DIY Yarn Wallhnaging | Home Decoration idea in Hindi | ऊन की चोटी से घर सजावट

DIY Yarn Wallhnaging | Home Decoration idea in Hindi | ऊन की चोटी से घर सजावट

Hey guys! I’m Arushi Today I’m sharing how to make DIY Yarn Wall hanging home decor piece at home This is a very beautiful wall decor and available in market but you can make it at home very easily you need yarn of 3 colors For this DIY wall decoration you need 8 yarn strings and each of 85 inches keep them aside for some time Wrap a yarn piece on a ring or a bangle make a knot from the middle of the yarns that we have kept aside now we have 16 yarn strings of each color make a yarn braid try to make a braid with similar tightness all over make a knot at the end and cut the excess take a small bell and tighten it up on ring I got this bell from craft supplier but if you don’t get it, hang a pearl, beads or ghungroo now we are taking small mirrors glue gota or lace on the border place them on yarn braid in any pattern make any pattern that is suitable according to the mirror then glue them on braid yarn braid is ready now we are making DIY bird for fabric bird take 5.5* 5.5 inches valvet fabric glue it at one side leave a small bottom portion open take white fabric of 1.5*1.5 inches and glue it on one side turn it around and this is beak of bird glue it placing inside between both the red fabric glue both the clothes together leaving a small bottom portion open turn it around fill the cotton inside it close the bottom open portion glue gota or lace so that this glued part is hid glue pearl or rhinestone on both sides for eyes of bird for neck of bird, glue gota or lace in round shape one gota at the back side too this patch work is in shape of leaf this is available at sewing material supplier glue them on both the sides for wings of bird hang very small pearls or beads at the bottom of beak sew them a bit loose for hanging for tail of bird, take a yarn wrap it around a finger and tie them all together at the end cut the excess wool sew it at the tail part of bird yarn bird is ready now take a big bell put some beads with it now we’ll attach this with yarn bird to make wallhanging for attaching this we’ll need big needle that is specially used for yarn and wools after attaching it put some beads now we’re attaching the yarn braid and diy wall hanging wall decoration piece is ready if you recreate this wall hanging then share it with me on my facebook page don’t forget to subscribe to watch more videos if you like then please give a thumbs up share your feedback and request in comment section below I’ll see you very soon with a new video, till then bye bye and take care. 🙂

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  1. Mam aap koi drees se related diy btaye Jese kai bar hum heavy party wear dresses Ko ek bar to pahn lete h but whi dress dubara pahnna acha nhi lagta to iske liye koi idea btaye

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