Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor

Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today is Tuesday which means that I have another quick and easy video for you
guys and this week I’m going to be making a wine station yes I found these
cute little frames at Dollar Tree and I was like you know what let’s make a
small wine rack out of this a small tray and a napkin holder why not right
alright and it’s going to look like a million bucks well maybe like 20 let’s
get started so let’s start from easiest to easy because they’re all easy this is
probably gonna be the shortest video I’ve ever done so let’s start by taking
this annoying things off and that was the hardest part of this project next
we’re going to use nail polish remover and a cotton ball to erase the numbers
on the shopper now I’m going to use super glue to glue my choppers together I place a cup on either side of my
napkin holder because although super glue is supposed to glue instantly it’s
not doing so on the metal because it is heavy so I’m just gonna give it a couple
of minutes for the tray I’m going to pretty much do the same with my shoppers
I’m going to erase the numbers with nail polish remover next I’m going to
re-raise o´clock from my frame I’m just going to leave the word wine on it so
I’m just going to turn it over and then I’m going to grab more nail polish
remover and I’m just going to erase that little bit of Windex now I’m going to
add superglue to bond so now I’m going to turn it over and I’m
going to secure with some hot glue and that’s pretty much the very first thing
I’m going to do for my wine rack is array.c letters on one of the frames so
this is all going to go now I’m going to turn my frame back over and I’m going to
add one shopper right here and then another one right there
make sure that is Center and for my top frame I’m only going to use hot glue you can leave it as it is or you can add
an extra touch of metal I think I’m going to go ahead and add this right on
here and I said guys here’s my wine station that I made with items from
Dollar Tree here I have a small wine rack
a tray and a napkin holder this trio will be great for small spaces you can
place it in your dining room or you can place it in a corner in your kitchen you
can use it indoors or outdoors are your next party or a dinner party all right
guys I hope you guys enjoy this video let me know which of the three you like
best and I will see you guys next time bye

35 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor

  1. I must say that napkin holder won me over so easy to do the wine rack and the tray are also very good ideas

  2. Very nice i like them all… I think it would look very pretty in black to go very nice with my kitchen… 👍👍

  3. This looks so easy to make !! But I'm not a Wine Drinker have you made or have any ideas for a hot tea station for coffee? Would love to see that!!❤

  4. Very modern in feel…Tyra I love the tray and napkin holder the best. Love these quick and easy projects.

  5. Wow! Makes me wish I didn’t already have a wine rack and limited counter space. Another great project chikita!

  6. Oh WOW I purchased ONE of these signs and I would of never thought to purchase more to create such cute items, you come up with the most awesome things.

  7. I love all your ideas.thanks for sharing. I used the its a boy 5X7 picture frame centerpiece for my daughters babyshower.It was a big hit🍼

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