Dollar Tree DIY Decorative Wall Mirror

Dollar Tree DIY Decorative Wall Mirror

What’s up glue dots?! I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter. Today I’m coming to you from Salonika Greece I’m here on
vacation visiting my a lot of family relatives throughout Greece and I have
some things that I’ve already recorded for you to be able to show you and keep
up through my vacation for you guys today’s craft is a wall mirror that is
made out of kitchen tongs I had scenes broken pieces at Dollar
Tree and I figured there’s got to be something I can do with that so this is
what I came up with before we get to it I would love if you join our glue dot
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I think it’s on that side I’m so turned around I don’t even know which way is
which since I’m not at home but anyway let’s get to it or is it I don’t know
let’s get to it first things first we’re gonna take
these out I know I’m missing one I don’t know where that baby fell off to but it
doesn’t really matter we’re gonna take these outside and give them a good spray
painting I’m gonna be using my rose gold spray paint you can use silver gold or
whatever spray paint matches your decor and I decided to
leave these on these handles for now and we’re not spraying the handle we’re just
gonna spray this black part but it’s gonna be easier to spray paint both
sides and then maybe stick them into something until they dry so I’ll get
those spray painted and I’ll be back so they’re all painted and ready to go they
don’t look all that exciting right now do they we’re gonna easily they easily
pull off of here so you’re gonna pull each of these off and are gonna set
aside the these pieces I don’t know for what who knows may come up with
something for that later too we’ll be needing ten pieces of the scare sticks
and so since we have five we’ll be cutting those in half next we’ll be
prepping our mirror by removing this label on the back and peeling off the
little foam feet or the little foam cushions now I’m taking the five halves
of my skewer sticks that don’t have the point doesn’t really matter I just I’m
picking those and I really don’t need them this long so I’m gonna go ahead and
cut these pieces in half as well take the cut in half skewer sticks and on the
diagonal we’re going to glue one behind each of our little gemstones should look
like this I’ve got all my little gemstones glued
on there they look like a little lollipops you don’t have to use square
gemstones if you have round ones or you want to use round ones that’s fine these
are I would guess about 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch
so make sure you get a good size gemstone whatever shape you do choose to
use so what we’re gonna be doing next is placing the mirror face down and our
little tongue ends face down and space them evenly around this circle and this
is kind of important because if you don’t when you put the other pieces in
it’s going to be real obvious where you have them too close or too far apart
once we get those glued down what we’re gonna be doing is gluing these pieces in
between so if you feel more comfortable to place these just to see how your
spacing is that might be a good way to double-check
because once they’re glued it’s really a pain to take this stuff apart assuming
you did a good job putting it together it should be really difficult to take
apart once you have them all placed and you’re happy with the positioning then
we’re gonna start gluing the pieces down now one little thing I want to point out
to you what I did just to make sure that my gemstones were not some longer than
others I lined him up with the second little bump on the tongue thingy that’s
the official word and I’m sticking to it so line it up with a second bump of the
tongue thingy and then start gluing everything down I’ll be using my
favorite combo my match made in heaven combo of e6000 and hot glue together while I’m waiting a little bit for this
to dry what I did is traced out a circle that I traced my mirror onto a piece of
cardboard and then I’m cutting it out smaller than the circle of what the
mirror is the line was actually here and I cut it out about Oh
I don’t know just short of a quarter inch less than what the outline was and
that’s so that it will fit inside here and now the reasoning for this is not
just so that it will look pretty which is not how pretty is it going to look
when it says thank you for using Priority Mail Postal Service or this
side but it’s so that we will have a place also to put our picture hook on to
be able to hang this on the wall and it’ll give a little more stability to
our design so I am gonna go through and add some hot glue on top of my skewer
sticks because I want to make sure that those stay in place and then I’m gonna
go around on the top of each of the little black cone grabber thingies and
put some hot glue there as well and then go ahead and place my piece of
cardboard on top so everything should be pretty secure at this point once that’s
cooled off you can go ahead and flip the design over boy that mirrors dirty
woohoo so we’re gonna I’m gonna clean that mirror off that just makes me crazy
I always have alcohol and paper towels nearby because they do prep anything
that I glue which I did prep the back of the mirror before gluing on all those
pieces okay now I can see you more pretty and that you know what god I
really don’t even want to be seen I’m just out of bed really I rolled out of
bed late this morning and I’m actually crafting during the day here but I
really shouldn’t be seeing in the mirror okay anyway so what we’re gonna do now
is go ahead and take I found these gemstone stickers at Dollar Tree and I
had not seen this style before so I bought everything I could find of them I
bought them in gold and in silver and there’s a little square ones and what
we’re gonna do with these is cut them in strips and we’re gonna be placing them
on the inside here down a line so this is actually a sheet so what we’ll need
to happen is it’s gonna need to be cut in two
because I want to use just one strip going down the center so we’re going to
be cutting strips and we’re going to be gluing those down well they’re already
self-adhesive so we’re going to be placing that in the center there and it
looks like it pretty much takes almost one full strip have all of the bling glued on on these
center pieces here and now what I’m gonna do is take some pieces and cover
up my skewer stick so it should only take about five little stones here of
course it may vary if I wasn’t precise on putting those on but about whatever
four or five six stones to cover up these skewer sticks the adhesive on
these particular gemstones is really good so on here once they’re stuck they
are good to go if you pull these off the paint comes off with it so try and get
them placed exactly where you want them from the get-go now on the sticks I
think I’m actually gonna use a little bit of hot glue because I don’t know
since the sticks are rounded there’s not as much surface area I think I’m gonna
go ahead and use a little hot glue and glue those down the last thing I’m gonna
do and you’re gonna get to see the front when it’s up on the wall but the last
thing I’m gonna do is put on this little hook which on the back to hang it from
and this little hook here is something I pulled off of another one of the round
mirrors for one of the projects I was doing but if you have an old frame that
from Dollar Tree that you no longer that you didn’t use the whole thing or the
backing then use that or you can use a regular picture hanger or any number of
options for that but I have this so I’m gonna go ahead and use this and with the
winning combo of e6000 and hot glue so here we go and as soon as I get this all
stuck on there I will show you what it looks like on the wall stay tuned and
hey don’t forget to subscribe if you’re enjoying what you’re seeing please go
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family I would love that and you can get to see more creative unusual ideas
whatever pops in this little brain of mine hang in there we’re about to put
this up on the wall so you can see how it came out

59 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Decorative Wall Mirror

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    BTW back in the day (40 yrs ago) I was so poor I used pull tabs from soda cans as hangers on my (light weight) craft projects.

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