DIY Super Soaker vs. Store Bought (& How We Made It!)

DIY Super Soaker vs. Store Bought (& How We Made It!)

so sad though they don’t make
air-powered super soakers anymore wonder if someone could build one hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn today
we’re going to try building a water blaster using spare plumbing parts and this bike pump
so this should work kind of like a super soaker we’re gonna have air pressure
that pushes the water through a nozzle out as a stream and hopefully hit some
targets so we’re gonna assemble the pieces together and then we’ll go over
what all the different parts are it’s a little wobbly I think we’re gonna 3d
print some reinforcements looks really this actually looks really cool for how janky this is but first
test does it hold pressure or are there crazy leaks so let’s pump it up a little
bit not hearing any leaks but we should get some pressure releasing from here
when this fires ready yeah oh i felt it yeah! that’s awesome! nice so now we just gotta put some water in here and
see how this works before we do do you wanna explain what all the parts are okay we
have the bike pump right here it’s going through a one-way valve right here into
this main assembly and there’s gonna be air right here water right here in this
clear part so we can see how much fuel we have left and we have this
trigger right here which is basically a fast-acting valve one thing we’re
missing is a nozzle so the water doesn’t spray out all at once we wanted to be
like concentrated pew so we’re gonna make one using this little plug right here all righty so now it’s time to test and
one special feature we have is this pressure gauge right here so we can like
test it at different pressures and see how it performs so we go 75 psi whoa
whoa don’t shoot it at me! this works really well that’s awesome so good all right so good news is that it seems
like all of the components work the pressure pump the valve nothing is
really leaking too much but there are also a few things though I already know
we need to change the reservoir isn’t big enough I kind of predicted that and
the nozzle is going through the water a little bit too fast the last thing it’s
kind of weird to like pump up here and fire down a fire down here the main
reason why I designed it like this is so I didn’t have to have a hose going into
the reservoir when things are oriented this way the water is always going to be
at the bottom but functionally this isn’t the best new design let’s see how it works
whoo so there’s still that you still have to tilt it It’s like a mist! all that work! so our attempts at making our own nozzle
didn’t work super well so we’re gonna try 3d printing a new nozzle instead
we’re also having a problem with air getting to the nozzle instead of 100%
water especially when we tilt it we’re gonna have to have a hose going into the
reservoir which allows us to flip it around and while we’re at it we’re gonna
add a bigger reservoir right here we have this bushing that
leads to the nozzle this piece right here and we want to have this go all the
way down to the reservoir so we’re gonna do that by adding this barbed fitting
and then this hose right here like that but there’s no threads here so we’re
gonna have to add the threads first okay so now we need to take this tube
and feed it through here and it should come out here so we’re worried that the
hose is gonna get too twisted as we screw this in so what we’re gonna do is
twist it backwards first and then as we screw it in it should untwist when we went to design a new nozzle we
wanted to smooth out the turbulent flow into laminar flow so we added a grid of
parallel tubes in front of the nozzle which should help straighten out the
stream we had no clue if we could print detail at this tiny but went for it
anyways and are honestly blown away by this SLA print okay now to answer question you’ve been
dying to ask us where did we get these t-shirts from you can get yours at shop evan and katelyn dot com! ok go for it that’s awesome whoa I’m really happy so we have solved
the nozzle problem the reservoir problem we have solved gravity problem the air
going in instead of water no we solved gravity but this is it! functionally this does everything
we wanted to it does work but we want to tinker with it just a little bit more so
we’re gonna do two things one is currently this is where we fill up the
water from I’m not gonna unscrew it all the way but it’d be way more convenient
if we could fill it up from this end instead so we’re gonna swap this around
and then we’re gonna 3d print a few things to make holding this easier all
so now that we know we can 3d print our own we’re gonna experiment you mean nozzles! now that we know we can 3d print our own nozzles we’re gonna experiment with a few things and
see if we can make it even better this is the wrong size oh that’s not what we were looking for excited to fire this. so we’re really happy with how this
turned out but of course we have to test it against the super-soakers you can buy
today to give them a fighting chance we got one of the best ones out there in
terms of range the breach blast claims 38 feet so let’s see how they do it’s already leaking alrighty oh oh can
you see where it’s going kind of like 30 30 35 let’s see it’s
hitting mostly 30 oh there’s there’s a couple drops that barely made it to 38
it was not much power made it to the 38 it was like a few droplets the bulk of
it hit between 20 and 30 feet I ran out of water really fast it ran out of water
real fast okay we’re gonna test ours now ready fire whoo what’s the verdict okay
so I’ll be honest I thought this is gonna go like 60 feet it’s gonna be
insane it’s shot about the same distance but I
will say that it’s a lot quicker to fire you can boom boom boom boom boom rapid
fire this where as the ones you buy every single shot you have to pump
this one requires more prep but it’s good to go right away and it’s good to go for a long time yeah exactly right so now want to do a verse off a little like pew
pew competition I’ll do a pew pew competition with you really slippery! okay I’m done no no all right so after all that testing who
wants the store-bought one oh shoot who wants the one that we made it still
has some issues that don’t make it a hundred percent perfect but we love it
because we made it and it’s our first one yeah so if you think that this is special too you
are in luck because we are giving this away thanks to our sponsor Carolina it’s
actually part of a joint giveaway we’re doing with Carolina and Paul Jackman so
he’s giving away a merged wood cookie wall art and we’ll have links below to
his video and to the giveaway details so definitely check those out see you next
time to give them a fighting. Paul Jackman style oh hey didn’t see you guys over
there haha alright guys if you’ve stayed this far in the video you are awesome
and you might be interested in something that we do for every video we didn’t
record in aftershow we talked about behind the scenes stuff like for this one the
the wedding we were trying not to disturb using our drone again which was
so fun so that sounds interesting to you head over to patreon dot come slash evan and katelyn to
get the after show plus sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes stuff lots of other
goodies hope to see you there I was holding my fingers cuz I was
gonna do three things we only did two

100 thoughts on “DIY Super Soaker vs. Store Bought (& How We Made It!)

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