Dollar Tree DIY – Sparkle Hanger Snowflake – Glam Christmas Decor

Dollar Tree DIY – Sparkle Hanger Snowflake – Glam Christmas Decor

if you want to learn how to make these
beautiful snowflake decorations I have on the wall but I’ll stick with me cuz
that’s what I’m going to be showing you in this video what’s up glue dots are me laying them
in that crafter and oh boy am I excited about tonight’s project it is super easy
super affordable and super fun and fast to make as well so and you can see it up
there oh they’re so beautiful you will not believe what they are made of and
how easy and fun they are to make so I did not come up with this idea on my own
a beautiful crafter named Amy Lynn had put this up on a Facebook page that I
follow and I asked her if it would be okay if I showed this to all of you she
was perfectly happy to help me do that and I am perfectly happy to do it for
you so let me know if you like this project and on that note let me know if
you like my videos by giving me a thumbs up and join the glue top family by
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anyway I think right now we have to get into this project because I am gonna
explode with excitement so let’s do it you guys are gonna love this project
it’s so easy and inexpensive I mean those are my favorite kind of projects
you know that all right so to start the base of this we’re going to be using
eight hangars two at a time and you’re going to be putting them bottoms
together to form this shape and we’re going to be doing that four times and
starting the shape of our snowflake and you want those little hook parts to be
going away from the center so see that this way is going toward the center we
want these to be facing away from the center so that the they make a cute
little flippy thing design out there and it makes for a really cute snowflake
that way okay so we got four of those going on
and we’re putting those around to form the initial base of our snowflake not
rocket science yet look we’re gonna look like super geniuses people are gonna
wonder how we did this amazing snowflake and we can just you know like the what
do you call it like that rice krispies treat commercial you know where they
throw she throws flour in her face like she’s exhausted from how hard it was
that’s how this is gonna be except we’ll just throw a glitter in our face and
we’ll Sparkle all over the place okay so anyway now that we have our base here
which is our eight hangars we’re gonna do exactly the same thing with eight
more hangars and those were going to be putting in between the other eight
hangars so the bottoms together like this the same shape we’ve been making
and then we’re going to place those in between just like that so we’re our
little hooky dues come together here that’s where we’re going to be lining up
the other two hangars I hope this makes sense
I think it’s probably just easier not to listen to me and just to watch what I’m
doing alright now we got these guys in place I’m gonna go around do the other
ones and our little hooks are facing up and away from that Center I know it’s so
tempting to start zip tying them into place but if you do you may have a
problem later getting them to getting it to lay flat cuz some will be tighter
than others okay so here is our basic shape now what we’re going to be working
on is zip tying these together each of these points will be getting zip tied
together so I have my 65 piece cable ties from the Dollar Tree so we’re going
to put this through that center point there and go ahead and get these in
place but don’t pull them all the way tight you want to get them just so
they’re together but not tight so you see that that’s still pretty loose and
we’re going to go around and do that on each of our sections you okay you can see we have those all in
place and they’re not tightened down yet because we still have our other sections
that we need to zip tie and that will be at these points here and it’s pretty
obvious where because it’s where your little hooky dues come together with the
Straight parts of the top the top rope hangers so we’re going to go through and
do that as well okay so now I got all of my zip ties in
place and now is when you can start slowly tightening them down now that you
know that they’re where you want them to be you can carefully go around and
tighten them up now that I’ve got them all nice and tight and then if our
hangers are overlapping each other that you want them so they’re all just next
to each other nothing flipped over on top make sure everything’s good and snug
and then we’re going to go through I like using wire cutters you can use
scissors if you’d like I feel like wire cutters are just easier
and you’re going to snip off the extra little bit of zip tie that’s poking up
in the air and you don’t have to worry about the little zip tie little one I
don’t know what do you call it that little box part of the zip tie showing
because it’s going to be on the back side of our snowflake okay so this is
the back side and we’re gonna flip it over and now what we’re gonna do is I’m
gonna take this outside in the dark because it’s dark it gets dark so darn
early okay and I’m gonna give it a good spray painting with my I’m doing silver
you can do whatever you like if you want to keep it white as a snowflake but I
think I’m gonna go with silver so I’ll do that and then you know my worst part
waiting for it to dry and then we’ll be back to get it finished I decided while
I made a second one and while the other one that I spray-painted silver is
outside drying I am gonna try another one with just leaving it white and
adding the Mod Podge and the silver chunky glitter to it just to see the
difference between the two so I’m going to go a little bit at
and add my modpodge on here so that it doesn’t dry is why I’m going a little
bit at a time I mean I figured Steph likes our white so I should probably
leave it white and then how they glisten of the silver glitter on it we’ll see
I’m gonna do both and see how they turn out and you guys can decide what you
like to do for yours who knows maybe you want to make yours gold and glisteny so
here’s how the silver one looks before and has any glitter on it you can always
opt to leave it like this if you want to or you can put some glitter on it both
ways look really nice let me show you real quick what the white one looks like
this is the white one with the glitter so you can decide however you want to do
it if you want to go with that or go ahead and put glitter on the silver one
and go with your preference so I actually decided for this silver one to
do something different since I did glitter on the white one what I’m going
to do is take some of these little flower bling wrap that I will leave a
link for and I cut them apart so that I have individual little pieces and I’m
going to glue those on these areas here where our zip ties were I’m not going to
worry about these where these zip ties work because there I’m going to be
attaching this ornament I think that will look just beautiful so I wanted to
change it up a little bit so that you have some different options instead of
glittering them both I’m going to just use my hot glue gun and get gluing and
not only where the zip ties are but also let me show you here on this part of the
hanger here and here and all the way around so we should have eight of the
and then eight of the zip ties so you’ll need sixteen of those all together plus
your ornament for the middle so the ornament I used for the silver
spray-painted snowflake that one was directly from Dollar Tree the one I’m
going to use for the center of this one I purchased these at Walmart last year
at the end of the season like 70% off or something and there are 20 ornaments in
here it’s a really good deal and you can you don’t have to buy these if you have
any other ornaments that you like or something you already have or even maybe
you could put some silver ball ornaments in there kind of just use your own
imagination and your own style and go with what you like so I throw some hot
glue on here and glue this one down just so that I can have something a little
different and again more options to try out if you like my videos let me know
give me the thumbs up also comment and let me know how would you do this do you
have any other ideas of something that you might try on yours I love seeing
whatever everyone else comes up with so please also feel free to email me a
picture of your project at midnight crafter 65 at or you can also
post to my facebook page which is midnight crafter so you can’t wait to
see some of your pictures and now I think I need to just show you these all
up and decorated you

100 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY – Sparkle Hanger Snowflake – Glam Christmas Decor

  1. So pretty! Thinking about doing a large one and maybe a smaller one, too, out of children's hangers. What do you think?

  2. I've looked all day trying to figure out how to decorate my yard. And this is it!! Thank you so much. I'm gonna put garland around my long porch then add the the snowflakes, may add some lights, I'm so excited!!

  3. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to make them! I think I will leave it white and add the glitter, silver or white, but not covering completely so the white shows through. What do you think? I love your channel. Glad I found it! Thanks!!

  4. Is there a way to make it more stiff and not so flimsy?
    I would like to hang them in my big trees and along my fence line…
    Also love your channel….

  5. We made three hanger snowflakes, the second and third ones we used baby hangers. My husband made a different shaped one with only 12 hangers.

  6. I love DIYs like this in which we, the audience, are presented with a basic (and beautiful) idea, with a couple of options but then it sparks the creativity of us to come up with multitudes of variations!! 💥✨💖 The perfect DIY! Thank you and I hope you will have a joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season!

  7. Hello there.. I wanted to say thank you for your video and out of all the videos that people have put on the internetthis season I like yours the best. In fact I have watched it about 10 times and have decided to make my own creation. I am halfway through the project but when I am done I would be honored if I could share a picture or two with you. Please let me know how I can do that. Thank you

  8. Those would look so amazing hanging out on my pine trees!! My grandkiddos & I can do these , plus they can make some for their homes!! I think they’d look so adorable and festive hanging out there, & I’m sure we’ll have snow very soon! Thank you for sharing! I love them! 💖❄️💖❄️💖

  9. I should try the glowing acrylic paint, glitter with the chunky glitter, and see how it works out! I’ll let you know if it’s a no go or something that works!!

  10. I want to make these to hang outside on the lower branches of a tree but I wonder if anyone else has done that? I'm thinking that in order for them not to buckle, they're going to have to be tied by each end at the top, like the top three ends. I don't know, any thoughts on this? Has anyone else tried it? I'm thinking that's why she has them hung on a wall, because they need to be against a flat surface. Love the idea! I'm excited to try it out. 👍🏼🌟❄️

  11. Has anyone tried this with metal hangers? Someone asked for an idea to make the snowflake "stiffer"–I'm thinking that might work, but it wouldn't look as ornate as the plastic ones do and would still be a little flexible where joined together with the "ties". How about the clear plastic ones with the metal hanger part? Obviously more expensive but would be more ornate than regular metal wire hangers, but the hanger part might be subject to more twisting.

  12. Love these! I want to make these small and large. Leave then white add lights and hang them outside on my fence!!!! They would be just Lovely!

  13. Hi
    I did my star as far just putting it together before zip ties and looks a little different. Can I send you picture?

  14. Krylon has a spray paint called Glitter Blast. Do you have any experience with this paint and do you think it would work for this project?

  15. Just finished putting lights on, it will take perfectly a 50 ct. set and 55 zip ties, looking forward to getting all 3 snowflakes on the house

  16. What a great idea. I think I’m going to make some and place them on my hedges around my house and also add the diamond looking sparkles. Can hardly wait until next week to start decorating for Christmas. Thanks for posting. 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏 ❄️ ❄️❄️❄️

  17. I did not have plastic hangers, so I used white wire ones. Eight to make the Christmas star. Connected them with string and hot glue to secure them together over the string. Then used white mini lights to decorate with twist ties for a multistory apartment window. I used what I had!

  18. What about a door wreath! Or add those lil battery lights? Or turn it on. Its side & make a little snowflake chandelier!!!! ❤❤❤

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  21. Spray paint white and twine some green garland around the outer ring and glue assorted round balls of different colors scattered around the inside.

  22. On the silver snow flake with the flower bling wrap did you leave the big flower used for the center whole or did you take off the back part of the flower so it lay flat?

  23. Great tutorial! I have a wooden privacy fence I would hang these on. Wondering about painting them with glow-in-the-dark paint!

  24. It looks like it is best to use the same type/style hanger cause it isn't working well for me. My hangers have a solid area on hanger that goes in the middle of the snowflake which doesn't help when Zip tying them. They slide up on each other.

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