Dollar Tree DIY | Home Decor 2019 | Wall Decor Ideas | Decoración para el Hogar

Dollar Tree DIY | Home Decor 2019 | Wall Decor Ideas |  Decoración para el Hogar

For the first project you will need a Willow Wreath and a Bamboo Skewers from Dollar Tree You must cut your bamboo sticks depending on the width of the willow wreath First you must cut two sticks longer that’s go in the center and the others two are going to smaller in each corner of your wreath Now you must do the same, but in another direction. Some bamboo skewers go horizontally and others vertically You can use hot glue to stick them, it’s works very well Once you have stuck the first four bamboo skewers horizontally, you must paste the ones that go vertically The sticks that go vertical you must stick directly from the bamboo skewers that are stuck and not to the wreath And that’s how it is the willow wreath with the bamboo skewers stuck I wanted to change the color, so I used satin espresso spray paint, and this is how looks now To decorate I’m going to use succulents because I’m a bit obsessed, but you can also use flowers that if you prefer I’m just going to be gluing the succulents with hot glue on one side of the wreath I wanted the wreath to have greener, so I hit this moss in small pieces between the branches This is how the wreath would look painted and decorated with succulents. Hope you like it For the second project, you will need this sign and you must separate it in three parts by removing the clips and the ribbon that has the back From there, you should sand all the signs to get the shine they bring I do not know why my camera did not want to record, but I’m going to use this Michaels scrapbook paper that is 4x $ 1.00 I’m going to use this that looks like wood in glue tonality and cut the paper so it’s the same size as the signs. One scrapbook paper is enough for all the signs I’m going to use mod podge to paste the paper. First you must place this glue on the whole sign And then place the paper. You should try to remove all air bubbles that have From there, you must put another layer of mod podge on top of the paper. This will create a protective layer and it looks much better You must do the same with the other two parts of the signs and let dry I cut the scrapbook paper larger and now to cut it I will use a sandpaper. It is safer to do this in this way and to ensure that the paper is the same size as the sign You just must sand the excess paper that you have left on each sign. It’s much easier, I highly recommended this I saw this idea on Glue Guns and Roses channel, go and check her channel, she has so many great ideas When they are all sanded, with a rope you can tie it near the corner of the sign that looks like a little house I gave it three laps with the rope in different directions and I stuck it in the back to prevent it from moving You must do the same with the three parts of the sign that you have I decided to place the signs on different levels and paste a popsicle stick to join them on the back In total I glue two popsicles stick to make them stronger I will use two giant popsicle stick from Walmart, I will join them with hot glue and a smaller popsicle stick in the center I used burnt umber color paint and I focused on painting the edges to create a distress look Once it is dried, I will stick stickers of Dollar Tree forming the word HOME as right as possible in the popsicle sticks Once this is ready, you can paste it with hot glue to the big sign on the top will use self-adhesive hooks and paint them with satin espresso spray paint Once they are dry, you can stick them to the sign, you only need three hooks I’m going to stick the hooks on different levels just like I did with the signs You can place any decoration you want and it’s strong I wanted to hang my keys I hope you like my two projects for today as much as I do. They are beautiful, inexpensive and easy to do projects Remember to follow me in my social media, Instagram and Facebook that I will leave here on screen

49 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY | Home Decor 2019 | Wall Decor Ideas | Decoración para el Hogar

  1. I don’t know how you keep coming up with such creative ideas but you sure do! 😘👍⭐️💖⭐️

  2. Gracias Jaz por compartir, cómo se llama el papel que se compra el la Michaels y también donde compras la esponja lijadora? Y muchas bendiciones de papá Dios para ti y tu familia 💐😘

  3. I just love the fence you made !!! I have not seen anyone make something like that GREAT WORK !!! 💖💖💖💖💖

  4. Una vez mas te luciste 😊 la corona está fenomenal que suerte que tu si encontraste las suculentas en mi dollar tree no hay nada 😔😔

  5. Your projects are great. I really like the ‘fence’. The way you distress is great. Very original idea to use the wreath and BBQ skewers. 👏🏻🌸👍🏻

  6. Hola mi reina, aunque llegue tarde a verte aquí estoy. Esta hermoso como todo lo q haces. Bendiciones y abrazos desde Puerto Rico

  7. I love the willow wreath. I just watched a DIY(I forgot who) a subscriber suggested to dampen the paper before you attached to the Modge Podge. It will have less or no air bubbles. I always use a sponge brush or spray bottle to do this. Never had any problems with my vases or my granddaughter’s step stool.

  8. If you put another layer of modge podge over the letters it protects them as well.
    Btw your projects are beautiful

  9. Hi Jaz👋🏻! I just subbed as I watch all the time anyway! You my dear are so talented and certainly not hard on the eyes! Great video! ❤️💜💚

  10. Hi this is my first time watching your videos and I really enjoyed it I love you DIY stay beautiful me encantaron muchísimo Espero seguir viendo tu canal

  11. I have a unusual tip on how to cut bamboo skewers and dowels. I use dog nail clippers. They come in different sizes and will cut in a circle. No more hacking with your scissors. You will have a smooth cut if not you can easily sand it if needed.

  12. You always amaze me Jazz! So crafty and clever. Where do you come up with your ideas? How do I turn off the English captions because they cover what your doing and I cant see that great

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