Hello my loves and welcome back to my channel.
I am in the garden today and we are going to make a vertical herb garden out of a wooden
pallet. I will be following Garden Answers video on
this so I will link her channel in the description box below, so do definitely check out her
original video. She has lots of instructions that are useful, but I will be trying to replicate
this for different herbs that I recently purchased in our garden center. Also, everything that
I will be using for this DIY will be linked in the description box as well. I have this huge wooden pallet that is left
over when we started furnishing our house a year ago and so I kept it because first
I thought that I would make some furniture out of it. And, I was watching some wooden
DIY project ideas and I thought the final decision was that I will be making this vertical
garden. So I don’t want to use the whole thing because it would be quite big and I also don’t
have enough plants. Plus when the weather gets cold, I want to be able to easily move
it inside. So I just want to use some part of it. So what I will do, I will cut this
wood. Yeah maybe I will keep only a quarter of it. So, I will need to cut the wood. Let’s
see how that goes. I may need to ask for some male power on that. You can decide to use the whole pallet if
you wanted to. The idea is the same. Or, you can get a smaller one and you don’t necessarily
need to do the whole cutting parts of it. There are some I saw that can be ordered on
Amazon as well. So there are a few places where you can get wooden pallet or you may
have some left over as well that you may want to adjust to the size you want. You don’t necessarily have to do that step,
but I am going to try and sand it just because it’s quite rough and I thought that it will
make it nice and so. So now I sanded it sort of. Now we need to
put a plastic thing at the back of the pallet. That is to protect the wall from the soil
and any wetness around it. So, I bought some heavy plastic from Amazon and I cut a piece
which will cover the back of this pallet and I also got this stapler. And I saw it on Amazon
that this is supposed to be good for wood as well. This is something new, I really hope
it is going to work. Otherwise, it’s an epic fail and I may have to nail these things in,
not sure. But yeah, let’s give it a try. Then, in the video she mentions that she puts
landscape fabric at the bottom of the wooden pallet. And so I ordered some from Amazon.
I’m not sure if I ordered the correct one, but I got this fabric which is weed control
fabric. I’m not sure if that’s the same, but I am going to use this at the bottom of this
wooden pallet and I will just fold it so that I have three layers and then staple it at
the bottom. I’m going to add some extra wood for support
and mine definitely needs it because I feel that there is nothing that is holding this
end. So we will add one here, and I will add another one, maybe two at the back as well.
And I have some leftover wood from the original pallet and I’m just going to use that and
get a hammer and a nail and hammer it in. So then all the construction is now done on
this pallet. I added some wood to the side, one to the back, one to the bottom as well.
And so this is the end result. And so I start to fill it up with some soil. I’m just going to use this weed control fabric
just to plug the top of the pallet, because as I put in the soil it may spill out. So,
just using it, but I will take it out once I put the pallet upright. You have is that I bought the other weekend.
Yeah, I have three of the oreganos, I have mint, chamomile and some parsley, some lavender.
Lavender will probably go on top of the pallet once I manage to stand it up. So yeah. So
I take these now down and I will plant these in between the wood. I planted the herbs in and now I will leave
it for few days until … So that they can get their roots in and then I can attempt
to stand the whole thing up. And hopefully, fingers crossed, it will turn out well. I
think I will also need to add a little bit more soil, because I was running out of soil.
And, yeah! Otherwise, I am very happy with the result. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you
enjoyed this little garden DIY tutorial and found it useful. Again, I have to give the
credit to Garden Answers, as I following her instructions. This is how it turn out, I am
very happy with the result. Do let me know if you attempt to make the same. Let me know
in the comment box below if you liked it, or if you like to watch similar videos from
me. Make sure to subscribe to my channel for future videos, and hit the bell button so
that you will be notified as well. Otherwise, thank you very much for watching, and hopefully
see you in the next video. Bye, my loves.

One thought on “DIY Vertical Wall Garden | BEAUTIFUL PLANT WALL FOR YOUR BALCONY

  1. I had fun creating this beautiful herb vertical garden and it is now a prominent piece of our balcony. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for watching!

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