Do It Yourself: Dandelion Decal Wall Hanging Project

Do It Yourself: Dandelion Decal Wall Hanging Project

Hi, I’m Kim Blank and today I’m going to do
a DIY palette decal wall arrangement. This is really fun. I’m excited about it. Today
we’re using the dandelion decal from I’m going to tell you what the materials we’re
going to do and this is going to be really fun. We’ve got eight 1×4 boards and I’ve got
of course my decal. I’ve got some gloves to protect my hands. I got my saw, a drill and
some 1-1/2″ screws, my acrylic paint, my acrylic paintbrush, my tape measure to cut this one,
my wood Gorilla glue, and some scissors to help me cut the decal. We’re going to use
a black dandelion decal from Let’s get started.
I wood glued my pieces of wood together at varying lengths to get a little bit of variation
in my project. I’m going to now prep my bracket and my pieces of wood are 42″ long, so I’m
going to do 21″ for my wood and so I’m going to mark it at 21″inches and then I’m going
to cut this piece in half and then I’ll be able to use it. I’ve got this handy saw that
I’m going to use. I can just set my board in it, perfect. There we go and we have it.
We have our two pieces that we’re going to use to put it together and brace it, so then
I will get my screws ready. Here I’ve got my screws and I’m going to do two screws here,
two in the center and two on that end. There we have it.
We have our brackets screwed to our seven boards. There is our arrangement and we’ll
flip it over and paint it. I have flipped my palette board over and I’ve kind of cleared
my space. I’m going to bring these away and I’m going to bring my blue paints over and
my paintbrush. I’m going to go get that. I have got my red Solo cup, my paintbrush and
my paints and we’re going to come out with a nice early morning blue paint color. I’m
going to squirt some paint in, a little bit of each one. I might do a little bit more
of the first one. Really get the color good. I’m excited for how this is going to turn
out. If you’d like to you could paint the front edge of your board or you could leave
it raw, raw wood. We’re going to just totally paint this, so
it’s totally covered. I’m just going to do one coat on the entire thing. Then we’re going
to let that dry. You’ll let it dry overnight or however long works for you. Then the next
step we’ll be doing is putting our wall decal on. All right, so we are back again and we
have our paint dry a couple hours later. This is awesome. It’s our early morning blue. It’s
so pretty on our palette boards. Now we’re going to put the dandelion decal on that I
got from I’m really excited about this it’s a great product. Now
what I’m going to do is I’m going to peel the bottom layer back halfway on my decal.
I’m going to take it halfway like that. These are really mini little things. You’re going
to have to be careful with them and I’m going to press it down on the edge, so I’ve got
it about on the edge. If I got a little bit over that’s fine, because, I can just cut
it off with scissors or however. I’m going to press it down. Just press and slowly peel
the bottom. I’m peeling this bottom piece back and I’m pressing with my hands for now.
I’m pressing it as I slowly peel it all the way up. I’ve peeled my entire piece, my entire
back piece off, set that down. Then I’m going to take my squeegee and I’m going to press
it like really, really good, all the little pieces, because, there is a lot of little
fronds everywhere. I’m going to press it onto my palette board
really good. Okay, so I’ve done one pressing on all that really good. Now I’m going to
take my other pieces. I cut them, so they’re kind of like the fronds, the dandelion fronds
are drifting away with the wind. I’m going to take it and peel it back. Now these are
easier, because, they’re smaller. I’m going to peel the whole back off. Now that I think
about it I might do this one first and just kind of go like that and then these little
pieces will be floating off in the wind. Then I’m going to press these ones too really,
really good, so that they’re down really good. Then we’ll do this one. See it’s pretty easy.
You just peel the backing off and then you just put it down and you just get your squeegee
and just press it down really, really well. Now I’m going to go back to this original
one and I’m going to press it one more time and then I’m going to slowly and very carefully
peel it. Okay, so now I’ve got my initial peeled back. This is so fun. Now you get to
see how the final product turns out. Voila, wow it looks awesome. It’s very good.
I’m going to come and I’m actually going to press all this with my fingers and my squeegee
thing. I’m going to press it all, just so I know it’s down really good. Then we’ll go
and peel the rest of them. I’m so excited, this looks awesome. It’s looks really good.
This is fun. You can just do this in an afternoon. Get your dandelion decal. Paint your boards
up. Screw them together and you will come out with a fun, this is a pretty big wall
hanging, you know. If you go and hang it on your wall. It’ll cover a pretty good space
and you just did this yourself at home. People would pay a lot of money for this. It’s awesome
looking. I’m just taking my time as these are little dandelion fronds. Just carefully
pressing them and then carefully peeling it back. It seems like the closer you peel back
to your piece the better it turns out. Then I’m just coming back and pushing them down. There we have it. I’m going to just go over and I’m just going to press it all everywhere.
I’m going to actually just get my scissors and trim the edge of that really good. Then
we’ll be good to go. Thanks so much for watching. I really enjoyed doing this DIY wall palette
decal and I’m really excited about it. Ready to hang it up. We did this awesome early morning
blue color. I got a lot of these materials just from the
home improvement store. Then I got the dandelion black decal from
If you have any comments or questions just comment in the section below and subscribe
to this video. We’re going to have more DIY videos coming up. The dandelion decal was
from and thanks so much for watching. I really enjoyed this project,
it was really fun. We hope to see you again.

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