DOLLAR TREE Fall DIY Decor Ideas 2019 || Myka Stauffer

Today we’re gonna do some
fall DIY decor I found some incredible inspiration on Neiman Marcus like this
this this and this however I do not have any man Marcus budget if I would have
heard just all of those items from their site I would spend over $1,700 and
homegirl has a budget that looks like this so what I decided is I wanted to
see if I could recreate these pieces going to Dollar Tree and if I have to I
can’t find everything at Dollar Tree I’ll pop on over to Target but like I
said this is my budget and these are the pieces that I would love to be in my
home for fall so let’s go on over and see if we can recreate these pieces on
our own if you’re new here and you’ve never been to my channel and you like
what you see definitely subscribe and let’s go do this all right now to
recreate the autumn harvest garland from Neiman Marcus I went to Dollar Tree and
I picked up tons of floral pieces flowers leaves sunflowers little beaded
bits anything that I thought resembled or could really look similar to that
picture I went ahead and grabbed and then if for some reason I wasn’t feeling
the color or I really wanted to try to recreate that dimension I was
spray-painting a couple of the pieces green to try to help really recreate
that piece another thing that I grabbed that was not from Dollar Tree I ended up
spending a total of 42 dollars for this entire project the two items that I did
not get from the Dollar Tree was one pole noodle they cost a dollar 50 from
Target and one pre-made Garland because I love the Leafs for $18.99 and I also
grab some pine tree needles from outside and then I just went to work I
continually like looked at my phone to kind of see what that picture looked
like to see how I could recreate it and where I wanted everything placed and it
was really easy I just went ahead and stabbed it into the pole noodle if you
wanted to you could spray paint or paint the pole neuter or you could actually
wrap it around with a fabric to make it all green for me
it didn’t bother me too much because what Michael was as I wanted only the
front side to show so that I could put it on my mantle and I still would be
able to take it off and store it much easier and that it would sit really well
I also think this would be stunning on top of the cabinets in your kitchen if
you need something to decorate those upper shelves I think this could
absolutely be stunning if you happen to recreate the garland definitely tag me
on Instagram I would love to see your work
I feel like this turned out so beautiful if you original garland on Neiman Marcus
was four hundred and ninety eight dollars and this creation was only forty
two and honestly this one blew me away I feel like it has elegance I feel like it
has charm I feel like it’s a conversation starter I feel like it’s
very festive without looking cheap and I love that read this item from one to
five and let me know what you think of it yeah I think I like it next we’re moving on to Mackenzie
child’s pumpkins I love all of Mackenzie child’s work but I do not have that kind
of budget so I went to the Dollar Tree and I picked out a styrofoam pumpkin for
a dollar and pipe cleaners for a dollar as well the pumpkin that I’m recreating
in this video is two hundred and fifty dollars and my budget for this project
is six dollars so let’s see what we can do so first of all I grabbed everything
from the Dollar Tree and I went ahead and twist it my pipe cleaner to make a
really cute pumpkin stem and then I just went ahead and started painting the foam
pumpkin at my Dollar Tree there was literally nothing left on the shelf
there was two styrofoam pumpkins and a couple little knickknacks but there was
barely anything had there been a more ceramic pumpkin I would have totally
grabbed for that one and then I’m just going to go ahead and dry the pumpkin
until the paint is completely dry once the white paint is completely dry I’m
going to remove it from the knife our little drying stand and then I’m going
to go ahead and begin on design I have to be honest with you this
pumpkin ended up being a total fail because of the styrofoam it made it
really hard to paint the designs and it started to become a little bit tacky
even if the paint was dry it became very tacky and actually started to peel off
or flake off in the back I ended up buying a backup pumpkin at Target for
three dollars the one I got at Dollar Tree was obviously a dollar and then the
stem was going to be to a dollar as well so that was a total of two dollars but a
lot more work this one was only three dollars in the target dollar spot and I
feel like it was a much better find it saved me on time and it’s a much
sturdier piece it’s made of ceramic and I feel like it would last till the test
of time it also made painting so much easier I ended up going to recreate both
of the Mackenzie child pumpkins that I had loved I found a tall black one from
the target dollar spot and then the short white one that you saw earlier
both of them were three dollars that I wanted to add to the pumpkin to really
recreate her design I found some really pretty decal transfers at Target for a
dollar twenty-five such as steel I wasn’t quite sure how they would turn
out because this was my first time using them but the pieces turned out perfectly
and this was such an easy thing to do if I were to do it in the future the only
thing I would do different is cut out the piece before I started transferring
because sometimes I noticed that other bits of the stickers of the decals
actually would start to transfer onto the pumpkin even though I didn’t want
them to and then I just added cute little white polka dots to seal the deal
after that for my second Mackenzie Child’s pumpkin I added a little bit of
blue gray glitter to top it off and I feel like these pumpkins turned out to
be such a gem are they perfect by no means do they look like hers a little
bit but they make me so happy they gave me joy and it just it reminds me of me
and my husband because while I was painting he was cracking so many jokes
and cracking me up and I just love that memory that we meetin together next onto the Neiman Marcus golden
fireplace cover this is a piece that I absolutely love and I want so bad but I
do not have 498 dollars to spend for a fireplace cover so I did the next best
thing and I found these awesome skeleton tongs at Dollar Tree and I grabbed
almost every single one the lady at Dollar Tree looked at me like I was
crazy but I was ready to take on the project my husband helped me cut down
the pieces and once I had all the pieces cut I started to lay them out just how I
wanted them to look after that I grabbed my glue gun and started gluing when I
was at the Dollar Tree I could not quit looking at these skeleton hands and they
were the only thing that really spoke to me when I saw them I could see the tree
branches just coming to life and I was nervous I wasn’t sure if it was going to
work but I was so excited to give this one a try after gluing them down I made
sure everyone had a little bit of extra glue and was really sturdy and then I
created three legs to make sure that this piece would actually be able to
stand up and topped it off with a little bit of gold spray paint to complete the
DIY this DIY turned out so amazing it elevated the space and every time I
walked beside the chimney I smile now because I got a beautiful piece for such
an inexpensive price this is one DIY that you must try after Crafton were whining seriously
those crafts are not amazing the one crap that blew me away the most was
actually the fireplace piece I will admit that this piece was very wobbly
and I would like to add a little bit of extra glue after the filming just to
make it a little bit more sturdy or allow it to last just a little bit
longer but I don’t think this piece is gonna last to the test of time however I
do think it’s a gorgeous piece and for 15 bucks you could maybe last for just a
couple of years I would hope maybe not at all maybe it only lasts a day but it
looks gorgeous and stunning and I don’t even think that you would know that it
was plastic like when you walk in the room it just looks like a really
beautiful piece and I feel like it looks like bamboo or if it kind of looks like
a little bit of steel let me know in the comments below what was your favorite
DIY I think mine happened to be Mackenzie child pumpkins because I’ve
always wanted a Mackenzie child piece but I have never liked the price so to
have something that I custom made little I mean so many imperfections I’m not
gonna sugarcoat that I still get a little bit of that look that I was going
for but I didn’t have to spend barely any of the price if I were buying this
pumpkin new off of Neiman Marcus website they’re much larger mind you that but it
would have been $250 I only paid it six dollars for all of like the decal
stickers and the page and the pumpkin was a good old $3.00 so for me that is a
huge win I got the look is so cute and this will stand the test of time I might
do like the shiny paint on top I’m not a big crafter so I’m not sure what that
paint would be if you know let me know in the comments below and I like this
one as well this one didn’t hurt wasn’t like my favorite but this one definitely
was huge win for me let me know in the
comments below what was your all-time favorite craft if you were going to
recreate one which one would you do if you guys want to see more of these
videos in the future where I recreate really expensive debt core items give
this video a thumbs up if you choose to do any of these fall DIY tech course tag
me on Instagram I would love to see your creations
cheers to crafting and getting a whole lot done and saving a whole lot of money
I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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