Dollar Tree DIY Elegant Wall Sconce

Dollar Tree DIY Elegant Wall Sconce

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and I am so excited today
yes actually day I’m not crafting at midnight for once I have a great
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tuned if you’re interested and let’s head on over and check it out ok so the
first thing you want to do we have our garden fence here and we’re only going
to be using three sections of the garden fence so we’re going to be cutting one
section off so when you do that you want to be careful if you cut right down the
center of that you’re going to end up kind of having a half piece of a half
piece of this wrought iron as we call it so what you’re going to want to do is
cut along right here so that you can actually get the full piece and not be
cutting down the center of it now and I did hear one two youtuber mentioned that
they said it was easier to cut from the back I don’t know if I’m gonna do that
because I feel like I have better visibility
here from the front so we’re gonna take a start off by cutting and you can see
I’m on the on the side of that that piece so that we have the whole thing
and just go straight up you got to be a little careful I just it actually just
broke but it’s fine it’s not gonna show at all okay so you can see that it left
the whole section as opposed to cutting it in half I put this extra piece aside
and now we are also going to be cutting off these little hinges I guess they
would be or where they would be attaching these I may actually try
cutting from the back if it’s easier I don’t know run away things go flying in
here my gosh stuff you could find on this floor okay we’re also gonna want to cut off these
two bottom spike pieces because we won’t be needing them for any reason and they
do cut off pretty easily I’m saving this I have no idea why but
god only knows I may use it in something else and there we have our little fence piece
ready to go the next step will be to spray-paint this silver the same way
that we also spray-painted well I actually have it out there drawing right
now but our picture that you saw in the items needed that will also need to be
spray-painted silver so we’ll get this done and be right back but in the other piece the picture that
I had spray-painted this is actually a different one than I showed in the
original picture with all of the items that you’ll need but I did show it in
another picture so you are flexible and using various pictures as long as they
are and rectangular shape for you because you are going to be making an
upright wall sconce so here we have this piece and what we’re waiting on the
garden fence to dry I’m actually just gonna take and glue this piece of mirror
right on here on the top you don’t necessarily have to remove these for
this situation because there’s gonna the the glue gun creates enough thickness
that it shouldn’t be a problem and if you place a little bit of glue maybe
your e6000 on these and then your hot glue on the rest it shouldn’t have a
problem sticking to your mirror so have a glue of the the Dollar Tree adhesive I
have stuck that just on the little foam legs or the foam cushions on the bottom
and then the rest I’m going to actually use my hot glue gun and I’m actually
going to put it on to here I’m gonna be careful not to put it out where it’s
going to be showing because it dries really fast on the mirror because the
mirror is so cold okay so you see me in the mirror hi so
another thing we can do while we’re waiting for our other piece to dry is we
have I have this little luminescence candle the LED candle and it’s the one
that has kind of the oh my goodness what do you call that the mercury glass
effect and what we’re gonna do is just glue that down right here so also the
light will reflect in the mirror which will be nice and helped to give it a
little a little more brightness and that’s easy well we’re gonna do with
that is put a little bit of glue hot glue on the back Center it and place it
right on your picture all right if this is so weird seeing you seeing me in the
mirror if that so here we go we’re gonna let that hang out for a minute I’m gonna
go pick out pick up the other piece from the backyard where I just got through
spray-painting it so something I wanted to show you the next step as we are
going to be attaching the garden fence that we just painted silver is going to
be made into a curve and attached onto this piece now the first time I tried
this project on my own I did it with a hammer and nails and that’s the reason
you see the hammer and nails in the description of the items that you’re
going to need I found that to be really really hard to do by yourself and I
struggled with it whereas the stapler seemed to just be a quick and easy
no-brainer now the other thing about the stapler is you want to make sure that
you have the longer staples because the first time I did it I had these little
short staples and this time I’m going to be using the longer ones the short ones
didn’t quite make it through which is why I opted for the hammer and nails
which was is really hard so the name of the
Staples I’m going to be using are the 9/16 inch they may end up being a bit
too long and going through but there shouldn’t be a problem because it’s on
the backside and it really is not something that’s going to be able to be
bothered or touched or seen so that’s what you want to do that’s the plan if
you don’t have a stapler or don’t have these staples you can struggle through
with the hammer and nails like I did the first time around so here we have our
spray-painted silver piece of fencing that we had cut and I love the way this
looks sprayed silver it just has such a metallic II almost foiled kind of a look
to it I don’t know if you can really see that or but it it I just love it
so now the next step what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna simply bend this and
make it fit around now what I was saying before you would want to take and use a
finishing nail and nail in about three places and the reason it’s difficult to
nail in is because this backside is hollow so you don’t really have a stable
hard surface to be nailing into so it makes it really challenging so I found
the stapler to really be a much easier way to go okay so when you staple you’re
gonna want to support the same way you would if you were hammering you’re gonna
want to support this underneath since it doesn’t have anything under there so I’m
putting a towel down because the staples a bit long and hopefully you can see
well enough it’s kind of out there on the corner sorry my hands blocking but
trust me so a couple of the sections cracked when
I did it and I tried to glue it the glue does not stick on top of the painted
surface so that’s something for you to know and I also would highly recommend
getting one of the other pictures that I used in the one I showed in the items
that you will need because it has a thicker and a more sturdy frame to it
and it’s much easier to use so it’s turning out but this is a little more
challenging to do then it was on the other one so just wanted to give you
that heads up so that you know what to expect as well you see stapling in it
cracked because the bottom little piece flew out of there I mean so this is
definitely not the type to use I would definitely go for the one that has a
thicker box okay now that I’ve gotten the one side done and have learned from
the experience of doing this side it’s going to make it a lot easier for me to
be able to show you how to do this side and I though the glue does not really
stick very well I would possibly throw a little bit of your hot glue on there
just to help it kind of hold in place a little bit temporarily while you are
trying to nail it sorry I’m sorry trying to staple it that one went a lot more smoothly okay
that reason that one staple them better is because it has this lock behind to
actually kind of support it a little bit that’s why on these these other ones I
will be putting it on the corner of my table which I don’t know if you get a
very good view on the corner of my table with the towel so that I can staple
through and it looks to be that two staples is enough on this I’ve got one
up here and one right down here and I tried to go for the areas that have a
little more of the plastic from the fencing as opposed to going in here
because on the other side it did crack now you don’t have to worry about these
staples they really they’re gonna be up against the wall they’re not gonna
really be noticeable so so far this is what we have and now we’re going to put
in the piece of cutting board the chopping board and it’s going to make
almost like a little bit of a glass type of a feel to it so we have our chopping
mat here and what we’re gonna do if you look we want it not to come above this
area here so when you measure that area it comes out a little over seven inches
in height so I’m gonna cut my chopping mat to seven inches so it’s just below
this and does not show up beyond that level and my apologies I think I may
have forgotten to put on that you will need some type of an exacto knife or
something to cut your cutting board with the nice thing is these chopping mats
when you buy them the package has two of them in so if you
do mess up you do have a back-up plan which for me is always a good thing
we’re going to measure also if you have a long ruler that’s very helpful if you
have something that’s longer than the 12-inch rulers going to measure out our
seven inches and I’m just going to make a little mark here with my exacto knife and we’re going to be using the whole
length of the cutting board now you don’t necessarily have to do
this all through in one cut because it’s really hard unless you have someone to
help you hold down your ruler it can move a bit so go lightly until you start
getting a marking in there and it and that way slowly slowly you can cut
through okay so we have this extra piece we’re just going to put aside and we
have our piece that we’re going to be using it has a matte side and it has a
shiny side let’s see there you go I don’t even know where that is and you
can see the difference okay so we’re want the matte side facing
out so it looks like frosted glass and your piece and sneak it on in there and it will fit between where you
stapled now this cutting mat is not going to be as deep as what your fencing
is so you can see that it doesn’t quite reach all the way out to the edge but
that’s okay I think it’s fine I didn’t have a problem with that I’m not really
sure I guess if you wanted to you could use some of your extra piece and add it
into your sides however you would have a seam so you would want to really line
that up with this line here which it would show at the bottom but for me it
doesn’t really bother me that that shows up a little that it’s a little smaller
than the rest of it so now what you can do if you want you can leave it as is if
you really want to secure it slide that out a bit and use some of your adhesive can put some adhesive weight down into
this corner in a couple little places and then just slide your mat back into
place that way there’s a little bit of the e6000 or I guess I should say the
fix-all adhesive holding it and the same thing on this side just a small little bit and then slide
your mat back into place you do want to make sure that everything is level
otherwise you can end up with something crooked I didn’t look at it from the
front yet I’m looking at it with you but I think everything seems pretty level at
this point and for the most part we’re finished here this is a really beautiful
little wall sconce one thing that I did not think about which on the other
picture frame it already has the hanging hook on the back so you can actually
automatically hang it up and it’s ready to go this one does not so that’s
something to also keep in mind when you are getting your picture that you’re
going to be spray-painting now if you choose to another option would be to
glue some gems on a couple of little spots the center’s may be on the tips
here if whatever you would like to embellish it further but I really I love
it like this so let’s show you the finished look up on the wall well here
they are the finished product I hope you like them I think they’re absolutely
beautiful you can tell the difference between the one on the right which is
the one that has the picture that I showed you in the items needed in the
original photo the one on the left is the other picture that is separate in
the items needed and one is a little wider ones a little narrower you do want
to take note that as I said while we were making this you make sure that
you make sure everything is even and not tilted the one on the right I wasn’t
really paying attention to that you can see it’s a bit off-kilter but
nonetheless I think they turned out beautiful enjoy have fun making your own
and have a positive and blessed day a big welcome to all my new subscribers
thank you so much for joining and I hope we don’t disappoint and that you are
happy for joining the new blue dot family you

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