Don’t drink another drop of water until you see this!!

Don’t drink another drop of water until you see this!!

We all know that drinking water is an
essential part of life and extremely important for good health. After all we are made up of 65% water. Drinking more water can help you lose
weight and stay younger. So which water is better for you. Do you trust the water
that comes straight out of your tap? Or do you spend your hard-earned money and
buy the bottle kind. Now you’re really confused aren’t you? Well let’s clear that confusion right up. So what is the difference between bottled water tap water and alkaline water? We took the liberty of testing the pH levels of some of the most popular bottled water on the market today. What we found was quite surprising. Here’s something you might not know. Our blood has a pH level of 7.35. According to the pH scale this is slightly more
alkaline. In order to achieve optimal health you must constantly flood your
body with alkalinity. To encourage disease and sickness just adopt an acid
lifestyle. Now for the purpose of saving you time
and testing your patience the following videos have been doubled in speed to
prevent you from switching off prematurely Our first contestant was actually one of my favorites before conducting this test.
With its convenient drinking nozzle it has been the choice of many water
connoisseurs. We simply pour three drops of iodine
give the test tube a little shake and as you can see we are greeted with a lovely
shade of yellow representing fairly acidic water. Did you know that too much acidity in
the body is one of the leading causes of arthritis and joint pain? Now there’s
something to think about next time you guzzle down a bottle of pump. Our next contender is without a doubt the most popular bottled water on the market
today. A trademark of coca-cola it dominates the $544 million dollar per year industry. Mount Franklin’s website states that
they only fill their bottles with natural spring water. But according to
our research spring water is meant to have a pH level of 7 and above. Mount
Franklin however is far from that. But we will give them 10 points for clever
marketing. The next on our list is a generic brand created by the Coles supermarket chain. At around ninety five cents for a 600ml bottle it’s
an absolute bargain for the conservative spender. They claim the water comes from
a natural spring in Albury New South Wales. But as you’ll soon see our iodine test
tells us a very different story. This so-called spring water registered
about a 5 on the pH scale which falls in the acidic range. Here’s something you might not know. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. Neutralize the acid and you take away their only source of food. Give them the last three bottles of water and you give them reason to live. Our next competitor is Fiji water. The
company’s website claims that their water is drawn from an artesian aquifer
located at the very edge of a primitive rain-forest hundreds of miles away from
the nearest continent. Now unlike the last three bottles of water that we
tested, this particular brand might just be telling us the truth. Our test shows that this bottled water
is at a pH level of 7.5 which is slightly alkaline and beneficial for consumption. Our last bottle of water comes all the way from the French Alps. Deriving from the summit of an aquifers zone water from rain and melting snow
slowly infiltrate down through layers of glacial sand at a rate of one to two
centimeters per day. A journey of 15 years during which this
water will become purified and laden with minerals. Now I’ve always found that
Evian is by far the best tasting bottled water on the market. With a pH level of
around 7.8, it’s definitely the clear winner of our bottled water test. And now for the truth about tap water. Although it’s free and cost effective the
chemicals used to treat it could be very harmful to your health and the health of
your family. In order to make this water safe enough to drink, it is treated with
chemicals like chlorine which is used to kill pathogens and bacteria. But what you
might not know is that chlorine does not kill algae. When chlorine and algae are
combined trihalomethane gasses are released. Now according to the Harvard
Public School of Health these gases have been linked to miscarriages in women,
prostate, rectal, colon and bladder cancers. This is just one of the many
harmful chemicals used to treat tap water and it’s not surprising for pH
level indicates an acidic state. So the next time you give your child a glass of
tap, water consider the harm you could be doing to their health. For our final test we would like to
introduce you to the Alphion water alkalizer and ionizer. So how does this machine turn chemically contaminated tap water
into crystal-clear alkaline ionized water. About 40 years ago Russian
scientists ran ordinary water through magnetically charged plates and devised
the simple method of separating water into two streams. One alkaline and one
acidic. A process called ionization. This amazing water is like no other.
Containing millions of age fighting antioxidants in every glass. It super
hydrates the body. Supplies important calcium and oxygen and most importantly
helps eliminate toxins and waste. The filter simply attaches to your tap and
by pushing a small lever on the side, it only allows the alkaline water to pass
through. As you can see from this test the Alphion
filter produces alkaline water with a pH level of 10. If you would like more information on how you can purchase machine and change your health for good, Please visit our site at (This website no longer exists) We wish you and your family good health and thank you for watching.

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  1. Total pseudo science bs. You guys have absolutely no idea what you are speaking to. Nothing works the way this video purports it works. A meta review published in 2016 in the BMJ journal shows absolutely no correlation whatsoever between acidity, alkalinity and cancer. Not only that, anti-oxidants simply do not work the one dimensional way you guys think they do, nor does Ph.

  2. Those are the cleanest brands. You want me to just drink from the lake? If what you say is true, ALL of us mankind have cancer because we drink water either from faucets or bottled water…stop lecturing. Bye

  3. This video is complete bullshit like most videos on YouTube. They mess with the atoms of the water and alter the waters chemistry to change the pH level. Just because it tests alkaline doesn't mean it's healthy fucking fool

  4. I believe that magnetic ionization of water is Best water we can have. What is the product name and it's cost ?

  5. I tried to count the number of drops here is an indication

    Just to show this video is a hoax.

    1:34 3 drops

    2:10 3 drops

    2:44 3 drops

    3:33 5 drops

    4:09 3 drops

    5:04 2 drops

    6:17 a lot!!! that's way more than 3 drops!!!

  6. This video is so dumb. The amount of alkaline concentration isn’t the only factor that makes water safe or unsafe to drink.

  7. OMG – that’s so wrong, I can’t believe it! The pH of our skin is around 5.5, the pH of our stomach around 2–3 – our body has many pH values it has to support. And “natural” water says nothing about the pH value (not “level”) of the water – it has a broad range. One might read that: LaMoreaux PE, Tanner JT (2001) Springs and Bottled Waters of the World – Ancient History, Source, Occurence, Quality and Use. Springer, Berlin

  8. Alkaline doesn't always been healthy. Its easy to manipulate the alkalinity of water and call it healthy. True healthy water is "living water"/Structured water which is mostly found in naturally occurring springs that are still virgin to the hand of man or machines.

  9. Soooo basically, this is a YouTube infomercial to sell & promote their alkaline machine they hit you with at the end of the video…😒 #AlternativeFacts

  10. Now that you watched that, are you ready for the truth? Alkaline water is mineralized water. Minerals come into our body one of two ways. They are either organic or inorganic. To be organic they need to have a carbon atom attached to it. Meaning something that was once living. All living things are made up of carbon. (Plants, animals) If you eat milk, cheese, vegetables…they all have a carbon atom attached to it because it came from a living thing. Our body loves those minerals and it uses them very well. Inorganic minerals don't have a carbon atom attached to it. So, water (H2O) does not have a carbon atom attached. Any minerals you drink through water are inorganic and our body's cells do not use those minerals. They go right through us. Although, they have to go through our main filter (our kidney's) before they are released out of our body. Calcium in its simpliest form is a rock. Depending what part of the country you live in (some parts have harder water than others) by the time you are 70 years old, you would have drank 200-300 lbs of rock. This is if you drink your 8 glasses a day of spring or alkaline water (mineralized water). That's how people end up getting kidney stones. Point being, spring water, or alkaline water is bad for you. They did a great job marketing themselves. I'll give them that. But, if you want to make your body more alkaline, drinking alkaline water is the wrong way to do it. You are hurting yourself.

  11. The cost is prohibitive for the average person. Instead try including a teaspoon of baking soda in your smoothie which does the same thing.

  12. People trying to scare you away from ionizer water but drink coke, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol lol

  13. I drank a whole bottle of tap water after seeing the thumbnail for this click bait trash, downvoted this without watching it and drank another bottle of water. I feel great.

  14. And I like my water with lemon (or few drops of cider vinegar) in it! It makes my digestion better – it makes me feel better 🙂

  15. I believe there is a lot more to it than pH.
    Our bodies constantly are undergoing changes to remain in hemiostasis, we eat or drink and our body's pH within the stomach changes a bit, the acids get buffered by our bicarb (from bile) and the pH reduces significantly due to deactivation of acid. pH can be artificially modified and is often done so. We need clean water free from too many chemicals and potential pathogens like viruses and certain bacteria. Natural water can be more or less acidic depending on it's source but will generally be clean and contain nutrition that we need.
    Water filtration is great in today's world because our tap water while essentially safe under normal or regulated conditions can and is contaminated with chemicals that we should not ingest if we have the option not to. Of course our water in the US is generally way better than many lesser countries even when considering the lowest quality taps. Drink clean water and you should most likely be fine. Tap water should be filtered in someway to garentee quality.

  16. Introducing PoogDy worlds first shock resistant clay bottle which provides Natural cool alkaline water. Your ideal way of staying hydrated naturally with abundant health benefits.

  17. Did you know if you talk to water it changes it's structure! Watch this video on YT, it's called [You will never say another bad word again after watching this]. Also look up, The Memory of water.

  18. I dont care about the PH but lately, scientists have found microplastic in a minute sample of water. I only drink filtered water and i get a yearly statement from my water company that gives me the breakdown of what was found in the river water. Not that great!!! everything is getting toxic. I quit eating the shrimp, crap, well, just mostly all fish. Do your research!!!

  19. 2:20 You can't even get the color right, and I'm supposed to trust your information?
    3:33 For the Fiji water, you added 4 drops of iodine; not 3. This is where I stopped watching the video.

  20. So hold the fuck on, is this shit true or not? I bought a jug that filters water a specific way and I feel helps better. I especially notice the difference if I go back to anything else. So confusing

  21. … all the money you can make around water is unbelievable. That's all bullshit when you see grandmother 99 yrs old drank tap water all her life and smoke cigarette. And she as no sickness,

  22. Fluoride is a chemical and is in no way good for your bones or teeth . China sells this us and they put it in our drinking water !

  23. This is quackery, nonsensical anti-science. The pH of food and drink has no affect on the pH of your blood. Pure water has a very low buffering capacity and the measured pH is very variable, and is easily affcete by eg dissolved gases. 20million views – ye Gods.

  24. I LOVE MY $229 Water Distiller from Amazon. .. 0 ppm dissolved solids then I add some trace minerals. 4 gallons per day. no plastic or waste. we did 2 videos on distilled water. made my life so much better.. clean water and inexpensive! xoxoxoxo

  25. please stop polluting our planet with plastic bottles… Distill your water and use glass containers for storage. We bought Voss water which comes in glass bottles. now we refill them with distilled. yay!!! Megahome on amazon $229

  26. At 6:16 you obscure how many drops of iodine you're adding to your filtered water. Looks like a lot more than just three. Caveat emptor!

  27. No making the body alkaline will not cure cancer!! It is NOT that simple!

  28. Science has proven distilled water best for human health and the minerals in water are generally toxic for arthritic reasons. The inorganic minerals and found in water are not good for humans.

  29. This video is simply a water filter ad. This guy just find a way to waste our valuable time and that background music was not even necessary for the damn!!! Video… keep drinking the same water you're drinking your body will naturally fix anything you intake as far as water


  31. LMAO maybe you should get ahold of your water commission since it's a 5. My tap water is a 7 all day and I have also done a chlorine test and is well with in rhe acceptable limits.
    Plus I do this as part of my job testing and cleaning water sorces for FDA inspections.
    P.S. that is the lowest PH level I've ever seen FIGI water at. Funny how you put 4 drops in the FIGI but only 3 in all the other's, which makes this whole thing bogus.

  32. At 6:20 in your video you didn't put three drops of Iodine in the test tube you poured it in.
    Not a good test me thinks.
    For that you get a big thumbs DOWN the drain.

  33. Never drink the water drink anything else instead fuck some would rather drink motor oil then a disgusting drop of water the er is a great way to get an ivdrop if your really that dehydrated some prefer it over drinking nasty ass water

  34. Rubbish video.
    According to this, a cure for cancer would be eating indigestion tablets such as sodium bicarbonate or taking anti-acids like ranitidine (reducing stomach pH)
    ……..BAD IDEA and definitely not a cancer cure.

    Whatever eat or drink is not going to change pH of the blood very much due to the buffering effect within the blood itself and the effects of stomach pH (acid) and the bile fluids (alkali) – unless is seriously large quantities of acidic or alkaline substance overwhelming the buffering effect (ingesting a whole bottle of acetic acid, wont be a good idea or too swallowing too many bicarbonate tablets – cause metabolic acidosis or alkalosis)

    Body must buffer the blood pH because it cannot withstand large fluctuations from what we eat – we would die if eating a lemon or consuming a few tablets of Sodium Bicarbonate.

    In any case – too much alkali is just as bad as too much acid (metabolic alkalosis and acidosis – both critical conditions) – fortunately, our bloods pH is not affected very much by general changes to what we eat (its buffered) – and you cannot change this short of injecting the alkali directly into your blood (some injections are strong alkali's such as phenobarbitone, but the phenobarbitone is going to be your problem first before any alkali problems !!!!

  35. that machine, Alphion water alkaliser, costs almost $1000…. I will continue with my brita container !

  36. You know water is supposed to be balanced. Just like too much acidity is bad, too much alkalinity is bad as well. Quite honestly it doesn’t fucking matter what water you drink but if you’re going to worry about ph level, a balanced 7-8 ph is best

  37. ….. but when you drink lemon, an acid, it alkalises the body. So maybe the distilled water , with its slightly acidic reading is the best after all. People always need to complicate things. If you must, structure your distilled, and add crystals etc, but don't add minerals. The body cannot absorb minerals from water, only food.

  38. Evian is by far the best OTC water as proven here by the great Cole Robinson of Snake Diet:

  39. Why the blazes are you using this 2iodine" test instead of a proper pH testing paper strip or desk-top meter? Anyone with a 14-y.o. level of school chemistry knows that dissolving a halogen (the iodine you use, bromine, chlorine or fluorine) produces an acid solution. It's what halogens do. Bloody new-age hard-of-thinking idiots.

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  41. What does that even matter if the pH of gastric acid is 1.5 to 3.5 in the human stomach? If you took out the acid from your stomach and poured it on the table, it would make a hole in it.

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