Do Not Throw the Water Balloon in the Wrong Mystery Box Challenge!

Do Not Throw the Water Balloon in the Wrong Mystery Box Challenge!

– This is not fun. ♪ In 10 years down the road, ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sitting on the floor, ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you. ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides, ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes; ♪ ♪ Thinkin’ about you,
thinkin’ about you, yeah. ♪ – What’s up guys? Today we have our boxes right over here. – And we have these water balloons. And today we’re going to be doing, ‘Do not throw the water balloon into the wrong mystery box’ challenge! – Yes! – So the way this challenge
works, is one of us is gonna be in one of those
boxes, and the other one is gonna try to throw the water balloon into the one that will hit the person. And if they do that then they get to go and throw the water
balloon at them out here. And if they don’t, the
other person gets to throw a water balloon at them. Does that make sense? – Yes! And we’re going to be doing
three different rounds. One from 10 feet, 20 feet, and
30 feet in the final round. – These are just normal water balloons. These have dye in them. So, by the end of this
we’re going to be a big hot mess, not only wet, but
we’re going to look like conveniently like Christmas
because these are green and red and there’s red dye and green dye. – Unless you pick the wrong mystery box. – Unless they’re really good at this game. I wanna … throw first. – You wanna throw first? Okay, I’m going in the box first. – Matt is behind me and I am not looking. I am not allowed to, but
I am going to be throwing the water balloons into box number two. I have no idea which one he picked. I really hope it’s box two,
because I don’t want him to throw a water balloon at
me and I want to get him. – So Rebecca’s over
there prepping right now. I think I’m gonna go in box number two. I just don’t think she’s going to see it so, let’s go box number two. – Our very fancy 10 foot line is a stick. You guys know what box
I’m throwing it into, so. Oh no. You ready? – Hey! – Oh, I got you on my first try! I just have really good aim. And I’m really good at guessing. So that means that I get
to throw a water balloon at Matt, and I used the
red balloons before. I’m doing green. Are you ready? – What? – You just gotta take it. Three, two … I have such bad aim! – Don’t miss. – No! – You didn’t throw it hard enough. I’ll take that as a personal victory. – That’s probably karma. – Karma from what? Did you cheat? She cheated, I know it. She cheated. I think she cheated, somehow. I don’t know how she did, but. – Okay so Matt is turned around right now. And I have to decide which box to go in. I’m kinda nervous because Matt
has much better aim than me. I think I’m gonna go
in the dry box and I’m gonna go in box number one. – I went in box number I’m gonna throw it in box number Let’s just see if we get it. So you guys know what box
I’m gonna throw it into. I’m using the green one here. – I didn’t want my hair to get wet. I guess I get to throw a
water balloon at Matt again. – Dang! How does this keep on happening? – I missed last time. Yes! Finally! Finally! – I have to go back in the box now. – Yep. – I’m losing bad. – 10 feet moving to 20 feet. Oh my gosh there’s just
no way I can go that far. – Don’t miss! – This is not a fair challenge. So Matt’s going in a box right now. I’m not looking. I’m trying to hear what he’s saying actually, I’m not gonna lie. – Rebecca cheated last time. So last time, I went box number This time I’m gonna go into box number Hopefully she’s not cheating. – Okay, I’m gonna vote He went in two last time; I went in one. So I feel like he’d do one. So I had good luck with
green when I threw it at him last time so I’m
gonna use green again. But you guys I’m not gonna lie. My aim is not that good
so I’m just happy if it even hits the box;
let alone the right one. ‘kay. – Hey! – Vlog camera. What happens if you
don’t get it in at all? Well then I’m not going
to be able to play this challenge anymore because
I have terrible aim. I’m not gonna get it in. Why green? – We got one green. – No! – Because I filled up these
water balloons I know which ones are gonna explode
more likely at least, so. Alright. – Oh my gosh. – I just want her to be as green as I am. – No! – What is this all about? My clothes are ruined. – No! – Not yet, it’s close; it was close. – Oh my gosh, don’t throw it hard. Let me catch it. That didn’t even; you
opened it before hand. – I didn’t open it before. You know what actually made it explode, was her hands trying to catch it. Go in the box. No, come on, no. I have not hit Rebecca
once, and the likelihood of me hitting her with a water filled balloon from 20 feet is not that likely. She was in one last time. I’ve been in … the whole time. I’m gonna go. Pretty sure she’s still back there talking and contemplating it. – This is getting challenging. I’m gonna go in … because
he picked two twice. I don’t know, I feel like I’m gonna lose this challenge today. – And give me a thumbs up if you think that I’m gonna hit the box. I don’t think it is but just give me a thumbs up anyways, please. So last time I had a green one. It was a little bit harder to throw because it was so big. So I’m gonna go with the smaller red one, just to kinda focus on some accuracy here. No! – I got wet! I still felt stuff. – She’s been in one every time. – You’ve been in two every time. – True. – I knew you’d think I was going in two. – [Cameraman] How’d you know that? – What? – [Cameraman) Exactly. – What? – Hey, wait; are you cheating? – No. – Okay. I’ll go in the firing
range, so I’m getting. – Yeah, you will. – I’m getting a balloon in here I think. – Are you ready Matt? – I’m just about. – Is that what this has turned into? Don’t worry I’m good at this. – No, no, no! No my hair! – Play with the fire,
you’re gonna get burned. – Matt, I did not want green in my hair! This is not fun. – You’re so close. Why are you so close? – No! – Come on, don’t! Okay, one last one. – This is the best I got you guys. The only way to have a chance
is to cheat a little bit. No regrets.
This is marriage! – I guess I’m going inside? – Yep. – Round three. – Babe, you have to move to 30. – Okay. We’re gonna go to 30 feet right now. – How many of you think that I should get back Rebecca by pranking her? – Just so you guys know, I was like, ‘Please don’t get my hair.’ He got my hair. I can’t say I didn’t deserve
it but he still got my hair. So Matt made me move, because
he thought I was cheating. So this is round three. We’re going from 30 feet. But I’m not good, I’m gonna go close. That’s so far away. I’m going to pick box. Oh wow, 30 feet is so far away! This is gonna be really hard. Are you ready Matt? – I think this game’s over. Probably go in the box though. – You didn’t go in the box,
I’m not going in the box! – The only thing we
have left to do is this. – No, no no no no!
Time out! – Time out? – Hold on.
No! – What just happened? Guys thank you so much
for watching this video. Hopefully you enjoyed it. This is a new challenge
that we just made up, and she’s trying to get me! Please subscribe. Don’t forget to turn on notifications. – It doesn’t work! Comment the next water
challenge you want us to do and that you want, one
that I could possibly win. – Thank you so much for
watching, have a wonderful day! – It’s not working! ♪ In 10 years down the road, ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sitting on the floor; ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you. ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides, ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes, ♪ ♪ Thinkin’ about you,
thinkin’ about you, yeah. ♪

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