Drawing CEO Kim’s face on the building? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.15]

Drawing CEO Kim’s face on the building? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.15]

(Seoul, Korea) (Boss Kim is up to something!) (Bustling) What are they doing? – Something big. / – What’s going on? – Are they moving? / – Oh, my. What’s going on? Either way, we should do it. The sooner the better. (Wary) The fashionable director. (What is Boss Kim doing?) What is she doing? (What’s this ominous feeling?) – He moved here recently. / – Hot neighborhood. Indeed. Is it his house? – House and art studio. / – Art studio as well? Yes. It’s my first time coming here. Looks like another surprise visit. (Looks that way from the back) Hello. I came with CEO Kim. Is it an idol singer’s lodging? (Who is he?) – He’s not an idol. / – He isn’t. Hello, I’m Subsub, an illustrator signed with the agency Mixtage. – Oh! / – Those emoji. Did he draw those? He’s an artist at our agency. – Really? / – Yes. I used those emoji all the time. I illustrated textbook covers and water bottle labels. It’s so pretty. I worked with several fashion and beauty brands. He worked with such famous, global brands as an artist collaborator. I’ve heard of him but never saw him before. He mentioned Mixtage. What is it? It’s an agency for photographers, graphic designers, people who create illustrations and fine arts too. We manage their business. (What a huge company) – Is that his home? / – Home and art studio. (Subsub’s home and art studio) – He creates his work at home? / – Yes. No need to report to an office. (Clean, white color scheme) (Why did Boss Kim visit Subsub?) CEO Kim, you came on business. We came for a reason. (Why are you here?) (Don’t get startled…) – The alleyway around ESteem… / – Yes. It looks too bleak. I want to give it lively energy… – Like Brooklyn. / – Brooklyn? I want to layer artwork over the building. Really? A building mural? What do think, CEO Song? Artwork for your company building in Sangam. I don’t own the building. You rent the space… Artwork wouldn’t fit in Sangam anyway. I can’t paint another person’s building. – It wouldn’t fit in Sangam. / – No. We call the owner before hammering nails too. It’s not that bad. We have a kind landlord. – We’ll be cleanly tenants. / – Later on… – You can buy a company building. / – Yes. – Any plans for a building? / – Right. Given the 200% rise in sales. Our recording studio is too small. We need to find a recording studio… – Where we can work. / – You’re searching? – Yes. / – I see. What’s wrong with Director Sook? Are you a figurehead too? (She’s the company director) (CEO Kim’s 2020 Project, Part Two) (Artwork for the new company building) Traveling abroad on business made me determined to layer artwork over existing buildings, recreating the atmosphere of old town Brooklyn. I had that thought for over two years, which is why I started this project. She has power shoulders. Why were you wearing that outfit? (Embarrassed) I thought you were Marie Antoinette. That look… Oh, well. (Strangely similar) (Apgujeong transformed Brooklyn-style) (Project starts now) She thinks differently. It’s a large building. It’s large with four sides. (Looking around) Your house is so white. How can you eat kimchi or instant noodles here? Her first thought is always food. I only eat white kimchi and bone broth noodles. For real? – Was he serious? / – He was. To keep his house clean. – For real. / – Really? He wasn’t joking? He was being serious. – To avoid food stains. / – Really? He only eats white kimchi. – Artists are different. / – Indeed. We’ll treat the building as a canvas and fill it with artwork. No other Korean company does that. No, not really. – These ones… / – These illustrations… We attached them. The ESteem Works Team did that. You decorated this building? – Yes, we did. / – It’s on Gyeongnidan-gil. – The building… / – Was wrapped. We wrapped it. I want your illustrations on the front. – The building is a bit bleak. / – So large. I want it to look hopeful while giving the sense of a building filled with professionals. I want it to look like an artwork that feels both flat and solid with drawings that look alive in movement. You know what I mean. (Ah-haha) (I can only laugh) That sound “ah-haha” seems to mean, “What on earth do you mean?” – But he delivered. / – Really? – Everything I said… / – Everything? He did everything I asked for. Only Picasso can pull off “flat and solid.” Good heavens… What an admirable fellow. (I delivered on the tough order) I want it to be affectionate, showing familial bonds and warmth… What is he supposed to draw? While also… She’s still going on? Feeling hip and cool with a sense of whimsy. – With everything? / – Yes. Yes. It’s easy, right? – It’s easy. / – Yes, it is. It’s easy to think so. (He’s quiet but speaks his mind) – CEO Kim, did you study art education? / – Yes. – You majored in art education? / – Yes. You have a textbook-style order. Textbook-style? (Embarrassed) No wonder it sounded familiar. It’s a textbook-style order. She’s asking for too much. She pressed the button. It’s easy for you. (I guess I asked for too much) From my perspective… I have to consider installation costs. How much do you think it’ll cost? Somewhere between $10,000 and $12,000. – To hire workers… / – The installation? Printing costs too… It’s a really large wall. But you only have to prepare your artwork. We have a budget for facility management. How much? The budget is… – What? / – What? (Are you kidding me?) It’s probably an absurd budget. (Trembling) She is evil. (Absurd budget revealed soon) We’ll worry about the cost. You can focus on the art. What do you have in mind? The faces of employees and artists can be rendered three-dimensionally. That would be awesome. (Building with three-dimensional figures) It can be colorful… That’s creepy. (Will it feel like this?) – Should I sketch something today? / – Yes. (Drawing Boss Kim to brainstorm ideas) – He’s drawing her on the spot. / – I’m jealous. Please show me your face. (Pressure) That’s enough. (I’d rather not look) (Poor guy…) You guys can draw me too. She wants a huge display of her face. Rumor has it, she has celebrity disease. – You want to advertise your face? / – No, no. – You want to be a celebrity? / – Not at all. Subsub is sure to become famous. If I get a portrait drawn by Subsub, wouldn’t it become really valuable? – You want to sell it? / – Later on… She’s a true businesswoman. Poor Subsub… (Donating his talent to Boss Kim?) (Contest for drawing Boss Kim) – I’m drawing myself. / – Filled with passion. – I’m guessing they all draw well. / – Yes. (Illustrator Subsub’s style) I’m looking forward to this. I loved those emojis. (Cute and whimsical drawings) (How will he draw Boss Kim?) What are those? Faucets? Faucets? A face with faucets? (Choosing colors) Like that? Covering her face… (Working hard) I think I’m done. – Show me. / – We made drawings too. – Who drew that? / – I did. This is my drawing of myself. – It’s you? / – Yes. – It’s glamorized. / – With bigger eyes. Didn’t she study art education? I guess she only studied theory. – It’s an ideal face. / – Aren’t the eyes too big? – How I’d like to look. / – Are those my eyes? (Eyes the same size) A glamorized version. Doesn’t it look like me? Well… Yes, it looks like you. It has two eyes and a nose. He’s quiet but speaks his mind. Subsub speaks his mind. This is Director Choi’s drawing. Isn’t it too mean? I highlighted the key features. Too much hair loss… She has a comb-over. – Over the side. / – What’s on her ear? – It’s an earring. / – An earring. So it’s not bleeding? – There’s a liquor bottle. / – Bunny ears? A liquor bottle. Why are you cross-eyed? I always do that in photos. Oh, she does. Cross-eyed shots. It’s a detailed portrait. You captured key features. – Absurd. / – It was drawn unwillingly. Just to follow orders. Boss Kim asked for a squirrel… It’s like the cartoon germ in advertisements. Mr. Germ. Drawn like a demon, right? – With horns. / – It’s a demon. It looks like her. With the same glasses and necklace. The necklace is drawn well. It’s from our shopping trip. – The jewelry. / – The gold chains. That’s right. – Let’s see it. / – I can’t wait. Don’t get angry. Gosh! Crier. Why? – That’s what he drew. / – A crier? I cry easily. He’s so artistic. A crier. – A crier? / – You cry a lot. (Truth about Boss Kim) I was thinking differently, but… (Crying at her meeting with Miss Gee) Weren’t those crocodile tears? (Crying on her birthday) – Those were real. / – Right, she cried for real. (Crying during interviews) She has faucets for eyes. – What a fun drawing. / – Indeed. It’s the best expression of her. Such an expressive drawing. – It’s similar. / – Incredible. That’s how much she cries. – Should I paint this on the building? / – No. (Something like this?) It’s not the K-Water building. That wouldn’t work. Going off of this drawing, if you could express our company image using a keyword like this… – It’d be awesome. / – It’d look so cute. (Sure, sure…) Let’s hurry and get it done this week. – This week? / – Yes. – We should hurry. / – Within a week? Now that we’re inspired… The best masterpieces are finished within 5 minutes of the inspiration. She wants things done right away. As soon as she gets the idea. It must be tough for the employees. She does those things unexpectedly. They’re really doing it. Things are done right away. (How will their design turn out?) They really did it right away. Bingo! (Handshake makes it a deal) Thank you. – You made the deal? / – Yes, it’s a deal. – They already shook hands. / – It’s done. – He might not renew his contract. / – It’s over. (Pressured) – We’ll get going. / – Good luck with preparations. I’m looking forward to it. – It’s chilly. / – What is this place? It’s where Incheol lives. – Incheol’s place? / – Yes. You’ve never been here? – See? We need something like that. / – Yes. It’s pretty. Imagine a larger version on our building. Wouldn’t it look pretty? (We need the money) It just a sticker. Nothing expensive. She knows that’s not true. – Art Director Incheol! / – CEO Kim. What brings you here? Stay right there. It’s a bit late for this but… (Humoring the boss) – Happy New Year! / – Happy New Year! Who is he? I wish you good health. Hello. I’m Cha Incheol, an art director. I created artwork for album covers. – That camel… / – Beenzino’s album. – Beenzino? / – The artwork on his album. – He designed Beenzino’s album. / – Yes. I tend to work on illustration-based graphic design projects, so I often collaborate with brands. (Collaboration with “D” doughnut brand) – A collaboration. / – He designed it. – With the doughnut brand. / – Yes. I’ve worked with a car brand. – With a car brand. / – Yes. I’ve worked with fashion brands. – It’s pretty. / – So pretty. – Nowadays… / – I want that. Brands collaborate with artists quite often. – I’ve decorated locations for events. / – I see. He’s such a good artist. I’m working on various projects. – He has fun projects. / – Yes. – Looks fun. / – That’s fun work. Well, we… – We came on business. / – Start with a snack. – To discuss business? / – Yes. (What kind of business?) I want to cover our building in artwork. – A building mural? / – Yes. – Oh? / – Something like that. I see. It’s a deal. So suddenly? Right now? On the spot? A deal after barely saying a word? It’s not the Joseon era. You describe his job and make it a deal? – An immediate deal. / – Right after walking in. She’s so bold. You should act like that too. I tend to be cautious. She’s too detail-oriented. – I… / – You talk things over for days. – Then you send the contract. / – I keep thinking… Until I can convince myself. People grow tired and refuse the deals. – CEO Kim does it the right way. / – With drive. You should push things forward. – Please! / – Should I shake on it? Okay! The artist is bold too. She’s good at making deals. They didn’t even discuss the budget. (Another artist added) Oh, dear. (Twice the cost) Right. – For the building… It’ll cost a lot. / – Indeed. (Careful) He has such a cool life. Since Incheol joined the project too… – It’s a meaningful project… / – We might as well… But the budget… We have a budget for facility management. How much? $5,000. – What? / – $5,000. What? So there is $5,000 available… – But you hired two artists. / – Right. The building’s walls are so large. I’m no expert, but $5,000 doesn’t seem like enough. Right. So I proposed a reasonable amount… Director Seong should make the decision. – She manages the budget. / – But… I’m the only one who can estimate future profits from this investment. I can do it, but not Director Seong. (Frustrating) (A $5,000 budget…) (Trembling) She is evil. We need cranes. We need to hire workers. We need special adhesive sheets… – Not ordinary stickers. / – So many costs. – An absurd budget… / – Nowhere near… Nowhere near the cost. My eyes are fixed on a larger vision. I consider this to be an investment. This will revolutionize the street. If it looks nice, the buildings around us will commission murals too. Then we can make money. – We need to argue with Director Seong. / – Yes. – What? / – You want us to argue? We need to fight it out. CEO Kim gives the final approval, but Director Seong makes the money transfers. We need to get on her good side. (Social skills at work) – Her face… / – They look troubled. It’s here. – Coffee… / – Looks great. (Oh!) She’s drinking coffee like it’s rice wine. Almost like a hangover soup. You’re savoring it with your whole body. There are four sides to the building along with the parking space inside. I’d like you to start brainstorming. (She might decorate everything) Does she want to cover everything? Can you share some ideas? We can make a large-scale doll-like figure. A doll-like figure? About twice the size of the building. That gorilla was famous. – The only sculpture in Apgujeong. / – The gorilla. – It was a famous landmark. / – We used to say… – “Let’s meet at the gorilla building.” / – Right. So she wants something large-scale. (Strange sculptures found abroad) – Look at that. / – Isn’t that too creepy? But it looks cool. – I bet people take tons of photos. / – Right. From the top of the building to the ground… – It has to reach the street. / – It should. Since there isn’t enough space. Decorating only the outer walls… – Is too basic. / – Right. We have to cover the ground as well. – For that, the cost… / – Covering the ground too? – We can’t be ordinary like others. / – No. Or perhaps a portrait of you here… – Again? / – For that wall too? Hold on. Will all four sides feature Boss Kim’s face? That’s not good. Wouldn’t that scare even you? It might become the eyesore of Apgujeong. Wouldn’t the employees dislike it? If they can see you even from afar. Not at all. As I mentioned before, this artist will become famous in 20 years. I want a portrait of myself drawn by him. (CEO Song in awe once again) – As an investment? / – Yes. It’ll express your wish to break free of the confines of ESteem to do even bigger, greater things. (Oh, no) I’ll start sketching. (He starts drawing Boss Kim) (What’s that?) – For now… / – I don’t think it’s Boss Kim. He said he would draw her face. – Is it a twisted breadstick? / – A twisted breadstick? It might be. – Since she likes them so much. / – Yes. (Cha Incheol, experienced in graphic design) It’s not her face, is it? – Probably a twisted breadstick. / – Is it? (How will he draw Boss Kim?) – What is that? / – It’s not her face, is it? No, it’s not. (Gosh!) – It’s a face. / – With facial features… (Oh, dear) Muscular arms and legs… Making her look scarier. (Finished) (Incredible) – A twisted breadstick. / – Will she keep it? Is it a twisted breadstick? A face on a twisted breadstick or sausage. Is he testing her? – The face looks like her. / – It does. If we put that up and people recognize it as me… Then… It means they see the artist’s intention. Seriously… They’d think it’s a twisted breadstick business. Or a restaurant selling tripe. (Mistaken for a twisted breadstick or tripe business) – Why don’t you keep brainstorming? / – Okay. – It shouldn’t be an image of me. / – I like this. This is fine. I like the drawing, but we shouldn’t use it. Why is she giving up so fast? I was just sharing my immediate ideas. – He painted it. / – He did. I can’t wait to see it. (High hopes) It looks really pretty. He’s painting it himself. My heart races when I talk about these things. – It starts thumping. / – Yes, me too. – It’s hard to stay in my seat. / – Me too. – I feel like I should stand. / – Right? He gets along with Boss Kim. Our hearts are racing because of the cost. We’ll find a way to cover the cost. We don’t care what he draws. – We don’t. / – But in practical terms… We’re concerned about time and cost. Incheol, please think it over. – Let’s go for now. / – We’re counting on you. – Yes. / – Good luck. Thank you. Their hearts are racing for different reasons. It’s chilly. Where are we going now? Look at the alleyway. Things like that. – That’s the look I want. / – It’s pretty. – Look at that too. It’s great. / – It’s small… – But it creates a lively mood. / – This mood… Follow me in. We’re here. What is this place? – Ta-da! / – Hello. What is that place? (Illustrator Kim Sedong, known as Sambypen) Is she hiring another artist? (Graphic designer Lee Deokhyeong, known as DHL) – Happy New Year. / – What’s going on? – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Where were you earlier? – We met with Subsub. / – Subsub. Then we met Incheol and came here. You know what we’re up to. – We heard. / – We heard about it. We want to work with you. What? What’s going on? I want to work with them too. – Deokhyeong and Sedong too? / – Yes. – You’re adding artists? / – Yes, 4 artists. Really? (Goodness) (No way) Since those projects don’t exist in Korea, no one can imagine what they look like. I want our building to be a model, letting other companies know we can decorate their buildings too. – Like samples at a food court. / – Exactly. Now I understand. I’m glad you’re here. – You are, right? / – Right. – I totally understand it. / – I hope you’ll stay. When we create media content… – We start with a pilot episode. / – Right. – It’s like a pilot. / – It’s similar. That’s right. CEO Song might try to copy her. – It won’t be easy. / – I’m not here for nothing. – This is great. / – Come every week. This is really great. (Quadruple costs with 4 artists) – They’ll each draw something different. / – Yes. But the cost… The building has four sides. How can we work with only one artist? Since we’re renting a crane, it’s better to have 4 artists work at once. If we start with one side, like the results, and decide to do it again the next week, it’ll cost even more. Deokhyeong, you worked around here… – Right, at nightclubs. / – So many nightclubs. He worked on the interior designs, logos, and graphic designs for pubs and other places. I go by DHL. It stands for Deokhyeong Lee. I use the initials for DHL. My name is Lee Deokhyeong. It’s similar to the “D” brand logo. It is. I’m a graphic designer. He designed that? I also create paintings while working as a freelancer. (Lee Deokhyeong, graphic designer) What an incredible designer. This is GD’s cafe. I see. It’s the logo. – It’s GD’s cafe. / – On Jejudo. Right, GD’s cafe. – This… / – Take a look. – The famous GD? / – Yes, GD. – And the BTS’s cafe. / – BTS. I designed their cafe. He worked with all the famous stars. – AOMG… / – You worked a lot with AOMG. I’m good friends with Car, the Garden. – Car, the Garden. / – Car, the Garden. He reminds me of Hyunmoo. – When I see him… / – Looks like Hyunmoo. – I’m “Moo, the Garden.” / – He reminds me of him. Why did they photoshop my face? Car, the Garden reminds me of Hyunmoo. Please sing us a tune. I imagine a lion behind me… About to bite you in the arse. I have to pull out before it bites. The lyrics are, “Oh, darling, are you leaving?” (How will he imitate this singing style?) ♪ Oh, darling ♪ ♪ Are you leaving? ♪ (Laughter all around) – Pulling out just in time. / – She loves it. – She loves these things. / – It’s her taste. (Boss Kim’s taste) That’s hilarious. I once sang as “Moo, the Garden.” – “Moo, the Garden.” / – “Moo, the Garden.” I really love this. – This? / – Yes. I love that work. – That feeling. / – For the mural… It might be nice to use this style. It’s exactly what I want. – That sense of space. / – So pretty. – A sense of space. / – So artistic… – That’s pretty. / – This? Those colors… Looking both flat and solid… I like two-dimensional artwork. Are we allowed to paint the walls? It’s my building. (Oh, my!) Boss Yang and CEO Song wouldn’t know… – They’d be jealous. / – I envy her. It’s my building. You can paint it. – Really? / – Yes. “Sure, sure…” – Let’s go to his art studio… / – Sedong? Let’s see his work and talk some more. Sedong’s house is interesting. He has a maximalist lifestyle. – A maximalist. / – I love it. Maximalist life. You should move here. Seriously. I should move here. This is such a quaint neighborhood. – I want the house behind yours. / – No way. Why not? – Here? / – Let’s see his maximalist life. It’s so quaint. – Come in. / – Look at the door. – Not a minimalist life. / – Maximalist. (Kim Sedong’s maximalist life revealed) What’s this? (Kim Sedong’s maximalist life revealed) Starting from the entrance… (Lots of stuff) He has collectibles. People like him go on TV shows. Collectors and hoarders… (Figures and badges) Hello, I’m Kim Sedong. I go by the nickname Sambypen. – Oh, he painted those? / – Yes. (He holds solo exhibitions every year) – I’ve seen them. / – They were popular. Yes, they were. Kim Sedong studied abroad in Poland and the U.S. He returned to Korea in 2015. The works from his first solo exhibition sold out. He sold all of them. They must’ve been great works. He wasn’t well known, so it was all about the work. Did he join your agency in 2015… – Right after returning to Korea? / – Yes. She recognized his talent. Such pretty artwork. (Expressing through artwork) He was in the “C” beer commercial, featured as a graffiti artist. (He even appeared in a commercial) (Kim Sedong creates unique artwork) Is there a certain concept? No. You can do what you want. The concept is Boss Kim. (Gosh) – We’ll draw you too. / – Really? I’m scared. Their drawings will be worse. – More brutal. / – Right. It’ll probably be comical. (Lee Deokhyeong sketches Boss Kim) He’s drawing a real portrait. (Is that a grandma?) Deokhyeong! (Somewhere between a grandma and grandpa) – Isn’t that a grandpa? / – That’s so funny. He’s trolling her. Telling her, “Never ask for a portrait again.” Aren’t you renewing your contract? He doesn’t want to renew his contract. Asking about contract renewal… I should cancel the plans for your New York exhibition. I should call it off. After seeing this… It’s just a caricature. Were you planning a New York exhibition? It’s one of my goals. (Taking the bait) – Drawing again. / – The artist who wants… To renew his contract. He was worse. – This part… / – That part is key. This part? (We can guess which part…) Is that an icicle? Why are you cracking up? Let’s see it. They really exaggerated it. Let’s see it. (Ta-da) – He won’t renew his contract. / – He won’t. It changed after the threat about New York. – It’s an improvement. / – More toned down. It should’ve been more toned down. (Your contract won’t be renewed) Does it look like me? – An artistic genius. / – A genius. The one on the right is better. Sedong… – I’m afraid to show you. / – It’s funnier. I want to see it. I can see it. Will it be too much like me? What is it like? One, two, three. (Goodness) (Birth of the toothy boss) She has Yu Jaeseok’s front teeth. Neither of them will renew their contracts. (So excited) He loves it. Now we know… (If they use these drawings…) (This is how it’ll look) That’s not good. It ruins the building. – Will it help? / – It’ll be quite a sight. It’s horrible. People would come to see it. Something original like that… Good luck. (Looking forward to their artwork) I don’t think we can use it. (High hopes for Deokhyeong and Sedong) (It’ll be a large-scale project) He’s painting it himself. After finishing last week’s shoot, CEO Kim treated everyone to dinner. It was Korean beef that simply melted… – In my mouth. / – Indeed. (Dinner party began with Ms. Shim’s greeting) (CEO Kim, Ms. Shim, Chef Lu) Thank you. (Focused on the meat) There were quite a few must-see-sights. Dongeun and Boss Yang were eating stir-fried glass noodles in their beggar mode. We have the footage. What is she doing? She eating the whole plate. I thought it was her hair. – Is that CGI? / – No. Isn’t that a cartoon CGI? They took all the noodles. They never spoke a word. They don’t talk while eating. We were worried about eating too much. – So you ate noodles. / – We ate noodles. We ate two and a half bowls. We grilled the meat really slowly too. Didn’t you still eat a whole cow? The two of them finished 16 servings. (They ate 16 servings of Korean beef!) How much did you pay for that dinner? $5,300. What they ate cost more than $1,000. – Nearly one-fifth of the total. / – Yes. (I didn’t know it was that bad…) (A few days later) Start eating. Thanks for the food. Thank you. Eating makes you feel relaxed. (Like a foreign company meeting) (Who joined this meeting with pizza?) (Subsub) (Lee Deokhyeong) (Kim Sedong) (Cha Incheol) Everyone is there. – Do they know each other? / – Yes. – Everyone? / – Yes. (They’re all acquaintances) (Works Team is there too) (Meeting feels free and relaxed) (That’s not how it used to feel) (This meeting feels unusual…) (Boss Kim in usual meetings) I don’t see any sincere effort. Everyone is getting too comfortable. (The usual mood in meetings…) You’re just passing time. (Did the pizza have an effect?) (It’s a different mood) (Why are they gathered today?) Let’s see the drafts. (They stop eating pizza) Will they give presentations? (Who will present the first draft?) Subsub will work on the front wall. Next slide. (Subsub’s draft makes them smile) That’s cute. (Three cute characters) That’s pretty. Who are those characters? One of them is “me.” One of them is “you.” One of them is “us.” That’s cute. They stand for the management, the employees, the models and artists. The yellow windows gave me the idea. – They turn yellow in the sunlight. / – Yes. Sunlight shines in from the outside, but we shine out from the inside. That’s meaningful. That’s the story. (Satisfied) We shine on each other like sunlight. That’s the story behind it. Next is Deokhyeong. (Deokhyeong, in charge of the left wall) For my theme, I chose a simple heart. (Simple heart) It’s a heart. Cubes that actually form a heart, a heart actually made of cubes. It’s like optical art. What a unique, awesome idea. Flat while looking solid. Wrapped around the corner. That’s nice too. – Next, the parking lot. / – The back wall. (Approving laugh) It’s throwing away a heart. It’s the age of the internet. I wanted to express that whimsically. There are a monitor and a power line. – That’s nice. / – It’s cute. Next, the parking tower… That’s me. The parking tower… The space people see most often. Right. The most noticeable space. The parking tower could look cool. I’ll paint over the rusty parking tower. It stands out already. I’ll add a positive message of “YES” using a unique color combination. I’m looking forward to them. The four works are all unique. I can’t wait to see them together. But I don’t see Boss Kim’s face anywhere. – In the drafts? / – It’s not in the drafts. – You must be disappointed. / – Not at all. That’s why she ordered pizza. After what I’ve seen, I’d be scared if they included my face. (Scary) The twisted breadstick… I know what their drawings will look like. It’d be better not to use those, so she gave up the idea. (Meeting flowing along smoothly) So that’s your drawing. It’s cute. – That’s nice. / – It’s cute. That looks cool. (The meeting isn’t over yet) What about installation methods? – Well… / – Since it’s so large… I wonder if it’ll stay attached. – It’s a single sheet. / – Yes. – Printing it will be tough. / – It’ll be tough. I wonder if it’ll stay attached long enough. In different weather conditions… Let’s think it over. With that, it might be tough to cover the corner in the middle. We should discuss that. That’s quite large as well… You can use adhesive sheets on the windows… – The rest… / – As for the wall… I can paint it myself. – It’ll take time. / – You’ll need time. You can do it. You’re experienced. One more thing. Since it’s a gray building with generally dark colors, perhaps you could rethink… – The color variations. / – Sure. We could paint the letters the next day. Will that square frame hold its shape? They’re not eating the pizza anymore. They’ll get upset stomachs. (So much critique) After asking them the favor… (Why was she being critical?) It’s a big project. I spent a good deal of time looking for ways to help creative artists while thriving with them. This is the first step toward realizing those plans. I expected you to be overly kind to artists, but it doesn’t seem that way. You’re tough when it comes to business. The cost at stake… You’re thinking of that now? We have to shorten the installation time since most of the cost is for personnel. If we do that, we can finish in a day. Then we only have to pay a day’s wages. Another day or more than 8 hours… It doubles the cost. It’s doubled. So I have to ask them to take that into consideration. I really like all of the artwork. But our team has to make it work practically. As for the cost… It was estimated at $80,000. Didn’t they start with $5,000? But we negotiated the cost. We’re aiming for $50,000 to $60,000. The original budget was $5,000… Practically a talent donation. The original budget was $5,000… $5,000? We’ll have to pitch in as workers. But don’t worry too much about the cost. It’s a meaningful project, so we’ll figure out the cost somehow. We can pay for the pizza. Yay! I already paid for it. The $5,000 project now costs $80,000? Yes, but we got it lowered to $50,000. – You negotiated. / – It’s still 10 times higher. (First draft for the front wall) (Subsub, illustrator) (First draft for the left wall) (Lee Deokhyeong, graphic designer) (First draft for the back wall) (Kim Sedong, illustrator) (First draft for the parking tower) (Cha Incheol, art director) (How will ESteem’s building be transformed?) As usual, the freehanded Boss Kim made a $5,000 project grow… – Into a $50,000 project. / – Yes. It’s 10 times the cost. Isn’t it too much? Profit requires that kind of investment. I’d do that too. Even if it costs $50,000? – That’s not much at all. / – It’s not. – It should cost double. / – Right. They’re such bold bosses. CEO Song, what do you think? I think it’s a great idea. – Really? / – Yes. Even with such higher costs? Let’s say I ask for $5,000 to shoot YouTube videos. – But I end up using $50,000. / – Yes. – What kind of videos? / – Hiring crew and such. CEO Kim is working with trusted artists on a trustworthy project. Your project would be a scam. I can’t trust her. She’d disappear with the money. Bingo. Why would YouTube videos cost $50,000? It’ll be a hit. Just give me $50,000. I’ll launch “Kim Sook TV” with $50,000. The old catchphrase, “Just lend me $40,000.” (From Sook’s days as “Nanda Kim”) Boss Yang, what would you do with $50,000? – Me? / – Yes. I’d buy gym equipment. I’d like to buy a few machines, but they are so expensive. – Over $10,000 each? / – Yes. I couldn’t buy some of them yet. CEO Song tends to do too much work. Meanwhile, this other boss is all talk, with his best muscles around his mouth. His biceps and triceps are on his mouth. (Why would they be on his mouth?) Boss Yang… – Muscles on my mouth? / – All there. Getting pumped like this. (Will we see him working out today?) Incredible muscles on his mouth.

72 thoughts on “Drawing CEO Kim’s face on the building? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.15]

  1. After the first episode i wanted to work in Esteem lol Can't wait to visit to their office when i travel to South Korea! 😇

  2. oh god she should have chose only one artist having to much variety of art style in one building will make it stand out alright but, not in a good way

  3. I always love boss kim episode, cause literaly shes the one that realy do the boss thing, not like boss yang that only i can see how cheap he is and other boss that only show how they live, but im boss kim we realy see what a boss act and other work he do

  4. Esteem really is a dream environment for an artist. They connect all kinds of art in every way possible. I bet Picasso would love to be in there if he was alive today.

  5. I look forward to final result of this building. If it turns out well, it will be a landmark on their streeet. It will be fun and interesting to see 4 artists work on 1 building

  6. 5:54
    as an artist I actually really hate that phrase so much.
    if I don't have a heart I would say to her "you have to make a show plan right now, It'll be done for 5 minutes. it's easy right?"

    20:18 you too? lol you are the one who keep pushing the artists

  7. I love how ppl are starting to show off bushwick where back in the days it was a very dangerous place to live/or visit..btw i grew up there❤️

  8. CEO Kim is such a Boss babe! LIKE WHEEEEEW she really has so many successful businesses in different parts of the industries. She’s also using this show as a way to market and show her creators and artists. Her strict attention to detail and little ways and ideas that make great investments?? So inspiring! Her mind >>>>>

  9. I can't wait for the episode where they finally reveal the result. The drafts doesn't really look satisfying but i'm curious about the final look.
    Still, i find CEO Kim is such a cool boss in that way. She thinks ahead of time, she Invests in such a great mindset.

  10. if she just focus 2 sides of the building should be okay instead of all 4 sides.. i just think they're wasting the spaces.. i'm just saying btw, i got criticized a lot for not using the spaces properly when i'm studying interior design.

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