DIY Wall Art for your Home

DIY Wall Art for your Home

Did you wait ’till the very last minute to get your Christmas gift on? Do you hate crowded malls? Do you got a little creative bone, itching to get something out? Do you love DIYs, arts and crafts, and personalized gifts? Well I have the solution for you! Okay? Customizable quotes. The great thing with these is they’re customizable. And they’re personable, and they’re positive. And what person doesn’t like positive things, okay? So, you give the gift of positivity, and that gift receiver gets to
start the new year off with lovely quotes and inspirational artwork. On their wall! First you’re gonna need to protect that cherry wood floor, okay? And then you’ll also need some tools. A paint brush, scissors, hair spray… colored hair spray. Some wood. You know. You know, just random stuff–now, you can paint on a
paper bag, or on normal paper with watercolor paint. The heart represents love. I really like this one–it’s vinyl stickers that I bought
from Staples. And you just stick them on. Paint on top of it. The wood is a light grain. The green was too light,
so I sprayed some… you know, pink hair spray. That’s all I have. And some black paint, to give it more definition. Look at that! Just peel it off, yo. Just do it! Do it! Okay. Now, if you don’t want to paint… You can go online. Go to, download some
cool fonts if you don’t have any. And like, these are like, some cute fonts. That look like handwriting. And in illustrator, I’m like, drawing in hair strands.
But you can also use a pen. My printer has only black ink. So I’m gonna
add some color with some makeup, okay? A little dab of eyeshadow on the cheeks. And hair. And voila! Isn’t she such a cutie pie? Curly girls in this curly world. So that’s what they all look like. Super fast. Easy! Artsy! Now, if you… do not have the time to do this… A book is always a good thing. Steal like an Artist. Awesome, awesome book. I just bought it. Again, super easy, light read. There’s a lot of graphics and stuff, so it’s not even
really that–you can read it in like, an hour. Also… Positive quotes. Be the change you wist–Be the change you wish to sh… Be the change you wish to see in the world! So, these are some quick and easy ideas. Hopefully this might sparkle a little inspiration for you
to do your very own… unique idea. And if that’s the case, hit me up! You can tweet me. You can even Facebook me. Like my Facebook
page, guys. And follow me on Instagram. And I just wanna wish you guys all a Merry Christmas, and happy Kwanzaa. Happy Hanukkah, happy, happy day. Happy holiday. Happy holiday. [Singing] Happy holidays from your trick. Your shamelessness. I’ve been stuck in my home all day, so… I’m going a little bit bonkers! Live it up, have fun, arts and crafts are fun. I haven’t really been doing stuff with my hands, like, painting and being… It’s a great thing to do. You can even like, schedule a get together. Who would even do that on Christmas? I
don’t know how your family is, but… Happy holidays! I love you, mama loves you, mama shameless love you. How do you tell if it’s a Christmas video? By putting in lights. That’s how, tricks. Everyone’s doing it!

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  1. Haha ILOVEU Shameless Maya! Your a beautiful soul and full of life! haha and HILARIOUS I must add! Keep up the fantastic work! Smooches!!!

  2. thanks boo! i'm trying to keep up. having a family and professional life outside of YouTube is the challenge πŸ™‚ a good one though

  3. sorry u r sooo STRANGE! I love it that is why I watch u! I actually went back to the first few seconds of the video and watched it like 3 times cause it was so funny.

  4. what light/wattage are you using for your videos. If you would answer I would be so grateful. I feel like I just cant get my videos bright enough. PLEEEASSSEEE ANNSWEERRR hahahaha I figured all caps might bring more attention to my question..did it work?? lol Thumbs up guys so she will answer!!

  5. Oh lawd, I shamelessly luv this lady and I don't even KNOW her!! Miss Maya, you be beyoodiful! On the inside too! Where it counts. Blessings lovely lady.

  6. Thanks girl for your videos!!! They really brighten up my day and keep me motivated with my channel and things I want to do in life . You are hilarious…I always laugh watching your videos! Good luck with everything you're doing!

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  9. These tips are so simple yet I'd never think to try them. Just genius and super cute. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  10. This video was so amazing and made me laugh so hard. I love DIYs, so thank you very much for such an awesome gift idea! <3


  11. haha! i was going crazy with cabin fever when i made this πŸ™‚ i'm glad you found it helpful and funny

  12. I granma LUVS doing these kind of art work ever since she was little n taught me to do these cool art work as decor for our home it is fun I just whish I have time to do decors for my house tho

  13. youre…omgoddness. like soooo talented. not just the arts&crafts but youre a natural born actress (me too) you really inspire me to continue with that & you sing . God bless you !

  14. wow!! I was thinking about doing this!!…so glad I found this vid..didnt quite know where to start and now i DO!

  15. what I really admire about you is that ur not embarrassed when u say the wrong thing or stumble over words. u just goof it off and move on…. I'll be there one day! : D

  16. i have to! im so used to it now πŸ™‚ i also love to make new words up. my brain can never decide between the words "coming" or "going" so i say "goming" like a geek! hahaha

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  20. Yay !!! I was looking for this video !!!!!!! I had sent you a MESSAGE on your tumblr about it . . I found it !!! Thank You Jesus !!!Just Β needed some extra encouragement and umph ! Β 

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