DIY tassel wall hanging tutorial / DIY room decor 2017/ woolen art.

DIY tassel wall hanging tutorial / DIY room decor 2017/ woolen art.

hi everyone welcome to my channel I am
going to share 3 to 4 different DIY room decor ideas ideas with you guys and this video is one
of them and I really really hope you all will like it if you like this video
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make this super simple yarn wall hanging you can choose single or multiple
colored yarn which goes with your room decor theam. so things you’re going to
need for this project are yarn bundles of WHITE, BABY PINK, DARK PINK and RED
colors, hot glue gun, measuring tape, chalk, pair of scissors and three bamboo skewers first lets see how to make the
tassel. Lay your yarn across your fingers and hold one end of yarn with
your thumb to keep it on one place and then start wrapping the yarn around your
fingers for 20 times. Then carefully just slip a piece of yarn in between and
secure it with two knots. then take another piece of string and tie it as shown. cut another ends to separate the yarn
strings and to level the length of all the strings just trim it a little bit and your tassel is ready. repeat the same procedure for all the colors and
you are going to need 7 tassels of each colors that is 28 canceled in total. then take 3 bamboo skewers and stick them
together with the hot glue gun after that either glue or tie a tight knot of
a yarn string on one end of the skewer then start wrapping it around to make whole piece red. you can either do this yarn coverage or simply paint it red . feel free to pause the video for proper measurements. The measurement of the
longest piece in center is 30 inches then other 2 strings 26 inches, other two
measure 22 inches and the strings on both the end measure 18 inches. Tie the strings to bamboo skewers 2 inches apart as shown in the diagram I attached red tassels before but you can
also tie them later on. then arrange the tassels in such a manner that
the gap between two tassels should be 2 inches approximately and then secure
the tassels with two knots each and cut off the excess string. lastly I cut long pieces of all the
colors to tie on each end of the skewer so that we can hang it up. And this is
how you will get the colorful yarn wall hanging. I really hope you will try
this out and leave your questions or suggestions in the comment section below
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