DIY wall art with ZERO BUDGET | Anthropologia inspired | Minimalism + Scandinavian

DIY wall art with ZERO BUDGET | Anthropologia inspired | Minimalism + Scandinavian

hello guys and welcome back to my channel my name is Sandra China most in weekly DIY videos and this week I’m gonna take part in an amazing challenge one of my favorite challenges and it’s the look for less challenge for April and as well it has two holes Yami’s latina link door and as well there Dahmer’s home so I really hope you will enjoy this video because we are gonna create some really cool wall art just inspired from the top shops and the top best and a fashionable style and of course it will be with zero budget so let’s not talk too much and just start the video but before we will go I just have to mention them down below you can turn on the subtitles for the Ukrainian language so it will be easier for Ukrainians to understand me so this is how looks now my wall with my wall painting there is still some actually from winter so I want just to change them just a little bit so it will be more updated and I’m gonna use that anthropology shop inspired one mostly so let’s see how it will turn out [Music] so I have printed out this pictures and I will just if you see they are not so much and as well I have stepped on one unfortunately but I’m gonna move this picture to another sheet of paper [Music] she’s waiting for [Music] so as you’ve seen I just used the same pan and drew on the pencil line so this how turns out that traced a strong I’m just gonna use the small pages and I’m gonna put them to the small sure prints so what I’m gonna do is simply draw and then some flowers which is as well so far actually popular on every shop just drawing very small leaves so this will be all green and it’s well I’m just gonna use the simple water-based paints two colors that first thing what we’re gonna do is to outline how we want it to so for this I’m going to use a template as you can see I found it and as well I give me just down below how it needs to be so I’m gonna use and just turn this from this can be very rough because anyway you won’t be able to draw it exactly and we zap paintings so now I’m just gonna use some green paint and paint it so I have only this big brushes but it will be much better to use small brushes and just let’s go one by one I’m gonna use just one color and colors the base of the leaves now you’ll need to outline the darker parts so this will look more professional actually I don’t know how to make it exactly a good way so I’m just showing you the way I think looks fine or just to make it very soft I believe color if you feel like the color is too and I’m sharp or tool intensive so you can just go back with some water and make it less strong so this is how it looks now I’m just gonna blur a little bit more and I’m gonna let it totally dry and after I will go out and outline it with black sharpie so this way how it’s turned out without outlining and now I’m just gonna go back with a black marker and make some outline so it will look more professional so this is how turned out the final drawing so now I’m just gonna put inside the picture prints and those showing the result the back of the frame and now I’m just going to use a glass and as well I’m gonna put on it the drawings what I made and after I’m gonna use this I don’t blank glasses this is super popular way to have on that so as the first step I’m just gonna use some hot cool and fix a glass very very strong way to the frame so it won’t fall out okay now I’m just gonna put in the painting checking how this looks okay I can show you so this whole kind of this way and I’m simply gonna quit let’s wait until the glue dries and this is all so guys this is a final result I hope you can see it while selecting unfortunately it’s not so good as I wish but I will try to go closer so I hope you enjoyed this video so let me know with a huge thumbs up if you liked this video and if you want – see you in morals old so I think this was really great ID and just not to spend more money on this I bought the car and still this quite a good I’m really really happy with the result

15 thoughts on “DIY wall art with ZERO BUDGET | Anthropologia inspired | Minimalism + Scandinavian

  1. I liked how you outlined the greenery. It really makes the color pop and the art look more stylized. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So amazing and creative! I have been wanting to do some botanical wall art myself, but I like how you mixed it up with the other artwork!

  3. I love this!! Frame walls like this are so in right now and I love that you did this on a budget. No need to buy expensive frames 🙂

  4. This turned out great! I love the mix of the black and white drawings with the colourful plants pics. New sub here! 🙂

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