DIY Wall Décor Ideas: How to make Creative Peacock Using Plastic Spoons | Wall Hanging

How to Make Creative Peacock Wall Hanging Using Plastic Spoons and Ceramic Powder This is a creative wall decor that will enhance the beauty of your house. You can stick more beads on the plastic spoons to make it look more attractive. Sober peacock and peacock with stonework detail Things You Need… Canvas Board, Adhesive, Ceramic Powder, Cotton, Plastic Spoons, Bamboo Sticks, Glue Gun & Sticks. Decorative Stones, Pearls & Beads, Stones, Scissors, Cutter, Divider Tool, Golden & Pink Glitter. Acrylic Colors, Golden Color Spray, Brushes, Aluminum Wire First, make a mixture of ceramic powder, adhesive, water and some cotton. Keep this ceramic clay for some time in a polythene bag. Take an aluminium wire and make the desired shape as shown. Now take a canvas board and draw a circle as shown, Now fix the aluminium wire as shown. Use a clamp at the top of the canvas and draw two small circles as shown Now make 2 holes on the points marked Take some portion of the clay and fix it on the aluminium wire. Use your hands to make the clay surface smooth. Now take the spoons and cut out the cup shaped portion of it as shown. We need several such plastic spoon heads. Now fix the spoons on the clay as shown. Now take more clay and give it the shape of a beak as shown. Now make the eyes of the peacock. Use some more clay to make the crest of the peacock. Make a smooth surface of the peacock using sand paper. Apply white acrylic color on the peacock and the canvas board. Allow it to dry. Take some clay and fix it on the bamboo sticks as shown. Apply adhesive on the dry ceramic balls and roll it on the glitter. Now shake the golden spray bottle well and spray it on the peacock design. Sprinkle the golden glitter on the color. Now paint the peacock with different colors as shown. Highlight the eyes, crest and beak of the peacock. Paint the canvas board as shown. Now paste the decorative beads, stones and chain as shown. Fix the bamboo stick decorative object in the peacock as shown to beautify the craft. Now fix a clamp on the backside of the craft along with a screw which will help for hanging it. Wow!! What an amazing wall decor it has turned out to be. Hope you have loved our Ceramic Powder and Plastic spoons DIY craft. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us. Happy Crafting!!

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