Hey lovelies! I’m Lisa and welcome to lovely Channel. So today I have a diy tutorial on how I make my wooden painted signs. I showed you guys a sign that I made for my guest bedroom which is actually above the bed I don’t know if you can see it. And, a bunch of you wanted a tutorial so here it is. If you’re not already subscribed to my channel, be sure to hit that subscribe button, and you’ll be updated whenever I post a new video. So first let’s cover the supplies you are going to need. Of course you are going to need a piece of wood- You can go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick out whatever size you want. They have very inexpensive sheets of wood and all different sizes. You can also have wood cut to whatever size you prefer. All the pieces that I have bought I have gotten for under $10. A couple of them were under $5. Then you need to decide whether you want to stain or paint your wood. So for this particular diy I went with this wood stain. Sorry, It’s kind of messy- But, this is the Folk Art Home Decor Wood Tint and the color Walnut. I got this at Joann’s. For my other pieces they have all been painted with chalk paint and this is my favorite chalk paint. It’s Americana Decor Chalky Finish. This particular color is whisper, but they have tons of colors. I just really like the look of chalk paint it gives you a really kind of distressed, shabby Chic look and it’s matte so I personally love that look but you can use whatever kind of paint you prefer. Then you’re also going to need a regular old paintbrush. I think this cost a dollar at Home Depot. So doesn’t need to be fancy. Then you are going to need some regular chalk, a paint marker- I got this one at Lowe’s, but I think you can buy it at any craft store, probably even Walmart. And then this part is optional but you may want to finish off your piece at the end, so I personally use the Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish for my finish. But you can use any sort of spray paint finish you could even use Mod podge. Just make sure you pick out a finish that you’re going to like- some are glossy, some are matte some are in-between. So just make sure you know how you want your finished piece to look. You may also want some additional Wood if you decide to do a frame around your painted sign. I’ll show you an example of one that I did where I had a frame. I actually found these pieces at Home Depot. They were already this size. So it ended up working out perfectly and I used nails to nail it in after I made my sign. You’re also going to need a computer and a printer to be able to make and print out your template for your wood sign. And I think that’s everything so let’s go ahead and get started with the tutorial. So the first step is to either stain or paint your piece of wood. So for this particular one like I said I used the stain and I just took my paintbrush and painted this on because I wanted a really rich color. If you want more of a lighter stain you can wet your piece of wood or you can wet your paint brush before applying your stain and you can even wipe off excess stain. If you’re using a chalk paint, you can do as many layers as you want. [But] If you want more of that distressed look, do only one or two layers. Maybe even try layering a couple different colors to get a unique color and finish. And, you can do a dry brushing technique so it has a lot of texture to it. Or if you want more of an opaque finish you might do two or three coats. So while your paint or your stain is drying, this is the point where you’re going to head to your computer. You want to figure out what you’re going to be writing on your sign. You probably already have this figured out since you purchased your wood and everything. I already knew what I wanted to do for this one; for mine, It was a bible verse I wanted to put above our bed in our master bedroom. So something super useful for this is going on pinterest and kind of looking at different prints and ideas on there. You can also go on Pinterest and find different fonts. Cause there might not be fonts on your computer already that are going to fit the style you’re going for with your sign. So there are tons of free downloadable fonts that I found on pinterest. So what I did is I figured out what fonts I wanted to use. [Then] I went into a word document and made all the letters super big. So you’re basically going to be printing out multiple pages, depending on how big your sign is. And I recommend only printing out one to two pages at first to make sure that the letters are the size you want for your wood sign because if they’re not you can always adjust them to make them smaller or bigger before printing out the whole document. So this is an example of one of the words that I printed out. Of course you can see I cut it out of the printer paper to make it a little bit smaller. You want to go ahead and cut the words out so that they’re smaller than the full size of paper. And this way you’re able to lay down all your words to make sure that everything is going to fit and you like the layout of it. Then you are going to flip each of your words or quotes over, and you are going to use some chalk and you’re going to draw all over the back of it. Make sure you get all over where your words and your letters are going to be because this is going to be kind of like your tracing paper. Now this will work perfectly if your painted or stained surface is a darker color. If you are working with a lighter color like a white or, for example, this color of paint right here- You’re going to want to use something darker than chalk. So try using like a black colored pencil that should work perfectly. Once you have scribbled and colored over the back of all your words, you’re then going to lay them, again, onto your piece of wood. Make sure they are laid out completely the way you want it to look when it’s finished. Then you’re going to tape each of your papers down so that they stay in place. Then you’re going to want to take a pen and you are going to begin tracing over all your words, the outlines of all the letters and this is what is going to trace that chalk that you drew on the back onto your wood sign- So that way you kind of have an outline for where you’re going to be painting your words. You can then remove your papers one by one, as you finish different phrases or words. Then you’re going to take your paint marker and you’re going to begin filling in all of your words. You could also use a very small paintbrush and paint if you prefer, but I think the paint marker is a lot easier. And, at this point you’re pretty much done. I did go in and decide to add some designs around my wording. You can do that if you want, that’s completely up to you, whatever the look is you’re going for. At this point you’re done, unless you want to add a topcoat. So like I said I use the Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish. Again, I just used my paintbrush to paint this over and then I went Over with a piece of cheesecloth just to wipe off the excess. Then you just want to make sure to let it dry completely, and then you’re ready to hang your sign. So those are the basics for making your own painted wooden sign. I hope you found it helpful! If you have any questions or anything just leave them below and I can answer your questions in the comments. Just remember to be creative with it, again, these are just the basics, so you can do whatever you want with these signs. I would love to see what you girls come up with and if you do make your own painted wooden sign, please put your pictures on Instagram and Twitter and tag me in them @LoveliChanel so I can see your creations. If you enjoyed the tutorial please give it a thumbs up. I love you all so much! Remember to do everything in love because you are lovely! Bye! [BLOOPERS] I [gets tongue tied] [tongue tied] [clear throat] You’re also going to need to coat [tongue tied] Your [clears throat] And, you are going to begin- and then you are going [tongue tied]


  1. This is amazing. I've been searching for a tutorial forever. I'm going to make signs like this for my wedding. I almost resorted to buying them on etsy or something. So glad I found your video. Making the signs will be less expensive, and so much more fun and personal! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank u for this step by step 👍🏼👌🏼
    U made it look simpler than other tutorials 😍
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    I was searching for one like this lol and found u 🙏🙌🏻

  3. Not sure if you’ll see this since this video is a couple of years old but first of all thank you! This is a great video and makes it look easy! Second, what kind of wood did you use? Thank you!

  4. Hobby Lobby or an office supply store should have a white "carbon" pay that works well for dark surfaces. I've used it before, but don't remember where I bought it.

  5. Thanks, Lisa!!! I am planning something similar for my new house 🙂 Getting the letters right is the best part, as I am not great at drawing :-).

  6. Just a suggestion… you spend a lot of time with the sizing and set up of the board….. Rapid resizer is fantastic

  7. Thank u so much what a great video u shared! Love that u can make beautiful signs without all those fancy stencils! I'm excited to know there is a way to make an easy and beautiful sign with items I have in my home 😉

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    I ran my A too long and too chunky so I’m wondering how i can fix it… Any ideas?

  10. My mind is literally blown away by this method 😂 I'm so excited to make more signs ! I made a wooden sign for my classroom and it took way too much effort to get those letters on there and painted. This is genius !!!

  11. Awesome tutorial and I love the application method, very useful information!! For those who want to keep the cost down, I would (in my opinion) stay away from paint markers and folk art paint from Joannes as that stuff can get quite pricey very quickly.

  12. You just earned yourself a new subscriber with this lovely, concise and easy to follow tutorial….thanks so much!

  13. It won’t let me post my pic but I made a sign for the backyard near the pool! Says the grass is greener where you water it. It looks fabulous!

  14. I bought a bunch of the sharpie paint pens and started a small three word sign and the paint was streaking because the marker couldn’t keep up. I switched to a bold tip one and it made a mess. I really want this to work but it definitely isn’t as easy as your video seems to be. Am I doing something wrong?

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  20. For not having a plotter, this came out great! Time consuming but well worth it if it’s for you…if you want to sell them, highly recommend getting a plotter tho. Great video!!!

  21. This is seriously the BEST tutorial. I made a huge sign for my sister for Christmas and it took two weeks to complete. So when I was asked to make another sign for my friend I was incredibly apprehensive. I found your video and it was SO incredibly helpful. I was flabbergasted when I traced the lettering and saw the chalk transfer just as well as it did for you. It was so stinking easy once I sat down and started the project. It took me less than four hours! It turned out incredible.

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  27. This is fantastic! Thank u for sharing 💗. I don’t mind paying for a sign but I love making things myself so this is great. Can’t wait to try it.

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