DIY Weird Christmas Presents You NEED To Try!

DIY Weird Christmas Presents You NEED To Try!

So, these gloves make snowballs. But I’m in California, so this
is the best I can show you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys. Oh, wow. It’s Rachel. So, it’s that time
of the year again where I make some DIY
weird Christmas presents. If you’ve already spent
all of your Christmas money that you’re supposed spend on
presents, here’s some DIY ones. Give this video a thumbs
up if you like it, and comment down below which
one of these Christmas presents are your favorite. Yeah. So, let’s get on
with making the DIYs. First, you need a glove,
or two, or three, or four. And then a hollowed
out ball of some sort. Cut that ball in half. Poke two holes in the
center of the ball. Then stick some yarn
through those holes. Cut the fingers off one
of the pairs of gloves. Then make two slits in
the center of the glove. Then thread the yarn
through the holes. And tie it. Then reinforce the ball with
two more holes and yarn. Now, take a hot
glue gun and glue the sides of the circle
down to the glove. Now take a whole glove and
put on the circle gloves. And you’re going to beat
everyone in a snowball fight now. For the hamburger
pillow, take a red shirt and cut a circle out of it. This will be the tomato. Then hot glue the sides down. And fill it with cotton,
and your cheese with cotton, and your lettuce with
cotton, and your hamburger, and the bun. Then finish gluing
the sides down. Now print out a sesame seed
bun onto transfer paper and iron the picture onto it. Do the same with the tomato. And for the burger,
use some black paint and blend it out to
make the grill marks. Then, voila. You have a hamburger pillow. Can I throw one? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Now, to make the
pizza headphones, print out two small
pieces of pizza. Cut out the pizza. And take Popsicle sticks. Cut a triangle out of
the Popsicle stick. And put some mod podge
onto the Popsicle stick, and stick the pizza onto it. Then paint the mod
podge onto the pizza and the back of the Popsicle
stick, and wait for it to dry. Now, take a hot glue gun
and hot glue the pizza onto the back of the headphones. And there you go. You hear pizza now. Or not. For the running fridge magnet,
take some magnet paper– you can get this in the store– and first, cut out
the mouth shape. You can make lips
too, if you want. And draw two front teeth. And paint the rest black. Now draw the shape of running
arms and running legs. Then cut them out. Now, paint them black. And for the eyes, take
giant googly eyes– or you can make your own eyes– and glue circular
magnets behind them. And just stick
them to the fridge. And give them to a
friend that’s fridge doesn’t have this bar, though. And, bam. Now when somebody asks your
friend if their refrigerator’s running– oh wait, that joke
still doesn’t work. For the squishy light bulb, take
an empty bottle, clear school glue, and laundry detergent. Now, pour all the clear
school glue into the bottle. And add a dash of laundry
detergent, and shake that up. And that’s going
to turn into slime. And take a clear balloon. Stick it to the top
of the water bottle. Now, put the slime
into the balloon. And take an LED light and
slip it into the balloon, and tie it up. Now, for the bottom
of the light bulb, I’m going to make it out of
clay, and string, and paint. You’d think that the lines would
make it easier to break them, but it doesn’t. Got it, never mind. I spoke too soon. Now shape the clay into
ball and carve a little hole on the bottom. Now wrap the string
around it to make the coils of the light bulb. And bake it in the
oven for five minutes. And then, only burn
it a little bit after you put it in the oven. Paint silver onto it, then paint
a black circle onto the top. Now, take some
double sided tape– And tape around the
bottom of the balloon. Cut off the top of the balloon,
and then hot glue gun the tape onto the inside of the clay. And now you have a
squishy light bulb. So, [INAUDIBLE] for this video. If you haven’t seen the
previous two videos, click those down below. And subscribe right over here if
you haven’t subscribed already. OK, I love you guys so much. Bye.

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  1. Does anybody else just watch the video because you love Rachel and don’t ever do the diys

    Or is it just me he he btw love you Rachel you always make me smile after a bad day at high school

    Oh and also do they just like there own comment hehehe me

  2. Haha 4:26 was so me I just got my IPhone 7 plus I hate that problem so my dad bought me the ear buds that they come with the thing to conect to your phone!!!!!!!!!***Now I don't have that problem so YAY!!!!!!!!****

  3. Me: I Brun everything! You deal with the clay!
    Friend: it’s fine, it’s clay
    Me: okay…
    Me five minutes later: 7:07
    Friend: How?
    Me: I told you so

  4. I like how she used just a picture for her thumb nail for the base of the lightbulb that’s how you know she didn’t even like how it looked

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  6. When she said “draw the two front teeth” I thought of the song “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth my to front teeth my two front teeth”

  7. Or instead of wasting time and money on fabric and stuffing you could just buy a burger pillow, but still cute idea though

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