DIY WALL MIRROR USING CUPCAKE MOULDS/ simple home decor ideas #diywallmirror #homedecor #easycrafts

DIY WALL MIRROR USING CUPCAKE MOULDS/ simple home decor ideas #diywallmirror #homedecor #easycrafts

hi friends welcome back to my channel so today i came up with a DIY wall mirror its very easy to make and super beautiful first we need a cardboard piece i pasted chart paper above it next we need cupcake moulds here i took golden color moulds first place mirror on centre of the cardboard mark a circle outside this is a small mirror of 6 inch if u need big mirror u can take those take a measuring tape mark 3 inch from the inner circle put dots and join it and make a circle we can see remaining portion we will cut that extra portions last stack 3 to 4 cupcake moulds cut it into half bend the mould 3 to 4 times through that line then slightly open it do it like am doing in the video we can use by using 3 to 4 pieces if u r experienced well all our leaves got ready lets see how to fix it in the board here am using glue gun to paste it we can use fevicol too but its better to use glue gun as its very easy to paste with this put a leave outside the 2nd circle place the other leave by overlapping the first leaf do it like we doing in the video our first layer got completed it will take only few minutes for 2nd layer we should keep the leaves more closely with less distance then we will get a 3d effect while coming to the inner circle after sticking whole leaves pull it upwards a little then it looks more good here am puttting some more beads on mirror use can also use a fancy golden color chain to decorate the mirror it will also looks good on this and our wall mirror got ready it looks extremely elegant i used double side tape to stick on the wall as this is a rented apartment so hope you like my video dears pls like share and subscribe thanks for watching…bye

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