Dollar Tree DIY Halloween 2019 Witch Home Decor

Dollar Tree DIY Halloween 2019 Witch Home Decor

Hellooo my little pretties…
what’s up Glue Dots?! I’m Elaine the Midnight Crafter and tonight
I’m gonna show you how to make this little cutie petoottie so she will add a
little bit of whimsy to your Halloween decor and a little bit of fun and
cuteness and all that so I’m gonna show you how to make it what first give me
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join the glue dot family we obviously have fun here also down below you’ll
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comment down below I love hearing from you so I think what we need to do right
now what do you say so there’s any number of places you can
start with this project so I’m just gonna start by taking off the little
feet here from these now I’m gonna give you a few different options you don’t
necessarily have to use two sets I’m using two sets only because I figure if
it flips around I want both sides of the feet to look good and so that’s why I’m
doing that so what we’re gonna do first is just go ahead and cut these feet off
from the ribbon if you want to pry them out and reuse your ribbon you can do
that I’m just gonna right now myself just cut off the feet then we’re gonna
put those pieces aside now another option I’ll tell you so if you want to
save a bit of money you don’t have to get a separate piece of artwork to use
you could always use one of the art pieces from this that’s a potential
option as well if you don’t want to have to if you’re trying to keep it on a
lower budget that’s fine too not a problem at all
I’m gonna be needing some of this ribbon if you already have black ribbon you can
just use what you have but I figure we’ve got this right here so I’m just
going to use this black ribbon to hang my piece from from my artwork it’s not
hard to pry this up if you want to use this black ribbon because these staples
are super short so that they don’t go through the thickness of this chipboard
or whatever kind of board you call this so it’s really not hard to pry them out
at all you can just do it with a pair of scissors okay now that I have my feet
and I have my black ribbon that I need I’m going to be moving on to this
headband that I got so what I’m gonna be doing next is taking this crazy headband
I’m really not sure what it’s supposed to be but for me turning it upside down
it look great pair of legs for my which some
sexy mama legs so what I’m gonna be doing is taking my hot glue I’m gonna
bend these legs so that they’re more straight up and down if you don’t want
to bend them so they’re up and down you’re going to need to cut the shoes
apart which you can just use an exacto knife and make some score marks in here
with your x-acto knife and then split them so it’s up to you if you want her
legs to be sticking out to the sides you can do that if you want them straight up
and down you can do that so I’m just going to be keeping them as they are
just to make it simpler and have my feet ready put a good amount of glue here on
the feet and stick those babies on there just squeeze them together stick them on
it’s gonna because I used a lot of glue it’s gonna take a minute for that to dry
so give it some time actually probably a little bit over killed on the glue
because it’s gooping out everywhere and what we’re going to be doing next is
attaching our other set of feet on to there so there’s still a little warm and
not quite cured up yet but I’m going to go ahead and put my glue on the other
part the top part here of the sexy with Mama legs and I’m going to attach the
other set of shoes and put them just hold it together until that cools off so
when it’s all cooled off you will have something like this now the nice thing
is so we have this headband part so we’re going to use that to make her
skirt for the skirt what we’re gonna be doing is taking a piece of ribbon I’m
just gonna use this orange ribbon that I have I got from Dollar Tree I had also
purchased this burlap spotted ribbon or polka-dotted ribbon and I found a one
roll of this already open and shoved underneath and squeezed somewhere but
that could be potentially a really cute piece too but to start for this one I’m
going to be just a piece of ribbon and make it long
enough for the width of what you want your skirt to be so I’m going to go
wider than what the legs are and then you’re going to double that up and then
go ahead and cut that piece off so my piece if I had to guess I would say it’s
probably about 14 inches long or so we’re going to put our little sexy legs
aside for right now and we’re gonna have this ribbon and we’re gonna also be
using our tool that we got so I was able to find some black tulle and some orange
tulle we’re gonna be cutting some pieces decide how long you want your witch’s
skirt to be and then they’re going to cut pieces double the length of what you
want her skirt to be so I still want her little sexy legs to show so I want her
skirt to be a little bit shorter so I think I’m gonna go with approximately
again about a 12 to 14 inch piece and cut it off and we’re gonna be doing
several pieces that are and it’s a little hard to see but several pieces
that are about this length and you’re gonna do both orange and the black you
don’t have a lot of options because there’s a limited amount so go ahead and
cut all of the tool that you have oh a bummer this is a funky piece that I got
it’s all deformed I don’t think you can see that but hopefully your roll won’t
be deformed like my role is even though this piece is like really misshapen and
odd I’m gonna go ahead and try and figure out how I can work that in
because I want to have as much of this tool as I can okay so for the black tool
I got like six and a half pieces so I must have really just gotten a weird off
roll on that orange one but that’s okay not a problem we will
get work because that’s what we do so we’re going to be using this tool now to
make her skirt you’re going to take your piece of ribbon that we had cut and
we’re going to be grabbing a piece of tulle pinching it in the center
gathering it so that you just have something like that and then we’re just
going to glue it to our ribbon and you can alternate now remember it’s just
tulle so the glue will kind of come out between you don’t have to worry about
gluing both sides it’s going to kind of squeeze through the little holes anyway
so I have it folded in half and pinch together I’m going to put some glue on
my ribbon and then I’m just gonna put my tool right on to that now you may want
to use if you have those little rubber finger things you can use them you can
use your scissors just anything to press it down so that glue comes through and
holds your little tool piece on there and you can alternate them or do it
however you want I’m going to do my next piece orange and I’m taking again and
cinching it in the center doesn’t have to be exact Center and folding it in
half and then I’ll just be gluing that right on to my ribbon like I did with
the black one so just go all the way across until you get all of the tulle
glued on so had I had a normal roll of orange I would be alternating I have a
little extra black because my orange was funky and a weird roll so I’m just gonna
go ahead and put what I have and had I had a full roll of orange would have
gone to the end so yours will probably go all the way to the end mine did not
so I’m just gonna modify and shorten up her skirt a bit make her a little
skinnier and what we’re gonna be doing is gluing this ribbon around the
headband so it makes a little skirt with her legs sticking
at the bottom so we’re going to glue it there and we’re gonna glue it over here
and leaving a little bit of excess sticking out on the sides and I’ll be
folding my little skirt over and doing the same thing gluing it to the top
pieces of headband as well now we’re gonna put her little waistband on her so
we can finish this ugly edge here so for that you can use whatever a ribbon you
want if you want to use that same one again if you want it to be economical
you know for you and not have several different ribbons some of you may have
extra ribbon at home left over just decide what ribbon you want and cut a
piece long enough and just glue that around so it covers up the other part
that with the glue and all the ugly stuff that’s showing underneath there
this ribbon is a little wide so I’m going to fold it in half so once you’ve
got your ribbon glued on there and you’re kind of finished up with that the
next step we’re going to be doing is taking the ribbon that we cut off from
the original three this this one this piece thing with the feet and the bat
and we’re going to be attaching the sign to our little witch legs and have that
hanging so go from the behind side figure out how long you want that to
hang how much further down and leave a couple inches extra so leave enough to
go there and enough to tuck into here and attach our ribbons and then turn
your artwork over here and figure out where you want those glued into onto the
lady hey lady anybody remember what that’s from I know
a lot of you are older my age and up and so I would think you would probably
remember that if you’re enjoying my videos give me a thumbs up and let me
know also leave me a comment it’s great to hear from you and
subscribe to my channel we have fun here the last little touch we’re gonna do now
that we’ve got that put together is put our little embellishment on her skirt so
if you would like to do this little embellishment here which is from totally
dazzled which I’ll leave the link down in the description box below but you can
also use buttons you can use little the little clear diamond looking gems from
Dollar Tree there’s so many options so you have any number of options that you
can choose so what I’m gonna do I think because I do have some of this black
ribbon and some of this orange I’m gonna make her a cute little bow and put the
embellishment right in the middle of it I’m gonna just finish this up and I’m
gonna show you it all done so hang on and stay tuned and you’re gonna see this
hanging up adorable I almost forgot about this headband that I had gotten so
one thing I noticed when I picked up my little lady
so just look at that I thought I was done and I’m not is that you can see the
headband through now if that doesn’t bother you and you don’t mind it kind of
looks like hips so she looks like she needs a slip or something maybe you
could make her little cute little what do you call them knickers not knickers
anyway a little underwear the cute little ruffly underwear but I thought
these were really cute and I had originally intended to use them as part
of the skirt so what I’m going to be doing is putting those kind of
underneath and in various places around I’m breaking this piece off just by
bending the plastic back and forth I’m going to glue those underneath and cut
them short like her skirt and then I’m gonna show you it put up okay such a
scatterbrain but that’s okay we’ll come up with some cool stuff eventually all
righty hold on so I just lifted up her skirt in the front and putting these two
I guess for lack of a better word tassels inside so that they will form
kind of part of her skirt and that way it sort of fills it in a little bit you

40 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Halloween 2019 Witch Home Decor

  1. Elaine I say this with all due respect … you are a nut! LoL
    That is adorable, I like the little bling you popped on her there, and I appreciate your extra effort! 😊

    *PS I think the word you may have been searching for was petticoat. 👗

  2. Hi Elaine,
    Love your witchy sign diy! 🧙🏻‍♀️🧡 It turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing! You look so cute too in your hat! Have a wonderful evening and Halloween dear friend! 🎃👻😱😸🦇🍭🍫🍬

  3. Precious Jerry Lewis impression. And you make a cool witch. Lol I also think your project came out adorable… ✌✌💜💜💜Sherry

  4. OMG !!! She is soooooo cute. You must be at your cabin….sounds hollow in there. Love your intro. PS…..after all these months I figured out where the comment section is….well my granddaughter found it….kids theses days…oh well…love the T……mine didnt come with on owl…just flibbity gibbett, etc. Is this one new???

  5. hello Elaine this is a adorable sexy legs witch lol I was wondering if you will tell Kostas hello from my husband and me love his work very talented!!! <3

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  7. This is really cute. Sadly my Dollar tree never had any of the three items you used. Maybe next year they will, and I can improvise! 😊 Nice to see a video again.

  8. You guys are nuts…in the best way possible. If you ever want to shout out a little channel like ours…we will definitely high five you!

  9. Oh it's so cute🎃 but I have not seen any of the headbands that you used for the legs so what could I use instead 🤔thanks for sharing ❣️😉

  10. LOVE how it came out but bad part is I would have to hang it in window not door as I have a storm door and it gets to hot there and can't hang it on storm door outside as I live on a hill and catch all the wind but I will find a place for it , it is just to cute not to hang , woman you do amazing work, thank you so much and God Bless you and yours

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