Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Glam Tablescape

Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Glam Tablescape

in this video I’m going to show you how
I decorated my New Year’s Eve table for guests so if you like glam and you want
to see a really beautiful tablescape and stick with me cuz that’s what I’m going
to show you in this video what’s up clear dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and tonight little different than my normal videos but I
just want to give you a quick peek at what I did for my New Year’s Eve table
so it was very last minute I wasn’t even gonna record it but I thought might be a
good opportunity to show you I don’t know just what I put together so kind of
on a whim and it was crazy and it was last second because oh it’s not very
organized anyway if you like my videos give me a thumbs up and please leave me
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you do need to hit that bell if you do want to be updated when I upload new
videos otherwise you’re just gonna get periodic ones I don’t even know how that
all works but anyway alrighty let me show you what I did and let me know what
you think alright let’s do it and
so I just took a piece of foam cord and I am gonna cut the size of a placemat so
I have 18 inches by what’s the 18 inches by 13 inches and I’m gonna do I’m
actually gonna make 10 at these and so I just wanted to show you how what I did
so I’m just gonna use an exacto knife and put these out so here’s to only
eight more to go okay there’s styrofoam everywhere but I
have my eight pieces cut and the next thing I’ll be doing is putting some Mod
Podge spreading Mod Podge all over this and then laying these cars chamois
towels or whatever they are in the automotive section from Dollar Tree and
I will be gluing them on the back side so that I can wrap these boards so my
apologies that this tutorial is not a more detailed one like my usual but I
really wasn’t even gonna tape this but I figured it’s an opportunity so let me
see I’ll show you as much as I can that I have limited space here I’ve got my
place card holders all made here and I gotta get these out of the way so I can
work on my placemats so I’m a little pressured because my I didn’t realize
that tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve nothing like being oblivious right but so now I
realized that tomorrow I’ve got cooking to do and all that good stuff as well so
now I’m trying to get all this stuff done and ready for tomorrow so I’m
hoping this is gonna work and your guess is as good as mine I’m pouring some Mod
Podge on my foam board and I’m gonna spread it around probably could have
used a bigger brush but I have this one next to me so I just
grabbed it probably also a better option but I couldn’t find mine would be spray
adhesive on this foam board and then just hot gluing the back as you’re gonna
see them in a hot glue that ends down but spray adhesive would have been much
much quicker and like I said I just don’t know where mine is so this is what
the plan is for tonight because time is of the essence at this point and I don’t
want to hunt around for my for my spray adhesive so I’m going to look for the
best side I want the furrier side out so I found
the first side of my car towel and I’m putting the furry sides down because I’m
gonna lay my foam board that has the Mod Podge on it right on top of here and
press it down now these sides right here are pretty short already they’re just
about right for what I’m gonna need to wrap this with so I’m gonna just be
wrapping the ends I’m not gonna trim them at all only because I like that
they have the finished edge so that’s the way they’re gonna stay and then I’m
just gonna hot glue these pieces down at the corners I’m going to show you
because I’m probably going to cut off some of the bulk like I said your kana I’m learning as
you are I’m just experimenting here I had seen someone do something kind of
similar on another channel using I don’t know if they use this rag of stuff or
not but I feel like maybe she did so for these corners what I’m ending up doing
is actually after I’ve done so many of them now so what I did is I glued this
side down glued this side down but left this corner and then hold it up and on
the angle I hope you can see this on the angle I just go ahead and cut off all
that extra fabric probably those of you that so already know how to do great
corners so now it’s a little loose but I don’t have the extra stuff so I’m going
to put my hot glue down underneath in here on my foam core and tuck that tuck
that and just press it down so that way have a nice neat neat corner there’s no
clumps there and then I’ll glue down all any extra stuff that’s loose right here
so I get much nicer corners that way only took me like seven of them to
figure that out and this is what you’ve had so I made sure not to pull to pull
this when I was glowing on the backside and that was part of the reason for
doing the Mod Podge otherwise it would maybe kind of Bend or warp this foam
board so that’s why I went ahead and Mod Podge first so I’m going to finish the
other nulling of them yeah LP back okay so I got all ten of my placemats finally
covered and the next step I’m gonna do I found this really cool I don’t know what
you call it it like bling wraps sort of it a little different and it’s called
rhinestone ribbon and I found this at the 99-cent store I don’t know
if it’s a seasonal thing I’m guessing it might be but I’m gonna use this to trim
out the edge of each of my placemats but what I’m going to do is I’m only going
to use point a row of it because I don’t know if I how much of this I have and
I’m afraid I’ll run out and I’ve got ten placemats to do so I’m actually just
gonna be cutting and using one a row and going around the edge so I’m gonna cut
this first and get it started just make sure it works before I show you all okay
hang on because as I said I’m learning as I’m going to
okay so I’ve tried two different ways of gluing on the long pieces and now I’m
going to glue on this side piece and you can see on the corner here I have one
ended with that solid square so the next one I’m doing is going to be with the
little dots and it lines up just about right to get it the same on both ends so
I did try putting glue on the back of this bling wrap first and then putting
it on and then I also tried putting it directly on the fur and I think that’s
my preferred method so I’m going to place it and kind of where about next to
where I want and then I’m just going to do a very thin and quick line of my hot
glue all the way down I’m lovin the way this is looking anyway
I’m gonna go around and do all of them and that will be it for the placemats so
for part of my centerpiece what I’m doing is taking these which are from
Dollar Tree and these which are from Dollar Tree and some bling wrap I’m
cutting two strips of bling wrap and wrapping it around the top I only glued
it at the beginning and then I put it all the way around and then glued it at
the end so I can remove this again for later if I don’t want it what I’m going
to be doing is using e6000 as well as my hot glue actually you know what I think
I’m only going to use my hot glue on this so that I can reuse these and I’m
going to attach that on there and this will be part of my centerpiece so I’m
gluing putting my hot glue attaching the vase part or whatever this thing is and
I’ll put a little candle in it and that will be part of my centerpiece the rest
of my centerpiece I will link the tutorial for that one it’s a little more
complicated and I will show you that as well I’ll be doing four of these two in
the tall medium size and two in the short size and the vases are all the
same these little things you and you

39 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Glam Tablescape

  1. Oh Elaine your NYE table scape turned out so beautiful! You come up with the nicest ideas! Thank you for sharing friend! Happy 2019! 🎉🥳💖

  2. Happy New Year Elaine, Wow your table looked simply beautiful, I hope you and your guests had a wonderful evening xx

  3. Very elegant!! I love the idea to make placemats out of the automotive cloth!! You have a very creative mind!! ~Love~ Happy New Year's!!

  4. Beautiful and sophisticated ! Happy New Year Elaine love from Alison in Scotland xx🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️xx

  5. that is beautiful… I love it… hope your New Year was great, and your guest like the decor. it is very elegant indeed. I save it , New Year is over for me. but I may be able to use for another holiday. THank you for sharing.

  6. Elaine have you seen the acrylic pour demo that an artist did using Dollar Tree paint and products as equipment? He used a vinyl record from Goodwill as his canvas. I'm amazed at the result! and so was he!

  7. Very lovely! The placemats were just gorgeous but wanted to know if you finished off the back side in the middle as it looked like you just glued fabric around edges? Also How do you clean them? I'm really loving your centerpiece too. What a perfect presentation your table makes, great job✨🌟💞
    Happy new year to you😳

  8. So beautiful! Just curious what did you do with the placemats afterwards? I know I woukd have gotten food on! Also if you just hot glue 2 pieces together, how do you pull them apart to reuse? Thank you!!

  9. Everything looks soooo elegant and welcoming. Question: I don't know what I did wrong but my poster board "bowed" after everything was pasted down. hmmmm…I wonder…any tricks on how to avoid that? For now, I stored them upside down under some heavy weights. Did you have the same effect?

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