DIY Vintage Jewelry Tree – nontraditional Christmas tree

DIY Vintage Jewelry Tree – nontraditional Christmas tree

hello everybody welcome to Break and Remake. Today we’ll be making these beautiful vintage jewelry Christmas tree everybody loves a non traditional Christmas tree alright let’s get started so I measured my frame it’s eight by ten I’m going to go ahead and cut my backing to an eight-by-ten size pro tip always cut towards your excess just letting you know score then cut it wasn’t quite the right size so I’m gonna fix let’s see if this works oh yeah that’s much better all right let’s get gluing the glue got me if you get glue on you don’t rub it just pick it off later I’ve only got two little splashes on my tassel but my table I’ll just use it off of the table cover the surface with glue so you can adhere your fabric and you want it to be fairly even without any big ridges now lay your fabric down over your glue move it down so you don’t get any wrinkles or bubbles so now we’re going to trim our extra fabric away from the edges but leaving a little bit so we can fold it back while we’re waiting for our hot glue gun to heat up let’s go ahead and play with the layout I’m opening my huge jar of jewels I got this at a vintage store so I have big decisions to make do wanna make it super sparkly or more subtle oh oh I think I found the top of our tree though I think this means we have to go sparkly alright I’ve got my layout so I’m gonna go ahead and clean my pieces with a little brush and a wet rag and then we’ll start gluing things down I’m going to go ahead and snap a picture of my layout so I remember how I had it i’m going to use hot glue for this project i was a little bit nervous to use hot glue because i know it’s plastic-based if you guys have any opinions about what glue i should use instead of hot glue leave it in the comments below and i’ll listen to what you have to say cutting the back off of this guy is a little tough now that we’re all glued together let’s go ahead pop it in our frame look it’s all ready for Christmas let me know in the comments below if you think I should paint my picture frame my christmas tree is neon pink so i think i could bring some neon pink into this I’ve got some pink jewels I think I’d be kind of cute let me know what you think alright everybody thank you so much for watching if you know somebody who would enjoy this video please share this with them you guys should get together and make these as a holiday fun party thing alright thank you so much for watching bye

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  1. I love this idea! If I can make a suggestion for the frame, neon pink might clash with the color of the fabric BUT if you mute it some with white paint that may work.

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