theory that the color will pop more if I painted it
black first, so I did. I used the Craftsman
acrylic paint for this. Make sure to paint the front and the back. Now let’s see if this color pops. Oh yeah. Yes indeed. Since I had these washers lying around, I decided to glue five of them together to form a cross. I sprayed these gold too. Once they were dry, I
glued them to the center. And to top it off, I glued crystal gems in the center of each one. Now for the base. I used the top of a box that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. I also grabbed a pack of wood
dowels from there as well. I used two for each stand. Oh, and I purchased a pack of rocks too. This will give the stand
the weight that it needs. We definitely don’t want
it to fall over, do we? To determine where I
want to place the dowels, I found the center of the top and then the center of each segment. Once I did that, I traced
the bottom of the dowel with a pencil. I used the tip of my drafting
compass to create the hole, but you can use anything
that you have at home. Afterwards I went back in with my dowels. Just to make sure it fit. Now I’m going to paint the
top and the dowels black. Oh, that was quick. Now that it’s dry, I’m
going to flip it over and start hot gluing
rocks to the back of it. It should look something like this. Next I’m going to insert
the dowels in the holes then I’m going to place hot glue around the tip of the dowels. To keep things level for myself while I put the two pieces together, I placed my clothespins
on top of this block that I had, but you can use anything that you already have. And finally, hot glue
the two pieces together. Wow, just gorgeous. Big shout out to the notification gang. I wanna give a big shout out to the girly woodworker for
making the first comment on my last video. I really appreciate you girl. Ya’ll should check out her channel. This is a new thing that I’m trying out. I just want to show how
much I appreciate you guys. Thanks guys for watching. If you liked this video
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100 thoughts on “DIY Snowflake Sculpture Art Display | Luxe Look For Less | Home Decor Idea

  1. Oh my my my! I have a few of these items from another of your awesomely creative diys. I will be trying this! Very nice design love the look! Dollar tree has so many hidden gems! Thanks for sharing 😙

  2. Who knew that clothespins had such a great shape when separated?!! I see lots of offshoots of this hack, especially for walls. Thanks!

  3. Hey girl, Keep them coming you are so creative and I'm doing this for sure. My daughter is doing a busy wall type thing in her new house and I think two of these would be perfect scattered in. 😊😊😊

  4. Omg tell me why I just bought some on Saturday at Wal-Mart it's a 50pk for 97cents! Then….you upload this amazing diy, I'm recreating this look! Tfs boo!😍💝

  5. Awesome as usual.You just leave me speechless. I am going to have to try that. You do need your own diy tv show. I would definitely watch

  6. Treshaja!!! Girl!!! I was so surprised!! You know you my girl! I watch every video!!! You are truly my inspiration! Thank you so much!! ❤🤗❤

  7. ANOTHER DIY HOMERUN!!! I could sit and watch your videos 24 hours/day! These are GORGEOUS and I have everything except enough clothes pins. I think I'll get a package of the mini clothes pins, too, and make small ones…once I actually start on my winter and Christmas DIYs!!! 😂

  8. Tresha,Tresha,Tresha. Girl I love this. I have everything I need in the house to do this project. I am making it this weekend. LOVE IT.

  9. Thumbs up…no two thumbs up, that was a very nice and a creative project. I will and I must try this. you are great at your DIYs and you make them look so easy

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  11. I love your videos. I would like to know where do you get your rapid fuse wood glue? I have gone to Lowe's and Home Depot and cannot find Rapid fuse wood glue. Just the plain rapid fuse all-purpose glue but not the wood glue. I know it'll probably work the same but I would still like to try the wood one. If you can let us know where you can find it please. thank you.

  12. Love your video sis. I have had a lot going on and dont know why u didnt get notified of this upload. Yt needs to do better. Love it ..very unique and creative!!

  13. Creative and stylish as usual. Gonna do this one too. Had a party recently and everyone was wowed that the wall art I made from your channel was CLOTHESPINS. "I never would have guessed those were clothespins," was the #1 response when I told them what they were made of. They think I am a DIY decorating genius! LOL I gave all the credit to you. Keep 'em coming.

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