Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas DIY Home Decor 2019

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas DIY Home Decor 2019

For the first project, you will need three rules of wood in total, and you must remove the plastic part that has the numbers to each rule Then you must begin to place them all right and leave a small separation between each rule You must take three popsicles stick to the rules, and leave the same separation between each one And in this way, you would be forming a sign I know that the pot looks terrible, but it’s my dark walnut wood paint that I’ll apply to all the rules Then with a napkin you must remove all the excess paint that is left and this is how looks our painted sign I am going to use 3 of these little plates for Dollar tree rings, they are small and perfect for this project I will paint them with my spray paint in white to cover all the designs that have the dishes In glossy acrylic paint in black, I will highlight the edges of the plate. You must repeat the same step in the three dishes that you have With these Dollar Tree stickers, I will use the letters E, A and T and I will put one to each plate in the same center I’m going to put mod podge on top of the whole plate and edges to protect the paint and the stickers Once they are dry, you must locate them where you want to stick them to your sign I use Glue E6000 and hot glue, so it dries faster and sticks stronger All dishes must be in the same center and with the same space of separation each To hang it on the wall you can use the popsicle that has in the back This would be the result of our first project! I had seen a similar decoration in a decoration shop, but it was giant, and I did not fit in the kitchen So, I recreated it in a smaller size that I love, with Dollar Tree materials and a lot more economical For the second project you will need only the wooden stick of a plunger You should cut it about 4 inches long with a hacksaw or electric cutting machine Once you have cut it, you should sand the edges with a sandpaper or a machine for sanding and that they remain smooth and straight With my Waverly chalk paint in white, I will place two layers of paint and let dry With a pencil I will write the word FARMHOUSE, but you can write what you want! I recommend you use a pencil first so you can erase any mistake you make Once you have the full word, with a black Sharpie you should highlight all the letters a little more Then in one of the corners of the rolling pin I decided to make a rope tie For the handle of my rolling pin I am going to use only the wooden stick that these sponges bring and that we often throw away because the sponges are no longer useful You must cut this wooden stick in half and one of those parts you should cut it again in half You must sand the sticks so that they look straight and smooth. This is how the two handles of the rolling pin would look To give it color, I used my wood paint in dark walnut color and with a napkin, I take out the excess paint I’m going to use Super Glue gel to stick the rolling pin handles to each end Once it is dried, this is what it would look like, they are very small and super nice I decided to make another one with the word KITCHEN and I love how they look together The truth is that with only $ 2.00 between a plunger and a pack of brushes, you could do a lot of rolling pins It is extremely cheap, easy to make and they are totally made of wood. In a farmhouse or rustic kitchen would look beautiful For the third project, you are going to need another of these small rings I’m going to give him two coats of white spray paint and with a sponge, highlight the edges in black You’ll need this Dollar Tree notebook that has several things that you can use from it It has on the inside that is a buffalo check design and this pig on the cover I’m going to cut the pig leaving a black border around it Once you’ve cut it, that’s what it would look like In the design of buffalo check I’m going to put the plate on it and draw the round shape of the plate and then cut it You must use hot glue to stick it I will use these colorful stickers and paint them in black to form the word FARM and paste them in the center of your plate You must use mod podge to create a protective layer to all the stickers and to the plate I’m going to use these chains in Dollar Tree’s black color. I must cut them because you need two chains with 4 pieces each to put them on each end of the pig I made two little holes to the pig with a drawing pin to make me easier Then I just must put the chain and close the part you found open This is how it would look, and I will do the same with the chain at the other end of the pig We are going to hang the pig of the chains that are stuck to the plate of the part of back with hot glue I’m going to use this hanger that brings the chains to stick with hot glue behind on the top side of the plate I love how it is hanging on the wall and it looks super farmhouse style and I hope that you will also like all my projects I am very excited with these projects because it is the first time that I have done farmhouse kitchen decor To make these projects, I was inspired by several articles that I have seen in stores lately… …but made to measure, and much cheaper with Dollar Tree materials Remember to follow me on my social medias Instagram and Facebook, I leave them on screen and in the description of the video!

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  1. Awesome I love all of them. Everything is so adorable. If I have to pick my favorite would be the one with the pig. ❤️🐖😊

  2. Bravo!!! I have a small kitchen and these projects are the perfect size. They were all so so creative. My favorite was the EAT sign. Tina

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  4. OMG amo cada Diy que haces siento que me identifico con cada uno pues mis espacios en casa son similares a los tuyos mi cocina igual es pequeña los hare todos ❤😀🙏

  5. All so very cute.
    Love them all, the eat sign and the pig are tied as my favorites. The rolling pins are adorable too. Really hard to pick just one.

  6. I loved that EAT sign, Jaz. So nice… and very creative, as always. Thanks for sharing your amazing skills & ideas with us!

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  9. Hola, lo malo es que cuando voy a dollar tree no encuentro los articulos, x ejem. Los platitos. Y no puedo recorrer tanto tiendas pues el gasto de gas aumentaria el costo. Pero estan bellos. Gracias por compartir.

  10. I would love it if you could possibly do one in English as well. I'm usually working on something while I'm watching YouTube videos, glancing up every few seconds, ESPECIALLY if I hear something I really need to see so I can add something to my "DT shopping list". I understood if you can't, but I really like your creations but I probably won't be able to keep watching since I can't listen to what you're saying. {and I don't understand Spanish lol}

  11. Me encantaron todos, y sobre todo que te introduce en ambos idiomas. Gracias por compartir. Soy RosaLuna desde New York.

  12. Love your videos new subscriber here 🤚🏻 please tell me where you brought the foam brush and what is it called please thank you for all your videos

  13. An easy way to have the letters EAT permanently on the plates is to paint the center black then add the letters then spray paint the plates white,removing the letters afterwards!!!
    I adore these diy's and I'm 5 minutes in and hit subscribe!!! I love your channel lol I dont speak any Spanish but it doesn't matter your directions are so clear,I can follow along without the caption!!!!
    I especially love the first one💙and can't wait to watch the rest of your videos!🤗

  14. Usually I get subtitles in English. This one wouldn't show up. Anyone happen to know why that would be?

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    Me encantan tus diy..el de la cocina farmhouse t kedo puedo decidirme por uno xq me gustan los dos: el del rolo y el del puerkito 🇵🇷 estan divinos! No dejes de ser tan simpatica como eres y tan genial con tu don de hacer cositas hermosas!! Gracias x tus ideas DTB☺

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