hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be taking you guys with us as we finish framing our basement and then we are also going to be cleaning everything up and just kind of giving you guys an update on when we plan to finish the basement I also wanted to let you guys know that I am having another giveaway in this video and I will have all the information for that giveaway in the description box as well as down in the pin to comment so make sure you guys enter and don’t miss out and without further ado let’s get into it [Music] she do is you take two cords put them over like that plug them in and then now it won’t come and plug that’s good not as good as the other hacks I was doing this morning but yeah but it was pretty good [Applause] [Music] so by the time I had gotten down here on this day Kyle had already finished up a lot of the stairs and we were just finishing up with a few areas and then also finishing up the treads of the stairs [Music] this thing right here format they pull it back and then pull the hose off well that’s not going anywhere this is a male let you drive down into concrete and use gunpowder kind of like a bullet to do it so use this I call it a ramp set he put the nail in and you put the charge in close it up and you put it down on your piece of wood you have to put it down hard on and hit it with a hammer gunshot shoots the nail through the wood all the way into the concrete [Music] we have stairs this looks like a super easy job yeah let’s talk all day [Music] I think that I’m going to some pop by a gay star baby they never gonna find me [Music] [Music] [Music] trust me off of the cheetah [Music] finishing your basement ourselves has been a crazy experience it’s something that has definitely taken a lot longer than we had planned just because Kyle is doing this while he is working full-time and just kind of trying to fit everything into his spare time but it’s also been really neat to just see everything kind of come together and just know that he has done this all himself [Music] he is one [Music] [Music] that looks so good you just leave it and be done with placement now okay so it is the next day and Kyle and I are down here he got everything done everything is framed he even framed in the bathroom a little bit but now we have a huge mess we actually have electrical coming this week to look at everything and hopefully get lights and outlets and everything in and so we need to get everything cleared out so they can make their way through the whole basement and as soon as that’s done we are going to get started with drywall so today I figured we would take you guys along with us and clean up the basement and then we will give you kind of an overview update on our time frame and we’re out with everything and when we are hoping to be finished now [Music] [Music] don’t say trust me I don’t legit [Music] so starting out cleaning this basement was a little bit overwhelming just because there was so much down here so the first thing you wanted to do was get all the scrap wood out we are going to be giving this to some friends who have a fire pit but first things first was needing to get all of this out of the basement so we just started by gathering all the wood and extra scraps and then after we take it into the garage it will just kind of sort through what exactly is trash and what is scrap wood [Music] [Music] well breakfast in bed for the coffee [Music] once we got all of the scrap wood off the floor we just started taking everything else out of this little area we wanted to really focus on one area at a time and clean that really well and move things around as needed [Music] [Music] crazy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] once we have the theater room area cleared out and swept we just started moving into the next area these rooms are going to be a bunk bed room and then kind of like a little game room slash media room I’m not entirely sure yet but then we just started clearing everything out some of the tools we’re going to be staying down here but a majority of them we’re going back out to the shed I just [Music] [Music] nobody I’m supposed to [Music] [Music] during the time that Kyle was framing he had to pull some of the insulation out of the ceiling so that’s what all this insulation is here for so he was just kind of reorganizing that into one of the spare bedroom closets and then while he did that I just took care of sweeping this floor [Music] since Islands nobody could see me see me nobody could see me see me I wonder can you hear me I just [Music] I know it’s a little bit too much for sure so cold but we’re always coming back for more it goes in this wicked gaming song for sure [Music] [Music] I am getting so excited for this basement I mean we’ve been excited this whole time but just kind of seeing it empty and seeing all of the wood up on the walls has just made it feel so much more real and the fact that we are getting in an electrician this week and also going to be starting on drywall shortly after it’s just making this space feels so much more real and I just cannot wait to have this added space into our house and I’m also super excited to be decorating this area so definitely stay tuned for those videos because this whole process is going to be a ton of fun and I was actually talking to Kyle that it would be really fun to kind of have you guys help me out in picking things out for the basement and just kind of helping us decide on things so we share that you were subscribe so that you were not missing out on that and up on the car we know how to push the buttons to the car [Music] [Music] so we finished clearing everything out it took I don’t know how long did it take yeah I probably took like three hours it didn’t feel like that long okay it took like two or three hours so it took a few hours to get everything done but it looks so good and here we kept a few things like obviously we kept all the insulation and like a few tools that Kyle’s going to be using for drywalling and that’s pretty much it but all of the wood has been cut it is unput up we are done framing so we have an electrician coming this week and then we have to do drywall mutton tape okay texture just can’t tell me texturing painting all the trim flooring all that kind of like finishing work but honestly this is kind of the last step that it’s going to look like this because next year doing drywall and it is going to completely transform this basement from looking like so unfinished to looking almost finished so we are definitely a little bit behind schedule this the end of the summer and September just really knocked us back a lot so I don’t think we’re not gonna get to be done by Christmas but our goal is like early spring so we’re really really hoping that we can get it done my goal is February I would not say February could we get it done by February probably why I don’t know I’m thinking hopefully February but we’ll see we’re gonna it’s definitely becoming like more of a like higher up on the list I guess so we’re gonna try to get it done this week as we can but there is still a lot of stuff to get done and Kyle is doing most of us himself plus working so he just has to fit it in but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you guys enjoyed just kind of seeing everything thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next one bye guys tired hungry let’s go to lunch [Music] [Music]


  1. Hey family!! I know this basement update is long overdue… but i love how everything turned out & itโ€™s exciting to share this with yโ€™all!! Love you guys!! XO โ™กamanda

    ๐ŸŽ‰ Congrats to the winners of this giveaway! (shared in my stories)

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  5. Love this! This was actually helpful with learning how to build stairs ๐Ÿ˜‚ we will be building stairs when we move into our new home in 1-2 months. I also love the team work between you and your hubby.

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  6. My husband ripped apart our basement almost 10 years ago and it's still not done. In that time we've had 4 children, so time seems to be less and less ๐Ÿ˜œ We recently started back up. My husband is very handy, so we're doing it all on our own. It's just finding the time to do it! You and your husband seem to have so much fun together!!

  7. Absolutely love how adorable you and Kyle are together! So awesome to see you working together to tackle this giant project, it is going to be so amazing when you are finished. Thabk you for the basement update, I have been super curious about how things were going! #TeamPaige #PowerCouple

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  46. The basement is looking great. The stairs are especially nice, and sturdy. I had never seen the concrete nail tool, either. When it comes to finished basements, I am usually against them, but to each their own. As a former water restoration technician, I highly, highly suggest the following: 1) when it comes to the stairs, be sure to remember where each brace board is in the stair bc (God forbid) a hole will need to be drilled for each "compartment" in the event of a sewage or water loss 2) when installing dry wall I would suggest placing it atleast 3 inches above the floor and having a high baseboard that's inexpensive and easy to remove (for you or a tech). This also goes for insulation. The best insulation I have seen is styrofoam sheets. Easy to cut out, easier to replace, and if a loss is low enough, shouldn't be affected whereas fiber insulation/blown in/expanding foam can soak it up and then drywall may have to be removed to keep growth down. 3) keep construction materials cheap bc I dont know how many times I have seen insurance companies refuse to cover the cost of high end materials. Especially as years go by, it's all based on what the prices of the mats are, not were, they usually go with the cost of cheap mats anyway, and a lot of people get upset when it wont be covered at all. 4) if carpet is going to be placed, keep it cheap and I suggest avoiding pad if possible. It gets heavy, and its tedious to extract water from it, and it adds time to the tech bill later. I love the idea of having a finished basement for extra space, but in the long run it becomes a huge problem if something happens. Again, I hope it never happens to you, or anyone, but a lot of home owners dont think about the possibility of these things happening, but I learned so much over the years of doing that stuff that I try to tell everyone to keep these in mind. I love remodels, and I'm excited for you guys and cant wait to see the final outcome. Good luck! ๐Ÿค—

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