DIY Wall/Shelf Plate Decor | Mod Podge & Paper Napkin | Decoupage | Charger Plate

DIY Wall/Shelf Plate Decor | Mod Podge & Paper Napkin | Decoupage | Charger Plate

DIY wall or shelf plate decor. This was supposed
to be a memory plate but,… well, you’ll see. All the materials that I used for this DIY
are listed in the description box below. Let’s get started. I dug in my crafting supply box and found
these stickers. I was going to use them for a bottle but It didn’t work so they have
been sitting in the box for ever. I had bought three packs. I’ll leave a link if I can
find one on Google. I got them from either Michael’s or A C Moore. I picked all the stickers I wanted to use,
placed them on a separate sheet and spray painted them gold. The charger plate I got from Michael’s a while
back simply because it was on sale for like $2 dollars. Didn’t know what I wanted it
for but I knew I wanted it. I painted the rim of the plate black and the
middle white. Using a pouncer brush, I painted the middle.
Yes, you can use a brush, I just prefer using a pouncer brush. In my opinion, it covers
more evenly and doesn’t leave brush marks. Grabbing a clean pouncer brush, I painted
the rim of the plate with the black. You’ll see that when I brush on the paint
it doesn’t give a full coverage but once I start pouncing the brush, it does. Make sure to get those edges. Once it’s dry you can give it another coat.
After the second coat, I was happy so that’s where I left mine but if you’re not satisfied
with how yours looks, let it dry and coat it until you are. This is the napkin I will be placing in the
middle. This was also in my paper napkin stash and have no idea where I got it but if I can
find someone who has them, I’ll leave a link. I cut the napkin into a circle shape. I placed it
in the middle to see how much I needed to cut off. Cut the excess off. I cut a little off at a time and kept measuring
and cutting until I was happy. You want to do it like this instead of cutting
off one big chunk and then realize you cut off too much. Separate the plies of paper. If you have a hard time, wet your fingertips
and pinch the paper as shown here. My napkin had two plies. ..and I decided to cut some more off. Now it’s time to decoupage the napkin onto
the plate. Using a brush, coat the middle with Mod Podge. You want to make an even coat but make sure
not to let the glue dry, so work quickly. Place the napkin onto the plate and press
it down ever so gently. You always want to press from the middle out to the edges. Next, you want to smooth the napkin out the
best you can. Everyone has their own way of doing this. Some people use a piece of plastic
wrap to smooth it out like this. I prefer to crumple it up and lightly smooth
it out. You see how I got glue on the plastic wrap,
well that piece is no longer good. That glue will stick to the paper and when you drag
the plastic wrap, it will rip it. Grab a new piece and continue. Smooth it out the best you can. After you’re done smoothing it out. Give
it one more coat of Mod Podge. Using a smaller brush and white acrylic paint,
I created a border for the napkin. Once that was dry I painted it with gold metallic
paint. I let it dry and gave it as many layers as needed until I couldn’t see the white. Next, I touched up the rim, with the black
acrylic paint, as you see here. Do this all the way around and let that dry. Taking that same gold paint you used to create
the border and a small pouncer brush, lightly go along the edge of the rim. You want to
load the brush with a very small amount of paint and dab the excess off on a paper towel
before painting the edges. After everything is dry, seal the whole plate.
You can use the Mod Podge again or any sealer you like. I used the polycrylic. I gave it
a total of three coats, letting it dry between each one. You want to do thin layers and don’t over
work it. Also, make sure to check the back for drippings. Now it’s time to add all the embellishments.
Carefully remove the puffy stickers and start to arrange them. Don’t stick them fully
down. Just place them where you think you want them. Once you are certain you have the final layout…
using any glue you want, I used E600, glue them down into place. Be careful not to get
glue everywhere. I glued them because I wanted to make sure they never fall off. Okay, so this is was the original idea. I
was making a 5000 subscriber thank you memory plate but… well… you’ll see. I had spray painted some sticker numbers and
letters. The plan was to place this on my shelf along side my bottles but when I got
done placing all the stickers and turned the camera off. I was like, OH NO!! These stickers
look horrible, that paper was way too beautiful to be covered up, the whole piece was too
pretty for them ugly things lol! So I slowly and ever so gently took all of them off. It
was a long and painful process but I was determined to save my piece… and I did! Well, at least you got to see it
and what do you think I did with it next?… added some bling of course!! Lol As usual, I’ll leave all the sizes and color
in the description box below. I used Mod Podge and a thin brush to place
them all. …and here’s the finished piece. This was
supposed to be a memory plate but turned out to be a decorative plate. I love how this
came out. I kind of wish I had made more than one so I could have a set. Remember that you
can customize this to your liking. Use whatever napkins you want along with whatever color
combo and embellishments you desire. The possibilities are endless. You could do so many things with a decorative
plate like… Hang it up as wall art… use it as a charger plate for special occasions
like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other event. Make a special dinner, light some candles,
put some fresh flowers in and vase, dress up the table with this plate and now you have
a very romantic dinner setting I’m sure that special someone would love! and yes those are plastic utensils I spray
painted just to give you an idea, I’m not fancy like that Lol! or make a set of four and this would make
a fantastic gift! …and lastly, what I did with it, which was
placed it on a shelf as a decorative piece. Thanks for watching! If you liked my DIY,
don’t forget to thumbs up the video and if this is your first time watching, I hope
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