Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Home Decor | English CC | Decoración de Pared Rústica

Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Home Decor | English CC | Decoración de Pared Rústica

To begin our project, you will need five packages of wooden rules. It would be a total of 10 rules Then you must remove the plastic where you have the measurements of the rule. It’s super easy to take out The rules have a smooth part and the other side is with layers of where the plastic was. The smooth part is what should always be presentable and well in the project In the part that has layers, you must join two rules and stick a popsicle stick with hot glue You must try to make sure that the rules stick together and have a total of three set of rules to then be able to form a triangle In the upper part of the triangle you must form an X and mark with a pencil where they join and mark a diagonal line in both rules The diagonal line you mark is where you’re going to cut each rule Then you must mark a diagonal line in the rules below where they join to know where you must cut them later I’m going to use this machine because it’s easier for me and I’m going to cut in the diagonal line that I drew You must unite the rules that you just cut and join them with a popsicle stick. You can use hot glue or wood glue Then you must cut the ruler at the bottom where you marked a line, and that’s how you would be looking Then you must locate where it was that you wanted the rule to form your triangle and join it with a popsicle stick and hot glue The edges of the triangle below cut them a bit, letting me carry the width of a ruler After drawing a line, I cut the ruler and that’s what the triangle with the slightly longer edges would look like Now you must place another rule in the center and below the triangle and at the top you must mark the lines from which you must cut your rule then Then you must put two more rules at each end and mark where you should cut each one Here I show you the lines in which you must cut your three rules Once you have cut them all, you must place them where they go and paste them with hot glue and a popsicle stick You must put a popsicle stick and paste both end of top and the bottom And do the same with the other two rules that you cut This is what the front part would look like once you have pasted everything I decided to paint the windowpane with wood paint and espresso color and paint everything with a sponge Then you must use a napkin to remove all the excess paint that may have the wood I did not want the wall plaque to look so dark, so I sand all the edges of the rulers to create a distress look… … and try to get a little bit to the original color of the ruler just at the edges In a place matt you must cut a strip and let me carry the width of a popsicle stick Then you must cut 4 stripes the size of an inch and a half long each You must also form as if it were an L of the same width of the strips that you cut earlier Once you’ve cut it, that’s how you should be seeing Finally, you must draw a 3-inch long semicircle Once all the pieces are cut, you should paint them in black Once they are dry, you must begin to stick them. The one that forms an L must stick it on the top The four stripes must be pasted each corner where the rules join The one that forms a semicircle, you must paste it in the part below where the three rules of the center meet in the triangle With these drawing pins, I’m going to cut out the pointed part, you’re just going to use the head of them You must stick two drawing pins to the small stripes we made The one that forms an L must have three drawing pins and the one that forms a semicircle also This is how you should be looking at the wooden plate once you find it finished. I hope you enjoyed this project with me You can put your wooden windowpane wall plaque on the top of a bed, a table as I did, or on top of a door Remember to follow me in my social media, Instagram and Facebook, that I will leave here on screen

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  1. Very well done and great attention to detail. I did get a little confused with the placemat, but once I stayed patient and watched a little longer it was clear what you were thinking. Confusion is what I get for eating breakfast while watching a video. 😻🌼👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Beautiful 💕😀👍🏼👍🏼💕 me encanto como todo lo que haces jaz saludos 🤗🌻💕

  3. Hola Hola amiguita ya se me andaba olvidando que los lunes hay video como es día festivo, pero en fin a disfrutar sabes q me encantan verlos. Bendiciones

  4. I bet yours looks even better than the one you saw in the store. You are very good at showing and explaining your work. Hope you get lots of subscribers! 😘👍⭐️💖

  5. Hola…I loooove your channel & your diys just keep getting better…I would loooove to see u do some shabby chic stuff also though ,pretty plzzzz😁🤗

  6. You put the little details like the push pins and mock wood braces that others don't tend to do. Wonderful idea for authenticity. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hola. Me encantó . Como siempre tus ideas super creativas. Te mando saludos desde El paso TX. Soy Ana. Muchas Bendiciones 🙏

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