Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Garden Wall / Table Decor UNDER $10!!

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Garden Wall / Table Decor UNDER $10!!

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter today’s craft is a farmhouse DIY wall decor or possibly you
could even stand it up I actually have it standing up right now um kind of like
a window with little flower baskets in it or little flower buckets so adorable
you can modify it too you’re gonna see once you see it you’ll understand but
you can modify it make it into a little herb garden hanging herb garden I mean I
think it’s just really cute I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I
can’t wait to show it to you guys it’s pretty easy it’s entirely as I said made
up of Dollar Tree items so it’s pretty inexpensive as well and obviously you
know where to find all the goodies and it’s stuff that’s pretty easy to find –
so what could be better so what I’d love for you to do if you would love to keep
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videos I would really love to hear from you if you’d care to leave a comment and
even better if you want to share this with someone else that you think might
like it that would be amazing so with that all being said let’s get
right to it okay glue dots to get started the first
step was to remove all of the outside wrapping of course and then to take out
the glass and the little backing from all your picture frames now I’ve done
them ahead because I’m pretty sure you don’t need to see me do that but I just
wanted to show you the first one I did I was bending the little metal piece that
holds the glass in and it broke the frame instead I opted to just use an old
parent canoes pliers I’m just using my wire cutters just because these are dull
and it works so why not and I’m just pulling these little pieces out they do
pull out really easily once you get under there of course I say that no they
do pull out really easily you just need to get underneath it and they they pull
out real nicely then I put aside the backing and the glass never know what
other project I might need those for and then we’re ready to get started so what
we’ll be doing initially here is we’re gonna be laying out and gluing our six
frames all together and we’re gonna glue them just like this using not only re
six thousand but our hot glue the hot glue is for more immediate adhesion and
the e6000 is for long-term hold and a stronger hold so this is the layout
we’re gonna be doing let’s get these babies glued together so we’re gonna be
adding glue onto the side and to the bottom don’t put so much that it seeps
out the front because that won’t look very pretty then I’ll be putting a little bit of hot
glue kind of in between my other six thousand glue kind of working quickly so
that it doesn’t solidify on us hardened up and then I’m gonna lay that down and
put them together line them up the best you can nice and
tidy because we want this then to end up looking like a little window with window
panes and that’s why I actually chose these particular frames because I like
the shape of them you can do this pretty much with any frame that has a nice flat
edge for you to glue on that I just really like these how they had kind of
that that wooden effect to them and a little bit weather looking sort of
farmhouse farmhouse II looking so my glue gun actually the switch has shut
off so my glue was not heating up so I’m gonna kind of start again these three
top pieces are already glued together and just a suggestion that you glue the
three bottom pieces together and then with one straight line glue the two
pieces together that you have so these three and those three and then glue them
together just because it’s a lot easier that way than having to go around the
corner trying to hurry up before your glue get dries up and so I’m gonna go
ahead and put the e6000 on the sides first
hopefully my glue gun is hot again my gosh yeah much better but something
wasn’t working right now don’t worry if the glue seeps off the back you more
want to be concerned with it seeping out the front now that I have my three and three I’m
going to go ahead and glue them together by putting a 6000 on one side and hot
glue on the other side and attaching them you give that a moment to dry the next step
we’ll be doing is to be taking our big craft sticks and we’re gonna be using
these to reinforce to make sure this whole thing holds together because it is
going to be carrying a tiny bit of weight on there with our plants so also
we’re going to be doing that using both the e6000 and the hot glue we’re going
to do that on each of the sections I think I’m going to overlap on this
section more towards the center intersection there just to give a little
extra hold a little extra strength to it I’ve also decided to add a piece on each
of these sides just to give it that little extra bit so I’m going to take
one of the popsicle sticks and cut it in half and then glue that into place one
on each side we want all the support this thing can get looks like
everything’s pretty well put together we’re gonna flip it over and then clean
up any glue that may have seeped through to the front now we’re gonna take the
burlap ribbon that it has the lace on it and we’re gonna be cutting a piece that
for measurement purposes just to help you out is a little shorter so if you go
to where the curve starts and where the curve starts and we’re gonna cut off
right about there so just a little shorter than what your popsicle stick is
and you’re going to need three pieces like this because we’re gonna take and
cut each one in half just like this right along that line and we’re going to
be using one in each little window I have my six pieces cut now we’re gonna
take our little buckets what I did for my buckets I used these before I had
some succulents planted in there I just put a little nail hole through the
bottom so in case you want a plant that’s going to be live in here to drain
you want to do a little herb garden or something in it you can do that I think
probably for this project I’m probably going to either use fake succulents or
fake flowers but I’m gonna take your piece and pass it through the bucket and
fold it in in half and then what we’re going to be doing is doing is gluing
we’re gonna be doing is gluing the pieces oh my gosh this is what happens
when you craft at night you start getting goodly alright then we’re gonna
turn our picture frames over and we’re gonna be gluing this right on to the
backside of each of the center of the frames okay so I’m gonna also on this
one use a combination of e6000 and hot glue it kind of seems to be a winning
combo and because it’s fabric you’re gonna
have to put a little extra if your e6000 on there and then glue it right into the
center of your frame hold that down until till it cools off you know it
would probably help if you put some in the middle so you can glue your two
pieces together and then I like to use some of you have seen in my other videos
like to use a piece of parchment paper to press that down yes you still get the
warmth of the glue through that but at least it doesn’t stick to you and it
won’t stick to the parchment paper either so as soon as that cools off the
parchment paper just peels right off and it just makes things a lot easier so he
just peels off nice and neat so we’re gonna do that again and if you care you
can pay attention to which way your lace is going if you all want them to match
up now that we have all our little buckets glued on we’re gonna be gluing
together and putting on our Jenga pieces now we’re gonna attach two Jenga pieces
together glue them together and then we’re going to be attaching those on to
the corners so they’re going to be going right here to help hold this away from
the wall so that the buckets can hang freely so go ahead and get those glued
together you’re going to want to make four sets of those so you’re going to
need eight of the little blocks now squeeze them together real well and
don’t worry about the glue seeping out like mine is doing because you can just
clean that off it’s going to be in back it’s really not going to show much
anyway so I take my parchment paper and just smooth that out a bit
you can also scrape it off with a popsicle stick as well to kind of clean
it off I just scraped it with this popsicle stick okay once you have four
of these I only have two I’m short Jenga blocks I have to go buy some tomorrow
and finish up this tutorial and attach that right out here on the corner and
you can move it around a little to get that glue spread but this is going to be
a very important component to this because this with these are what we’re
going to hang it on the wall so that the buckets can hang freely so I want the
smooth side not necessarily the split side but the smooth side
to be pointing outwards because if you do see anything it will be the side so
you don’t want the glued together side to show so I have the seam side is in
here the outside is smooth they’re going to glue one of these on to each of your
four corners now I can’t really lift this to show you a good view but I do
want to show you that you don’t want to put these all the way out to the outside
edge but leave a little bit of a space you can see a little bit of a lip here
of the frame but we do also once we get these on there we’re going to want to go
around on the sides you want to reinforce it with extra hot glue to make
sure that it does not go anywhere I’m going to do that on the two inside parts
that won’t be showing and use plenty of glue on that because it’s not gonna show
anyway you can go slightly up the side of the block even because you really
need this piece to hold once you have all four of your corners done this is
going to be drying overnight because it’s really important that it stays
solidly placed and then we’re going to take our command strips now they do have
them at the Dollar Tree but the ones that I got are the they hold twelve
pounds and it’s the value pack I use these quite a bit and it’s really funny
because you used to hear people on YouTube all the time command strip this
command strip that and I thought oh for goodness sake these command strips but
you know once you use them you’re gonna love them they’re great so what we’re
going to want to do is then we’re going to be cutting a piece we should be able
to get three of them out of each strip so you’re going to need two in total and
we’re going to be cutting a piece that the size of our block so it’s right
about there you know cut this extra cut these extra tabs off to see you
I can see what you’re doing because those we won’t be needing and so I stuck
the two pieces of command strip together and both sides now have the adhesive so
we’ll be peeling off that adhesive and then sticking it to the top of the block
now I’m not going to just trust the command strip adhesive I want to make
sure that it’s gonna stick on there really well so I’m actually going to be
using some of my other glue as well to hold it in place probably more of my
just a six thousand because we are going to be letting this dry overnight so peel
the adhesive off the one side put your e6000 on there and attach it directly on
to the top of your Jenga blocks so while everything is drying we’ll give it a
good chance to set and then tomorrow we will put it up and see how stinking
adorable it is

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