Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Lemons Home Decor | English CC | Decoración de Limones

Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Lemons Home Decor | English CC | Decoración de Limones

For the first project you will need a square sign and you should paint it in glossy white on the back Once it is dried, with a sponge and black color, you must paint the edges of the sign You must paint only small areas on all four sides of your sign Then you will need a scrapbook paper, mine is from Michael’s and simulates wood, they are 4x $ 1.00 With your fingers, mark the shape of the sign and then cut it You must put mod podge to the sign and then paste your paper Then you must make sure that there are no bubbles and place mod podge on top to create a protective layer on the paper With this Dollar tree sticker set I am going to form the word LEMONS and you only must cut the letters that you need to go I did not have the letter M so with two letters N, cut them and form the letter M that you will need Place the letters in the sign and then you can start to paste them I did not want them completely straight, so I pasted the letters a bit curved and I put some details on each side I wanted to put a lemon on the bottom so, I used this one of another signs that I had in my home First remove all the shine with a sandpaper and then create a distress look You can paste this lemon with hot glue, but you can also paint it or make it on colored paper so that it comes out more cheap For the second project you are going to need a colander, in DT they sell many, but I wanted a small one and I loved the shape of this You must cut the edges and the magician you do not need because I want it to be a colander you can put on a surface (if that makes you sense) Then you should sand the edges so that it seems that your colander was always this way You’re going to need a base and I use this metal that I had, and you can get it in DT or you can use whatever else you already have in your house You should paste the center of the bottom of your colander So that everything had the same color, with spray paint in gloss white I gave him two coats of paint With a sponge and black color, I will highlight the edges of the colander on the top And, the edges of the base that you just pasted Finally, you can put lemons on the top or any other decoration you want For the third project you are going to need this glass container, I liked it a lot because it is big and has a lid I want the lid to have a grip, so, stick a plastic cap on top. (Mine is the lid of an acetone bottle) If the paste is watered a little at the edges, you should remove it and a sandpaper can help you to be better You will also need a candleholder in glass, and you must paint these two pieces with spray paint in gloss white The gloss white will create the appearance of a white ceramic With black paint, you should highlight the edges of your candleholder And you must paint the lid of your container using the same technique Then you must remove the tape to your glass container and stick the candleholder in the center. You can use hot glue or paste E6000 for durability Finally, I put lemons inside, I put the lid on it and that’s what the third project would look like For the last project, you are going to need a rectangular sign of Dollar Tree I’m going to paint it on the back with my Waverly chalk paint in color plaster that is like a super light cream After giving it two coats of paint and drying, I will make two lines with black color in the sign I will use Khaki color paint and you should color it in some areas of your sign. You must do the same with white paint With a brush you must mix both paintings to create the appearance of a wooden sign (You can add extra paint if you need it) Then apply dark brown paint to highlight the edges and some details in the sign To make the letters, use these stickers of DT, and paint in black the letters you needed to form the word FRESH When you are hitting, you can leave a small separation between the letters and with a sharpie to make little strings between each one Then you must paste the word LEMONADE with Dollar Tree stickers The word LEMONADE is pasted in the form of an S and not right in the sign You are going to use the number 5 of wood and the 6 is to form the symbol of cents Both you must paint in black and paste below the word LEMONADE With a little white you can create a distress look in your words of your sign Finally, I draw some lines on the edges of the sign with a sharpie to highlight them a little more This is how the first part of the last project would be For the second part of the fourth project you must use this sign. It has a lot of shine; you should remove it a little with a sandpaper to be able to work better with it You are going to paint your sign on the other side with yellow color, you must give it two layers of paint Once it is dry, you should start drawing your lemon half. First is to make an arc around the sign and then the divisions in the center of the lemon And you should paint 2 coats of white paint, the areas that correspond in the lemon Then with khaki color you can highlight the details of lemon and with a brush and just a little paint creates a distress look at lemon This is how the lemon would look once we have finished it and it is completely dry To join the two signs, I’m going to put some strings on each end of the lemon And finally, you should stick the chains to the other sign with hot glue and tape if you want This would be the result of my four projects for today It is a perfect decoration for the summer and for the farmhouse style too, I hope you like the projects as much as I do Remember to follow me in my two social medias, Instagram and Facebook, I leave you here on screen

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  1. Wow!! Eres la reina de los DIYs!! Everything came out so beautiful!! My favorite is the fresh lemonade sign.❤

  2. Me fascina la decoración de limones se me hace muy refrescante 😊 y todo te quedo espectacular amiga 👍🏼😘

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  5. These are absolutely amazing!!! You definitely have an artistic eye and have shown that here! Great job! All your pieces are beautiful and so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing all you ideas and extra little tips throughout. It’s the subtle little touches that make a huge difference and separate you out from the rest of the other DIYs on here. 👏🤗😁🌷💕🍋

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  8. Goshhhh….. Is there a way to make the video translate to English? I mean, I can see it, lol, but I'm just curious as to what you are saying, plus it makes it easier to multi-task when I can listen and make sure I look up at the right times. 🤔

  9. Hello Jaz!👋🏻 Again, another great video with great DIY’s! Not sure which one I like best because I like them all!! Maybe the jar and I like how you painted your lemon wedge/slice. Looks great! Thanks my dear! ❤️💜💚

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