DIY Space Photography

DIY Space Photography

COMM: Greek engineer Kostas Tamateas has captured spectacular images of Earth from the edge
of space. The project used a homemade high-altitude helium balloon and a capsule containing tracking
devices and cameras. COMM: Three years in the making, Kostas who works as a software engineer, managed to build
it for just €2,500. Fittingly he named it Slaros, after the inventor, Tesla and the
ancient myth of Icarus. COMM: Once inflated, the balloon rose 21 miles into the atmosphere, capturing breathtaking
images on the way up. As the atmospheric pressure decreased, the gas inside the balloon expanded
until it popped, sending the device plummeting back to Earth. COMM: Locating the pod took an entire week and Kostas was rewarded when NASA commended
his work. COMM: He hopes to launch more balloons in the future.

50 thoughts on “DIY Space Photography

  1. The sun is round you dumbasses if you don't have the brain to think its round then you can go find Jesus you atheists freaks

  2. Now tell him to go to the poles view. I really want to see if there is a hole because it's being covered up by NASA etc…

  3. fish eye lens for sure. Don't let the government lie to yall 😂. They've been lying to us since we were born. There isn't even a real photo of earth and what it actually looks like from afar. Just what scientists think earth looks like. Do your research. I'm out!

  4. Lol. Fake CGI images of Earth!
    Stop all this lies! The Earth is Flat and stationary and space does not exist!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I love astronomy and this is one reason why. The beauty and the unknown. #AmazingSpace

  6. wait… soooo
    why nasa, space x etc. dont put their spaceships in space using huge balloons? wouldnt it be less expensive?

  7. if there's no gravity in outer space……. how did the camera fall down to earth? lol sorry if i sound dumb

  8. Awesome, it's good to see things for yourself. Don't believe scientists? Use this to capture images from the atmosphere or a telescope to look at other planets.

  9. Look at the dude's face in min 0:35
    when the camera is pointed at him, i mean common bro fish eye lenses can make anything look rounded XD

  10. look at the moment 1:21 and after a little, the curve is inverted upward!!! what does it mean, the first is the use of fish eye distortion and the second Earth is….

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