Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Kitchen Decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas 2019

Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Kitchen Decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas 2019

100 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Kitchen Decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas 2019

  1. U R ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!! in English or Spanish I LOVE U AND UR PROJECTS !!! U r so inspiring !!! LOVE THEM ALL !!! TFS ❤❤

  2. I love your videos in Spanish or English..just do what makes you feel most comfortable! You do you girl! Your talent speaks for itself! ❤️

  3. I’m with you. Can’t decide which of your DIYs is my favorite. I’m new to your channel. I’m glad that I subscribed. Enjoyed it very much. Great job.

  4. Thank you for English! I'm a new subscriber. So glad I found you.❤ I love all of your projects! You are so talented!!!!

  5. All of them are my favorite!! Damn you for making such cute things!!! The English speaking was 👌🏽 and I hope you get millions of subs for your creative mind!! Keep it up!! Also, where did you get the mini rolling pins? Edit: just saw your rolling pins video. Too cute!

  6. Love them all!! But if I have to pick one ☝🏻 will be the cupcake 🧁 stand!! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas 💡

  7. How do you put the blade on the Dremel? It's got a tiny hole. And which bit do you use? How do you put the bit in? Maybe you can do a DIY on how to load the Dremel??? Pleeeeeez.

  8. I loved them all! And I love how just using the wood stain made them look so "fancy", for lack of a better term, lol. New subscriber!

  9. Hola me inscribi hoy …puedes darme una idea para haser Centro de mesa para la quisieñera de mi nieta

  10. Love 1 and 3 . Your English is ok but since I’m bilingual I’m ok with either one English or Spanish. You do it how ever it is easier for you almost everything is very self explanatory. Saludos

  11. I love them all I also want to know how you made the two tiny rolling pins that are wrapped in twine

  12. I love them all!!! You are very creative!!!
    Thank you for doing the video in English. It is very appreciated.

  13. I understand Spanish but it was a nice change to have this video in English 😊 I loved all the projects, the rolling pin sign was my favorite!

  14. your english was AWESOME! i had no problem understanding you and i LOVED your projects. the dark and white contrast is beautiful. i definitely am a new subscriber! ❤️

  15. All projects are very lovely! Your English is perfect! Happy I found your channel! Happy crafting! ❤️

  16. Wow, I am loving your projects. They are so authentic looking and so clever. Your English is great to by the way. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite as I am so loving them all! New subscriber. Hugs, Brenda

  17. Hola estoy muy feliz😉 de tu, tutorial.heres increible.te felicito por tu talento.heres de las mias ami me gusta todo loque has hecho.por eso me atrevi a subscrivirme.saluddos dsd.Arizona.Bendiciones Hermosa.🌷👍🙋

  18. Your English is very good. thanks for the video I'm going see if can get a bucket at the dallor tree.

  19. I love all three. You did a super job and I love your English. Thanks for sharing these. Off to WalMart and the Dollar Tree tomorrow I must go. Thanks again.

  20. Big thumbs up for your projects and your English. You're doing great. Would have never thought to use the plastic golf balls that way. Keep up the great work.

  21. Cannot pick a favorite!! They all are wonderful!! Your English is good btw! Love your channel and your enthusiasm!

  22. Love them all but especially the rolling pin sign, so clever! Thank you so much for the English version…I’ve been watching you in Spanish even though I didn’t know what you were saying I would still watch your cute ideas! I will make some of the cupcake stands to use at my granddaughter’s wedding reception next spring. Your English is very good! Looking forward to more crafting with you.

  23. Your English is quite understandable. Good job!
    All of your projects are very nice. Can’t pick a favorite.

  24. Just subscribed. All are cute, but my fave is the cupcake tray. I love that you put a plant inside. Very creative to use golf balls! I look forward to seeing you again!

  25. I am in the middle of trying to remodel my house on a budget. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! I am going to do this to my kitchen! And by the way your English is good! I am definitely subscribing to your channel. 😁

  26. You are adorable and very creative! These projects are very cute, original, and budget friendly ! Thank you for sharing, and I will look forward to more videos. You’ve got yourself a new stubbier friend!🤗❤️

  27. Acabo de suscribirme a tu canal y me encanta😍..los tres proyectos están bellos me encanta todos.. bendiciones para ti 😘😘

  28. I like them all. Favorite is the mini muffin stand. English is fine. Whatever language you use isn't a problem. The videos are usually self explanatory☺ Great creativity!

  29. Luv your lets eat sign, can u tell me how long the paint sticks are that u used.I really want to make this but not sure I can get those stir sticks here in Canada.thx for sharing 👍🏾

  30. Jaz, did you make the pig craft in the video and if so could you please link the video! I have pug cutting board just like that and would love to recreate that project! You are amazing and love your videos ❤️! Keep up the great work!

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