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hi everyone this is Emi today I’m going
to show you how to make this cute white Christmas trees so let’s get started okay to make these Christmas trees I
already made my cone and you can do that using the following method and on the outside of this cone I’m
going to use these cotton pads and they are made to be used for makeup remover and I got
this back at the dollar store $1 and there was a hundred in here so that’s
enough to make a lot of Christmas trees and if you’re making a 4-foot tree then
you would just use these round like that and you fold them like that so you would
have large pieces but I’m making a small tree so I’m gonna make these smaller
pieces and to do that I just cut my pads in half and to cut the pads in half just
fold it in half and then cut it place it on a stack and then just cut all of
those out at the same time I’m going to take 1/2 and I’m gonna fold it like this
just overlap that a little bit I’m gonna a little dab of glue under and a little
dab of glue right there like that so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m
going to make a bunch of these and then if I need more I’ll make more later so
I’m just gonna go with that and if you keep a little container of water you can
touch hot glue and not burn yourself so I’m going to start with my cone and
along the bottom I’m going to put a row of hot glue and I’ll start placing these
down in my hot glue and I’ll start the next row
and I’m going to alternate so you see this one is between these two okay finish that row and I’m going to
start my next row and again I’m going to alternate it between these two okay
l have my tree completely covered and I got these at the dollar store and
they’re stick-on pearls and rhinestones and I’m going to place one pearl in each
one of these little loops like that so I’m going to go ahead and do that and
there you go there’s my finished tree so I hope you’ll enjoy making some of these
cute little trees and don’t forget to send pictures in for me to post in the
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