DIY “Stealth Shelf” Walk-Through & Special Features

DIY “Stealth Shelf” Walk-Through & Special Features

I just made a decorative floating shelf for
my bedroom, and a matching shelf for my wife. But these ones aren’t just for looks. Slide a couple knick knacks into just the
right positions, and you’ll discover there’s quite a bit more to them, than meets the eye. Concealment shelves, aren’t a new idea, But rather than spending hundreds of dollars
to get one myself, I wanted to see if I could create a “Stealthy” design of my own. And here’s what I came up with. These “Stealth Shelves” are high quality
pieces of furniture that’ll compliment your home decor, but will also hide a spare set
of keys, passports, or any spare cash, you might not want the general household knowing
about. If your kids need a break from phones and
video games, a secret shelf like this is a great way to make those devices, virtually
disappear in just an instant. The secret to the “Stealth Shelf” design,
is a pattern of powerful magnetic locks hidden on the inside. Set a few choice decorations in exactly the
right places, and the secret compartment clicks open, giving instant access to sweets, treats,
or even defensive firearms the moment you need them. You can find magnetic locks these at any local
hardware store, sold as child safety locks for kid-proofing your cupboards. And I’ll put a link to where you can get
them in the description. Now the shelf is still a shelf, and works
great for showcasing pictures, or displaying random trinkets. And can handle a good amount of weight because
it screws directly into the studs in your wall. You can customize the shelf with any feature
you want, or stay on the simple side and build a basic version for as little as $35. Keep an eye out for my next video because
I’m going to show you step-by-step, how to make your own. I designed mine so when the secret compartment
drops open, a little motion activated LED turns on, lighting up the interior, like a
display case. But this detachable light also doubles as
an instant flashlight, in case the power goes out, and can help locate dangerous intruders
in the dark. The back of the light is magnetized as well,
so it clicks right back into position when you’re done, and automatically shuts off
15 seconds later. Now despite how easy it is for you to open,
it’s very unlikely that thieves or kids will find their way in, and here’s why. By studying the shelf from the outside, there’re
really no obvious feature that’ll give it away as a secret safe in the first place. And since we made it ourselves, we’re the
only ones that know the secret magnetic combination. Not to mention if you use multiple locks in
multiple locations, it’ll make cracking the code exponentially trickier. Well now you know how beautiful and functional
decorations like these, can also serve as stealthy storage containers. To keep important items out of sight and out
of mind, but still give quick and easy asses to them, the moment they’re needed. So go ahead and try making a “Stealth Shelf”
for yourself, and revel in the satisfaction you’ll get from the secret power and security,
you’ve got hidden inside. Well that’s it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at

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  1. I'm dying waiting for the how to build video…
    I've figured out how it's made simply by watching this video, but I'm still unclear what mechanism keeps it closed after you've unlocked it. Why doesn't it just fall open? Is the downward pressure of the compartment preventing the locks from retracting until you lift the pressure off? That's the only explanation I can come up with.

  2. you really should have trigger warnings on videos like this… my millennial mind can't handle the fact that there are real guns in a video.

  3. It's crazy how big this channel has gotten I have been here since before one million subscribers and now this channel is at six million

  4. Hey "king of random" I was just watching a couple of your videos. you should do something on changing the color of your fire

  5. hey your fan base should be called randomites what do you think? like for yes dislike for no and let me know it is stupid

  6. Most of the materials are in the description, but I'll add some quick links below…

    [✓] Magnetic Locks:
    [✓] Hinges:
    [✓] (Optional): Motion Activated LED:
    [✓] Forstner Bit (1-3/8"):
    [✓] (Optional): Diamond Plate Aluminum Tread:

  7. WHERE DID YOU GET THE KINDER SURPRISE EGG'S THOES ARE ILLEGAL (in the US witch is where im from) my niece LOVES those things she watches hours on hours of people unwrapping them on youtube let me know where you got them so i can get her some! Thank you!!

  8. I'm sorry but storing a gun next to ammunition in something with literally zero locking mechanism is completely moronic.

  9. More than meets the eyes…
    *nostalgic song starts playing in my head
    boy oh boy do I miss those days without bayformers

  10. Sweet shelf and sweet HK USP <3 Definitely going to be building soon as I've been wanting one but realized they are uber pricey

  11. Nah if I made this I would put something really important in there and completely forget about it 😂

  12. RIP The Original king of random you will be love and missed

    Now let say prayer
    You have warmed all our hearts over years of make machines and things now as we mourn with all of us we say thank you for creating videos of laughter and intelligence. And one last thanks from me thank you Amen

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