DORM ROOM decorating ideas for College Dorm Room

DORM ROOM decorating ideas for College Dorm Room

So I came home from my little trip to see Sharrah at school, and I decided. Rebecca. Your either going to do this or you’re not. And if you are, then you need to make a plan, you need to have a purpose and you need to rob a bank. Its actually on a budget, believe it or not, I mean we could have shopped at high end furniture stores but we didn’t. We shopped at IKEA, well I shopped at IKEA, Homegoods, Target. Those kinds of places. . Wow. That’s so cool. Dang baby girl. Thank you so much. Yeah I like it. Look it, all that over there is cute. This is so rad. Thank you mom so much. It’s so nice. I love it. I love the colors, it looks so good. Thank you so much. I love it, it’s so much more color, it looks bigger. Um. Roomier, you actually definitely want to hang out in here. I think it’s cool cause we use this space rally well and there’s a lot of places to put things and Um, we’ve got a nice mirror and I got my shirts still here, and it’s , it’s actually hip, and I think it’s cool we were able to use the color of the walls and you involved the bed spread I already had, and you were really able to use what we already had and make it a master piece. I mean this room is 100% different, and I think the before and after pictures are going to be.. like.. crazy. I mean remember when we were talking about um.. if we should have her come and do it and we were like ” oh were only going to be here for a few months maybe, maybe it’s not worth it”. “. I was like, I had no idea it would even turn out this good and I thought it would be, put a frame on the wall. But. Yeah. It’s amazing. I love it. Drive safe. Alright. Thank you. Bye bye.

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  1. MOM, you did a great job ! I love this room, but I cant believe this doorrooms are so small, plus you have to share it. I think without a good make over, I would loose my mind.

  2. It would be so nice if you could put costs in your videos so we can kinda know what these makeovers costs . . . whether we can afford these things. Know what I mean?

  3. I did like how you showed the viewers where you purchase items for the room.
    I have bought many big items from the Salvation Army- they can be expensive for the furniture that I like.

  4. Such a cool dorm room! Im trying to decorate my tiny one-roomed apartment (about the same size as the dorm room, it's the entire apartment!) in Japan and I have no idea how to make it work effectively:( Do you have any tips for decorating a small bachelor pad?

  5. Gah! you are so are seriously making me think about doing a interior design course as well as the one i am about to do in disability as well.

    Rebecca, if i did a course would it be worth doing if i didn't end yo doing interior design as a career?

  6. well i think that depends on u much r u willing to spend and if your going to work with some of the things u already there isn't a exact budget and it also depends where u shop …if u want to save up $ go to ikea !!!

  7. You are incredible! It would be great to meet you. I have a business in Carlsbad. It's nice to see someone local making great, intelligent, fun and creative uses for video!

  8. i'm moving to a new house and I'm very , exited but so confuse in how to decorate my room , it would mean the world if u would help me 🙂

  9. Does anybody have any idea where one can find cute fireproof curtains?

    I think window treatments can make such a huge difference but my university only allows us to use curtains that have a fireproof tag on them, which I haven't been able to locate anywhere.

  10. How did you guys put up the curtain rod w/out damaging the walls? I love the way window treatments look, but I'm not allowed to put any holes in the walls. Any ideas?

  11. That's amazing ! Love what you did with the room to maximize your space. Each girl has their own space ! My niece is off to school in Toronto in the spring , I would love to do this for her ! Also wondering how much a room would cost with all the items you purchased to achieve this look ?

  12. How Can We Get That Free Room Design, My Family And I Purchased and home Barely, and we'll be needing some help decorating our rooms. I'm Sharing With My Sister And i really loved this decoration.

  13. Rebbecca I have this really old looking ugly room and it would make me even more excited to see a new room than meeting a celebrity I hope u can actually come and help me with my room and my bed is kinda collapsing and it's huge I hope that I can get two small twin size bed and some furniture caz my rom so crowded with ugly kinda broken furniture

  14. This isn't realistic because it's not an actual dorm room.  Dorm rooms have white walls and set/specific furniture that is not allowed to leave the room.  Also, the majority of colleges/universities don't allow the residents to hang things on the walls with nails.

  15. Mirrors create the illusion of living in a larger space when your living space is actually small. Also, i noticed the decorated arch window and warm colored draperies and bed covers which gives the room an overall feel of invitation.

  16. lol so not what a dorm room looks like. at dorms you have to use their ugly furniture. and this isnt practical for storage

  17. Not like a dorm at all, no storage. And the furniture can't leave the room. And A LOT of the dorms do not allow nails or things hanging off the walls. Not realistic. But nice design for small bedroom at home or apartment not a dorm

  18. Love how you managed to use a shower curtain to make the window treatments. Soo talented i soo need a house to decorate.

  19. I would love some ideas for dorm rooms in which you have to use the ugly furniture provided and unable to nail anything into the walls because I will be moving into my dorm in a few months and I have no idea how to decorate with those limitations.

  20. This couldn't be farther from what a real dorm room looks like. It's completely unrealistic which doesn't help anyone who is living in a college dorm. I have a feeling it's a sorority house.

  21. I know I already posted a comment but…this really bothers me that they would post something like this knowing it's so far removed from reality. You can't do ANYTHING like this in a college dorm room. I do love Robeson designs but this doesn't help people at all.

  22. Did she say they were only going to be there 3 months? Nice Design and perhaps designed on a budget, but still seems quite a lot to spend for a three month stay if that's the case.

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