DIY tea light candle holder w/ storage | How to

DIY tea light candle holder w/ storage | How to

hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re gonna fit in
a project before a hurricane hits. it’s a tea light candle holder it has a tea
light in it and it stores tea lights so we’re gonna try to make the other two
hopefully we can make some fast we cut one by twelve to length for our tall
and medium candle holders the first thing we’re gonna make is the outside
edge we’re gonna make six of these and then glue them together to make up the
outer perimeter this is the fancy part last time I cut this getting this with
the same every single time was kind of hard it’s what I thought at this time so
this time I’m going to use this off cut and the fence just set the width and
before I cut I’ll pull out offset and then run it through I just made a cut in
order to get the next cut at the right angle I’m gonna flip it put this back in place and now
we’re gonna go again so you’ll notice there’s different lengths of pieces we
just cut down the three long lengths now we’re gonna cut the three short lengths
before we cut them on the table saw we’re gonna cut them down to length on
the miter saw quick detour I don’t like this I’m gonna improve it you want to tell
the people what that what that thing is there’s a miter sled a miter gauge wasn’t wide enough now that our wood is smaller. So I wanna add an extension right here but there’s no way to attach
things from the back So wobbly. I think we might need the sled. I don’t know why I made this so tall. and I can’t put a clamp here. We’re gonna cut it down with a jigsaw this is actually the best setup you can just push it up and slide it through you have to build a sled don’t judge the sled it’s a
really *** sled. Shh you can’t saw that. it’s a really subpar. subpar, the other s word this perfect match right yeah this
not a perfect match. it tapers! something is not squared here whole thing’s gonna
taper it’s fancy like that it’s fancy we’re goin’! yes so we’re taking this leftover piece
of wood we’re gonna trace this it was to make the bottom of the candle holder. it was hard to get clean cuts on the bandsaw so we use the table instead. it works! be able to do another one
yeah if you do this make the cut before you glue on the base it works without
the cut it’s just cool. now we wait. Did it get stuck? Oh this one! It tapers as it goes down! like the space inside? oh my gosh. this one is tilted the right way. oh no! it won’t fit there. what do we do? start over this one we can use
kind of but the storage thing doesn’t work cause it tapers this one doesn’t
fit at all. could we sand it? flap sander? dremel! yeah that’s get a dremel and open it up. That solves this one what about this guy? This one we just won’t show the bottom. but we already recorded it. let’s get real this one because
everything tapered the candle doesn’t fit up here so we’re going to Dremel it until it does fit this one tapers the other way
candle fits here it doesn’t fit in here if we’re doing this project correctly we
were just redo it but we’re not gonna do that so this one just won’t be
storage it’ll just be a candle holder and that’s it we can fill one candle on the bottom. Ok lets just do it. don’t put it next to the pretty one! Oh man. It’s good! It’s stuck. we don’t even need to put the pins in. it’s already a self. this is terrible might be an example of a great idea poorly executed? that looks pretty good right there. that looks pretty good. lets just cut that one on the band saw I’m gonna try to re-add sharp corners Wow look at these vs these that’s better than my idea of chopping the whole thing off. I’m not sure if I’m proud. But I’m ok with it, haha! Can you get the flap sander? Yeah where is it That looks pretty good. That does look pretty good oh my gosh So I could do one of these or two of these we decided to put two brass
rods through the top to act as a shelf for the candle we’ve done good work here
I mean we’ve done bad work too but, we’ve done good work! If I’ve learned anything about woodworking it’s that you can
hide any mistakes with putty and sanding you wanna switch back to a wider shot Evan just told me I look crazy when I’m working because I go like this this one’s got like the janky inside but I’m trying to look past it. it’s windy we’re gonna use shellac to finish these because it’s easy and we need an easy win. we’re actually gonna let it dry inside because it’s super humid and shellac
doesn’t dry well in humidity. are we doing more than one coat well we’ll see it’s been a long
project already so alright lets go shellac kinda raises the grain we sanded with 600 grit
sandpaper really lightly after each coat. let me close the garage door pretty crazy it’s like really crazy it feels like pretty even with these, i dunno if we need a second coat. so I know we ran into a lot of issues in
this build but I hope it all makes sense and hope you learned some lessons along the way. hope you learned some lessons? hope we learned some lessons. hope everyone learned some lessons! don’t- well one: keep everything straight, two: I dunno I’m done haha. I think these turned out really cool I think it’s awesome that they actually do
store tea lights so you know you have a place to store extras I don’t know if we would ever make them again. no.
they were a labor of love and I really like how they turned out. I love how they turned out. we were sort of a rush
because there is a hurricane coming. we could lose power any minute so it’s kinda good that we made candle holders. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode and we’ll see you next time we filmed all of this project before
hurricane Harvey hit land and there’s a bit light-hearted and we didn’t want to
come across and finish it on that tone because we want to be real with you guys
it has been tough for us and a lot of people in Houston and you can see our
street is- it’s a river yeah it’s a river and we’re stranded
here we’re still fine but there’s a lot of people that haven’t been fine it has
not been good but I think the response from the community I mean everyone
pulling together and helping each other out we’re really proud of Houston and
people that live here for I don’t know stepping up the challenge will link to
some resources below if you want to donate if you want to help out Houston
and we’ll just keep on going that’s all we can do see you next time

100 thoughts on “DIY tea light candle holder w/ storage | How to

  1. Hey guys !
    First I'd like to say that I really like your videos, lots of fun and it's nice to see the "mistakes" parts as well, helps a lot ! There's a ton of maker/DIY videos out there but yours definitely have a style and a vibe that make you special.
    One quick question about this project : don't you have any problem with the burning top candle melting the one right under it ?
    Apart from that, great design !
    Greetings from France !!
    (also I'm glad you're safe 🙂 )

  2. Dude love how lit this project is, even though you made it on such a dark day! Awesome Hurricane prep video 😉 Love the Alamo sled, you definitely need to add more details to the front of it to make it look like the Alamo! You guys have such a great style, keep it up!

  3. I love this project. One thing I might suggest is to do two halves of the candle holder, then you can cut the angle on the table saw on the one half, which might be a little safer. Then you can also test the fit of the candles and sand the inside if you need to adjust. I can never get all the angles cut right, so I usually do it that way so I can sand them flat and no one can ever tell the difference. I'm really glad you two are Ok, and I hope the flooding stopped at the street, stay safe!

  4. I really appreciate you leaving in all of the mistakes you made, and how you tried to fix them. It makes the video a learning experience as well as a DIY instructional video, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

  5. Thanks for all the links. I donated to the Texas Diaper Bank. I'm from Illinois, so I don't think I'm legally allowed to own something Texas shaped. 🙂 If you make an Illinois topo, I'd be interested!

  6. Thank you for showing the mistakes that can cause huge problems instead of just scrapping the project and not uploading. I have always been frustrated by the lack of precision my tools give me but can't afford to spend $1000+ on one machine. It's very encouraging to see your optimism through those problems.

  7. I liked this a lot. Gave me some inspiration for a big pile of long thin scraps I have. Thank you.
    And I think that was the right way to end the video.
    Keep your chins up, things get better.

  8. I'm happy you guys are ok and acknowledged the many that aren't. It was all so sad. Jump up to Dallas and say hi to me if you need to! 🙂 Collab maybe?! 😉

  9. One trick my old wood shop teacher taught me when you use finish like that and it leaves a slightly bumpy texture is instead of using actual sandpaper to take it down since its easy to go to far, is to use just plain printer paper. It’s still abrasive but just barely enough and it takes the bumps right off.

  10. I like the candle holders, they have a simple classy style with some function built in! You two are super cute together and I have to admit, I'm wishing I could find my own Katelyn to make stuff with me! I know you guys will survive the poor weather, but I hope you do so with a good attitude and continue to make stuff!

  11. hi, i suggest you to watch matthias wandels dewalt table saw review. he explains how to investigate common problems and possible solutions. that sled is a shame, and if you can carry a table saw its table top is probably so bad, no sled or gauge can be used with precision. but, you can improve it anytime. please watch the video i suggested. it helps. by the way i stumbled upon recently you guys are so likeable, god, i am so jealous your energy and chemistry between you, i am starting the watch all of the videos. be back in a week:)

  12. Glad you guys are safe. We just went through Irma and yeah…hurricanes are pretty awful. I'm wondering if it would be easier to make a version of this candle holder that was a cylinder?

  13. Nice project, showing mistakes is great. Learning as you go…. awesome. And I'm really, really glad you guys were safe. Much love….

  14. Our place in Louisiana got flooded back in like May? Wasn't too fun but we made it alright. Just know we all love you and hope it gets better 😀

  15. Love that you guys are so REAL! Thanks for showing your mistakes, showing youre real, and keeping your chin up in a difficult time. Hope everything is back to #normal soon! <3

  16. absolutely love watching the two of you. All the mistakes are really part of the fun and learning experience. Glad you guys are not too badly affected, best wishes to all who are recovering from the hurricane.

  17. Good video. Thanks for showing that things don't go as planned. We all make mistakes and it's nice to see you guys roll with the punches instead of getting insanely frustrated like so many of us do.

  18. Y’all here doing smart ass shit..while I’m here, not even able to cut a straight line through paper. Proud of you guys

  19. I'm late to the party on this, but I'm glad your house was OK! Also, how wide did you guys make the top and bottom of the pieces you cut? Thanks!

  20. Great job guys !! A trick to make sure that compound angled pieces go togheter well : glue the piece in two half ( in this case , 3 pieces at time ) , then sand each half flat on a belt or disc sander and only then glue the 2 halfs togheter . This way , even if the angles aren't perfect the finished piece has always perfect miters 😉
    Also, for the 3rd candel holder , the one in wich the tealights don't fit , an easy fix could be to cut the holder in half lenghtwise , than use two narrow stripes of contrasting wood a glue everything back togheter. You'll end up getting a bigger opening and a nice aesthetic touch 😛
    ( i hope i made myself clear , english it's not my mother tongue 😀 )
    Keep up the good work , you two are great , guys 🙂

  21. I'm glad you all made it through ok. Now as far as the project I love the idea and the fact you showed your struggle is awesome. Just a idea but sine the tea lights didn't want to slide through perhaps using a drill press with a long forester bit through the center would open it up to allow proper movement of the candle? Just a thought. Loved the project… it got you a new sub!

  22. So glade you did not get water in your house, as you probably do to, I have allot of friends that was not so lucky. To add, great channel!

  23. Raise the blade so the leading edge of the blade pushes down in the material and you’ll have a cleaner edge.

  24. Hi Evan And Katelyn. Love these candle holders I've just uploaded a video on outdoor tealight lanterns check it out.

  25. OMG I wish I knew your channel while I was down in Houston! Harvey was pretty devastating. Have great memories of wading in water and boaters coming down the streets.
    Glad you guys made it okay! Thank you for the content!

  26. I could have commented on any of the fifty videos of yours I watched this week, but the editing is so sincerely pleasing. The music is soft and not jarring and both the recorded visual and audio goes with it so well. I love both how you guys interact and the way you cut all these complicated projects together. I can't say I'm interested in actually doing anything diy myself, ever, but I love this channel. Thank you for your hard work, and congratulations on going full time!!

  27. I didn't know you lived in Houston. I'm so glad you were not to badly affected. I think it was very responsible of you to close out your video in that way, taking into consideration everything that people were going thru!

  28. I didn’t realize how long ago Harvey happened
    The past year has gone by fast as fuuuudge
    Can’t say that word anymore so let’s say fudge
    On a serious note this past year has gone by incredibly fast I remember January like it was yesterday

  29. Hi, this is Chas. From the future. I have come back to tell you that believe it or not, one day you will glue googly eyes onto your sander. That's all. I have to go back to my time now. Oh — nice vid. Thanks. I use batteries for my tea lights (they are LED) so should I just rent out the storage space or something? Oh NO! Have I just started a Temporal Time Loop? Wait till I go invest in some Googly Eyes stock please. OK I'm gone.

  30. HI people, I am really enjoying the way you work together, I am actually a fan of DIY couple which is part my life also, happiness is all matters, but I think if you work with more attention besides you are happy, it helps to have higher quality in you projects and videos. i have watched tons of your videos that I am suggesting. wish always be happy and close.

  31. Hi,
    I don't know what reason but I saw Your Video right now even I subscribed before few months .
    I am Engineer and I am also handyman too
    I like like Your work and specially Your style
    You both are so cute
    I am also living in Houston

  32. The only thing i hate in such videos … "DIY – Do it yourself" … "And noooow guys, time to take your professional power tools …. woops, you dont have them? Sad" … i mean .. DIY is in MY opinion something like "Hey, we tell you how it works. With the stuff, normal people have at home. Don't get me wrong, i love your videos. Its just … a bit depressing sometimes.

  33. That hurricane was horrible. And not even a month later Irma hit Florida and messed up my neighborhood I don’t know how our house survived while others got destroyed. All we had was a tree fall and nick the side of the roof. (where I live, this is like 2 years late to say this) but I’m glad everyone is okay and safe and are back to being Houston strong ❤️

  34. I’m still confused by the sanding of the cut surfaces? They are as straight and perpendicular as they are going to get according to the calibration of your tools, sanding just makes the surfaces “un-planed”

  35. You two are so cute! AHH! Man I'd love to be doing what you're doing.

    EDIT: I just looked at your Etsy and my heart can't handle the wholesomeness! You guys are the best!

  36. if you were to make them really tall then could you use those big candles but still have multiple candles if you cut the big ones? Also could you make them with multiple candles but also have them shine out of a little hole instead of just the top? Love ya'll

  37. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  38. I hadn't seen this video til today, and wondered if that was Harvey rolling in at the beginning! lol Everything worked out O.K. My family's business was wiped out by the flood in Katy but came back, thanks to volunteers in the area who really helped it come back quickly.

  39. Strip of sandpaper on the end of a dowel inserted into a drill. Then, stick that into the tube and sand the bottom until the fit.

  40. Idk why but before you put the rods in I had the impression that you were going to make them like those push up erasers where once you used up the eraser at the top you take it out and push it into the bottom then a brand new eraser pops up until they’re all used 😂😅

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