DIY Tumblr Gallery Wall Art Pinterest Inspired | ANN LE

DIY Tumblr Gallery Wall Art Pinterest Inspired | ANN LE

(upbeat music) – Hi guys! How’s it going? Welcome back to another DIY Sunday. I am so sorry that I missed last Sunday. I needed go on like a
social media cleanse. Last week I felt like
I was just overwhelmed doing all sorts of DIYs
for this and that channel and I was just like, “you know what?” “I just need time to myself.” And so I did and I felt great. So, I am back with another
fun project for you guys and today we are making some wall art. So, the other day I was just like you know what, I have all
these awesome cool artwork but I have nowhere to put them. I’m just like a very eclectic person. I like all sorts of stuff. I don’t like one particular style. So, I was kind of at a loss for a moment because I was like, oh
my god I like vintage, oh my god, I like retro, oh my god, I like pop art. What the heck do I do? I was just like, you know what, let me put them all on the wall and I really like how it turned out. I also felt like I was
missing a few elements and a dynamic touch here and there. So, I made my own art and I really love how it turned out. So, today we are going to be doing that. Let’s get started. For materials you will need: frames or shadowboxes complete with glass, fabrics in colors or prints you love, you can also paint the
backing of your frame, vinyl decal paper, you can also use already
made decals or stickers. Another option we will be
playing around with is a stencil. For that, you will need
some craft paint, brushes, and re-positional adhesive. All of these materials are
actually things I already owned, however, you can find these
at your local craft store. The first step is to take
apart the picture frame. Take the backing paper
and use it as a template. Trace the shape on your
fabric with a pencil. So, once that’s done, go
ahead and cut out your shape. Next iron out any wrinkles
or fold lines on your fabric. To prevent the fabric from
sliding as you mount it use a little bit of glue around the edges. You can also use a spray
adhesive for a seamless surface. Once everything looks good, go ahead and reassemble the frame. Alright, so now we are on
to the graphic design part. You can do it either one of two ways. You can buy sticker
decals or make your own. I actually have a
step-by-step, detailed tutorial on how to make your own decals. If you want to see that then make sure to click on this video right here. So, I will just go over this briefly with you guys in this video. If you want more detailed information then make sure to check out that tutorial on how to make your own decals. Alright, so what I basically did is trace out or draw out my design onto a sticky vinyl paper. Then cut it out with an x-acto knife. I would suggest for you to start off with the really simple designs before moving on to the intricate ones. The Eiffel Tower actually
took forever to cut out but it was well worth it. To smoothly apply the decal, run a line of masking
tape down the center. Then apply the decal
sticker one side at a time. This method that I’m using
is called the hinge technique which is used by professional sign makers. It will prevent the sticker
decal from sticking together and bubbling up. You can learn this technique
in my decal DIY video. When starting off, I
suggest for you to start with more simple designs
just like this text design right here which turned out amazing. You can also challenge yourself by finding more intricate designs and I will post this Eiffel Tower design on my blog So, here’s a really cute and simple way on how to make your own stickers. So, with the vinyl sticky paper all I did was buy a
butterfly shape puncher and I punched out a whole
bunch of little butterflies so that way I can use this as my design. (soft music) If you can’t find vinyl paper
or want a different look try using a paint-in stencil. There are so many different kinds of stencil designs out
there to choose from. Choose a stencil that you like and after cleaning both the
glass and stencil of dust spray on some sticky template adhesion to the back of your stencil. Let that settle for at
least 60 seconds or so in order for the adhesive to become tacky. Now, it’s time to stick it
on to your glass surface and seal the edges down. Take out your brush and dab on the paint. Try to resist brushing it as it can cause the
paint to bleed through. After painting your coat,
peel off the template before the paint dries. This should be fun as you can
mix other template designs or colors on top of each other. Making these frames is such a great way to express and display your creativity. I love the eclectic and
colorful art on my wall and I hope you will enjoy making yours. Alrighty guys, so that is it. I hope you guys like this video. Also, don’t forget to thumbs up if you do. And let me know which one
is your favorite artwork. I am still doing the monthly giveaway, so if you guys are not familiar
with my monthly giveaway I have all the details on
the bottom of this video. And I think that’s pretty much it. So, I will talk to you guys next week. Bye! (kissing sound) Ciao. Au revoir. Adios.

99 thoughts on “DIY Tumblr Gallery Wall Art Pinterest Inspired | ANN LE

  1. Hey, I've just discovered your videos and I love them so much 😀
    I was wondering if you could show a tutorial on the pink fashion one? Thanks

  2. Hi Ann! This is great as always! Thank you sooo much for the inspiration. Now i know what to do with our boring white walls. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Ann! This is great as always! Thank you sooo much for the inspiration. Now i know what to do with our boring white walls. Thanks again!

  4. Anne lee please can you tell me from where you got your wall art just next to the effeil tour the one with the fashion brands PLEASE and if you made it can you do a DIY about it PLEASE it's BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 <3

  5. I love these! Especially the victorian Eiffel Tower one. I also just saw a similar canvas art to the one on your wall with the top designer names in Paris in Bed Bath and Beyond. Do you have any DIY ideas for something similar to that? I seriously fell in love with the art but its super pricey for me right now 🙂

  6. Hi Ann Le. How did you do the blue/green/yellow flower – (the picture beside your lamp). It all looks so good! 🙂

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  8. Hi Ann! I have just open my Etsy shop, would you be kind enough to check it out and let me know what you think of my art prints? Thanks. I really appreciate it! 

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  11. Is that music at the beginning Gaelic? I don't know if I'm imagining it but it sounded like Gaelic for good morning 😂😂😂

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