previously on we DIY hey everybody I’m
Remington welcome to a Dollar Tree DIY today I’m going to share three quick and
super easy DIYs with you I mean these are really easy and after you watch all
three subscribe for more so for the first one
start with the bunny stake like this one remove the bottom pieces and try to make
an even cut when you do this next on a smooth piece of cardboard trace out the
bunny then cut it out and for this DIY I recycled the top part of a pizza box
it’s a nice and thin so it’s perfect to cut eventually I scored the cardboard
with an x-acto knife then cut it for a cleaner finish and if you’re a kid make
sure your parent or guardian does this part for you or any part with knives and
scissors and sharp things after that place the bunny on top for fitting make
any adjustments if you need to next using gift wrap cover the bunny and cut
it to size then right side up place the paper on top and flip over both pieces
then trace out the bunny and because this is Dollar Tree gift
wrap you want to carefully cut out the bunny because the paper tears easily and
I realize this part is gonna take a while so I decided to spray-paint the
bunny and then finish cutting as it dried so here’s the bunny all cut out
place it on the cardboard for fitting and if it looks good to you you can
start gluing it down today I’m using this Elmer’s glue pen from the Dollar
Tree so smooth it out and while that’s drying we can work on the bow using this
ribbon from Dollar Tree I cut down the center and I’m just using this ribbon I
bought from Amazon as a guide so I measured out two pieces one about 9
inches and I trimmed the other one at 7 inches after then fold and glue each
piece together just like I’m doing here for the tail part cut another piece the
width of the bow and to make the next steps easier just cut one full piece
don’t split it and glue it like I’m doing here basically I’m creating the
same bow I shared yesterday but for whatever reason I’m doing it in a
different way so I’m gluing the string in the center to cinch in all three
pieces to create that bow shape I think using a rubber band like I did yesterday
would be easier now just fluff and form until it looks like a bow and for the
tail pieces use the edge of the bow as a guide to trim them and in the center I place the heart gem so at this point the bunny is dry and
the first thing I’m going to add on is the bow but I placed a piece of
cardboard on the back side for easy gluing and to raise up the bunny from
the back leg I glued square beads behind it just like I’m showing you here you
want to conceal them so you don’t see them from the front side once those are
in place glue the two layers together to hang I use one unfolded paper clip and a
piece of cardboard and you can do this part earlier in the project so you don’t
have to worry about damaging the front side you can put your hair bows on here
earrings and so many other things stick around at the end to see zaris reaction for DIY number to begin with the tote
bag on the front carefully remove the seam from the top part and take up a
handle as well so this is what it should look like and underneath we have an inch
or so of fabric next remove the sides and the bottom part I know I’m saving
the bottom part here but we ended up not needing it so you can just cut it off remove the trim from both sides and you
can cut this part off but I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric smooth
everything out and you’re pretty much done I placed it in this 11 by 14 frame
and I think I did enough spray painting today so I kept the original color just
place the picture inside and put everything back together and you can
trim as needed super easy right if you’ve done something like this before
let us know in the comments for DIY number three start with this
butterfly wall art remove the tags and the inner piece I’ll save that part for
something else for the next part use a Dollar Tree dry erase board and remove
the trim the backside is cardboard so it’s going to be really easy to cut this
and save those magnets you might need them later so on the backside of the
board trace out the butterfly and you guessed
it cut it out just a little warning don’t pull at it just use your scissors
otherwise you’ll end up with the tear like this after that place the butterfly
on top move it around a little bit for a complete coverage mark it and trim as
needed I had some trouble lining it back up so
I decided to trace the frame then it glue everything together and if you have
any spill outs of hot glue let it fully dry and then you can peel it right off
so to cover that spot I used this beautiful hair clip from
Dollar Tree just remove any pieces from the back and clip it straight to the
board or you can glue it I peeled off the hot glue and you’re
done oh and if you want to you can glue the marker clip to the side or on the
top make sure you come back next week for more dollar tree DIYs okay we’ll see
you there wanna see more subscribe thumbs up this
video share it with a friend and we’ll see you in the next one bye guys come on in to see the first surprise
look hey you like it you do you can put all your pretty hair bows on there
where’s your next where’s your next surprise yeah um close your eyes close
eyes don’t open them okay open is right there you like it yeah what you love it yeah
is tsum tsum and Minnie and Mickey Hey yep that’s surprise number three do you
like it it’s what does it say hey it says hey
what’s za RI yeah how do you spell your name ah that’s how you say it but how do
you spell it go back over there go ahead that spells hey zari zari is Z AR I
and im so much happy that didn’t sound like happiness


  1. Watch all your videos u have so many ideas your head must spin hahaha ! U should show Zari doing a DYI with her mommy ! That would be adorable , she cracks me up !!! Tfs …

  2. You have the BEST IDEAS. I’m starting home school, and art is a subject that has to be taught so we will be using your ideas. Love you guys and like Zari said this channel makes me “So much happy” ♥️

  3. DIY number 2 I did before I cut out Christmas bags and buy them in frames and now the frames are reusable

  4. I always turn pretty bags, gift bags usually, into framed pictures. Such a quick and super inexpensive way to decorate!

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  9. It'll be easier if you glue the paper on the cardboard and then cut out the traced shaped on the back of the cardboard…. by the way, the music is entertaining lol👍🏽

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