DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

This artful display of gorgeous greens could
reframe your whole perspective on gardening The hanging ‘frame’ is a pretty basic build
consisting of a box — that holds the dirt…and then the frame pieces. Start by buiding the
box…then assemble the frame using brackets to join the pieces. Attach the box to the
frame, again with brackets. Insert a piece of hardware cloth, and then finish off the
back of the box with a piece of acrylic. Now you’re ready to plant .
Fill the frame with a potting mix meant for succulents. You can buy it, or you can make
your own..using some potting soil, perlite and plain old playground sand. It’s a really
dry mix that drains well, because succulents don’t like sitting in water. Fill the frame
until the wire fabric cloth is just covered, then sprinkle a little water and let the whole
thing sit for about 15 minutes. The soil will compact and settle a bit, and then you can
top it off with another layer of soil, and a little more water. The water helps the mix
hold together a little more for planting purposes. Now you can lay out your succulents and remember,
they will grow and spread out some, so don’t overcrowd the space. Once you’ve got an arrangement
you like, trace around the plants with a permanent marker, then carefully — using a pair of
tinsnips — cut thru the wire fabric, kind of bending back the pieces to create a hole
just large enough to get the rootball thru. You don’t want to cut away too much of the mesh so leave at least a couple of columns around the perimeter,
and in between your plants. Once it’s planted, you can hang it in a spot
that gets appropriate light for your plants. And you won’t need to water as frequently as most other plants, but they will require water a couple times a week during the growing season. This frame is gorgeous hanging outdoors and it also looks fabulous as a centerpiece on an outdoor table.

36 thoughts on “DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

  1. We’re swooning over vertical succulent gardens! Watch this easy tutorial from @Lowe's Home Improvement for a fun and adorable DIY project you can master at home.

  2. 2 questions- does some of the soil fall out when you turn the fixture vertically?
    And to water, do you use a spray bottle?

  3. I realize that these diy wood boxes can be brought inside when the weather is cold, but I am envisioning making cut outs on my fence and inserting the boxes there instead of simply laying the boxes about on tables or such. How can the succulents best be kept from dying if the boxes are indeed made as permanent parts of the fence? Would cactus be a better choice instead of succulents for this sort of mod with the boxes?

    Thanks for the idea as it stimulates me to look at using it in a different manner. It would look like picture frames in my fence line if I can modify them as i indicated above. I can easily stain them or paint them to match my workshop or my wood fence. They would be an unusual conversation piece if mounted in the fence pickets as I am thinking. I would not want to do too many so that it was overkill, but for a patio area or such, this mod to these boxes may work well.

  4. This is really bad you should put a layer of plastic between the wood and the dirt, and you should not water the entire thing like that, just a little water with a syringe at the root of the cactus is enough…

  5. I love this. I made a different version of this with an antique mirror candelabra. I think it came out pretty beautiful. Thanks for sharing 👍☺️❤️.

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