Dollar Tree DIY Baby Shower Decor | DIY Boy Baby Shower Centerpiece | Baby Blocks Baby Shower

Dollar Tree DIY Baby Shower Decor | DIY Boy Baby Shower Centerpiece | Baby Blocks Baby Shower

hey guys welcome back today I have an
adorable baby shower setup for your baby boy here we go for some reason I’m very excited to make
this baby shower setup maybe because it’s for a boy I mean it is for Mama to
but it’s still for male I’m usually making stuff for a female and yeah very
excited to make it so uh let’s get started I’m going to start by making two
boxes out of this picture frames from viola tree they are five by seven
picture frames and I’m just going to glue them together started this one I’m
going to start by adding glue to the side of this frame and I’m going to glue
it to the back of this frame here’s what it should look like and now
I’m going to do the same with my other box right here my next step is to place
the words boy bo Y on the boxes and I have four left feet for letter B’s to
wise in two rows and all the letter B’s are going to go right on my top box it’s
going to be a tough and bottom box and all the B’s are going to go on top and
then I’m going to use a oh and a why they are going to sit on the side and
you know oh I know why it is going to sit on the other side so wherever you
sit and you have this angle okay so if you’re sitting anywhere and
you have this angle you’ll be able to see the beat Bo and a why so I mean when
you turn again I’ll be the V the O and the y so yeah I’ll show you a little
later not going to go ahead and glue the letters on the box why to move on to my oh and why so
that’s exactly I’m going to put it oh why oh why and this is pretty much in
fact that I was looking for anywhere you’re gonna stare at you’re going to
have this effect where it is going to say boy here it says boy here boy here
and boy here so perfect it worked yeah so now I’m going to go
outside and give it a couple of coats of paint I’m going to paint on box a light
blue and I’m going to paint the other eight darker blue I’m thinking the whole
thing you can choose to paint your letters a different color then your box
totally up to you alright now I’m going to go outside this is actually the next day because I
kind of not kinda I went overboard with the blue paint and I didn’t want to risk
handling it and then leaving fingerprints and then having to paint
again so I just decided to let it dry overnight and they are beautiful I love
them so now I’m ready for the next step next step is to cut out two squares out
of this foam board so it can serve as top for both of my boxes now you’re going to insert the foamboard
from the bottom of the box and push it up to the top just like that and then
you’re going to turn it over and you’re going to add some hot glue to the edges
to secure it this is how the two boxes should look like now I can go ahead and
start with the arrangement I’m going to start my balloon arrangements with
spritz balloons from Target and I’m going to use the start blue with the
white polka dots and the white one with the light blue coconuts and I’m also
going to use plain white balloons from Dollar Tree and light blue balloons from
Dollar Tree I’m also going to switch to my low temperature hot glue gun so my
balloons won’t pop this is as big as I’m blowing out of my polka dot balloons and
this is as big as I’m blowing out my plain balloons
so obviously the plain balloons are a little smaller and this is how you look
right on top I’m going to use this 1/8 inch ribbon to tie my balloons together
and this is in a light blue color and you don’t have to use a ribbon to tie
the balloons together basically using this because I already had it you can
use any type of strain to tie them together I cut enough ribbon to tie all
four balloons together and I’m going to start with my white balloons with light
blue polka dots you’re not just going to tie it to the bottom of the balloon and
you want to leave enough room on this side right here so you can use it to tie
it down to the box okay so now I’m going to place my
balloons right on top I’m gonna have the light blue right on the front the two
polka dots on the side and the white in the back so all sides all four sides are
covered I’m going to put a little bit of this enough to touch the box so I can
use it to glue down the balloon I’m going to add a little help me place ouch
ouch ouch ouch and then you can go ahead and add a little glue under the balloon
put a little bit on the box and just glue it down make sure that it’s a low
temperature gun so your balloon don’t pop I think I’m going to push this
balloon up and then I’m going to add another light blue balloon right in the
back so it can be well balanced now I’m going to add some blue and white
hydrangeas to the front of the balloons I’m just going to pull them up the stem
and then I’m going to start going with my hot glue gun on a sidenote I added the flowers and he
gave it a little bit of a feminine twist because you know the baby shower is also
for Mama so yeah but if you want to leave it just like this with only the
balloons is totally up to you is also beautiful this way but now I’m going to
just go ahead and continue with my flowers love it I adore this centerpiece it’s so
lovely I think I totally did it I love it so so much you have no idea
like I want to hug it right now and like I said earlier if you choose to not use
the flowers that’s totally okay to make it a little more masculine but I added
the flowers because I thought he will be you know good for Mom at the baby shower
and I just love flowers so that’s the truth so yeah guys this is it
I hope you like it okay guys this is it make sure to visit my community tab
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100 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Baby Shower Decor | DIY Boy Baby Shower Centerpiece | Baby Blocks Baby Shower

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  4. Adorable and so Affordable too! The flowers are a great idea for Both gender parties! After all it’s for Baby AND Mommy too! Latex balloons are quick and easy, but if time permits, maybe painted paper machete globes made from the balloons would be nice. Then this centerpiece could be saved or used again. I’m going to subscribe now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas!🤗

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    Cause you should see how nice my center piece came out 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻not the balloons yet till the actual day,but I’m so happy and excited
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