Drill Your Own Well Series – Installing a Gravel Pack in Your Well

Drill Your Own Well Series – Installing a Gravel Pack in Your Well

To finish this well, we’ll put a gravel pack
at the bottom. There are other options such as a well screen,
or a combination of a well screen and a gravel pack. To install a gravel pack, well pour pea gravel
down the well that has now become the well casing and
then we’ll raise the casing up so the gravel accumulates in the annular space at the bottom
of the well. We need more gravel. Try to pour most of the gravel out of the
front of the bag instead of out of the back of the bag, like I’m
doing. That’s it, we’ve now got a nice gravel pack
at the bottom of the well.

57 thoughts on “Drill Your Own Well Series – Installing a Gravel Pack in Your Well

  1. The PVC in the video was 3 inch. I'd recommend you start with two inch. The wellhead is available from Brady. It is called a T-pack. I will be posting another video soon showing how to make your own.

  2. You can use a gravel pack in lieu of a sand point (well screen) but I'd suggest using a well screen if you are just going to use one or the other.

  3. The annulus created by this type of "drilling" is much smaller than standard drilling creates. The gravel would get stuck going down if I poured it down the sides. You are right that mud would stabilize the hole but that would require a recirculating system and more expense. This is just a very, very cheap way for folks to drill a 30 or 35 foot hole and avoid having to pay a driller a few thousand dollars provided they have a high static water level. Thanks for looking at the video!

  4. @dawmlw Sr. could you show how to extract the water out of the well? what size of pump would you need? and how would you set it up for irrigation? Thanks, your videos are very helpful, keep it up.

  5. @gman5670 I don't have any immediate plans to install a pump but when I do, I'll put up a video. I have no idea how deep you have to go to avoid the rusty water. My well is 200 feet and I have it. Sorry.

  6. Thank you very much for sharing these freely with us. What a great idea to try. Too bad I have no water from which to power this but.. it's a great idea! Maybe someone could do a recirculating water thing.

  7. @TheHeartOfTheLion In most cases, it is not. Most wells are installed with well screens and without gravel packs and they work just fine.

  8. completely confused by this. Now you have gravel in yr well hole and yr pipe cant get back in. Wouldn't you want the gravel around yr pipe? seems space enough to poor it around.

  9. I have a 2" pvc casing well that was drill 20 years ago when I installed a foot valved jet pump all that came up was silt and it ran out of water. thoughts?

  10. the gravel pack is below the bottom of the PVC pipe. It would be nice to be able to dig a wide enough hole to put it around as well but that is beyond the ability of this technique.

  11. I have tried 5 times and at about 6ft my pipe is stuck ever time, I'm in Orlando Fl. can you give me any advice.

  12. At first I had a great dill of water flow and came in and look at the video again to see what I'm doing wrong and it looks like the video shows less water. i have been able to get to 15ft but got stuck again.

  13. Mike, I had a lot of flow until I came in and looked at the video again and it looks like they don't have as much I did.

  14. Mike, I did what you said and all is well about the water supply, can you leave the 2" pipe in the hole pulled up about 4 feet above the water screen.

  15. Yes but be sure and seal it good from the top. Otherwise it is too easy for the pump to start sucking air as it pumps the well down. It is best if you can get the 2 inch pipe much higher but be sure and seal the annular space (be careful not to seal the wellscreen!) so it won't suck air from the top.

  16. I have worked for an enviromental drilling company for the past 7 years. if your in florida i assume your in nothing other than sand and maybe hard packed bits of clay here and there. truthfully, from my knowledge you cant drill with pure water in 100% sand. when we do we use a mud mix which keeps the well open, also im not sure how you would keep the well screen from becoming clogged once you remove the mud from the finished well. we use special items the general public cannot get.

  17. Good point! Keeping the hole open in pure sand is a challange if not an impossiblity. I'm working on a web page devoted entirely to the subject. Stay tuned. I should have it up on the webstie shortly. Thanks for looking at the video!

  18. How many hours would take to dig suck a hole ? I live in FL and my backyard is like 100 yards away from the bay. I assume i have to dig only through sand all the way. How deep do you think i should go ? What about if i would attach a presure washer to the drill ? Would that help to drill easier since the water presure is higher ?

  19. There is much more information on the website linked to just under the video but – you need water volume, not pressure and you need to drill deep enough that the top of your well screen is at least 10 feet below the water table.

  20. Having drilled hundreds of water wells using half a dozen distinct methods, understanding the purpose of formation sieve analysis as it relates to screen slot size or pack size, if even by eye, makes these vids really something. A copy of the water well bible, "Groundwater and Wells", is probably worth the couple hundred bucks to most amateurs, including the poster of the vid.

  21. Yes. Be sure and get one with a metal impeller. Some of the cheap ones have plastic impellers though. Be sure and get one with a cast iron or metal impeller.

  22. Hello, Gret video im gonna give it a shot.

    I have a few questions… can you use a larger diameter pipe as I want to use a submersable pump or will it get stuck

    and can you do in very sandy soil (i live in australia)


  23. Dave, Drilling with a large diameter pipe requires much more water flow and drilling power. It will work in sandy soil but the pipe sticks quicker. I'm adding a page to the website on that very subject.

  24. What is the purpose of the gravel pack?
    does it not raise the bottom of the well a little?
    You want it low! Right?

  25. Please check out the drillyourownwell website linked to in the description of this video for a detailed explanation but the short version is a gravel pack increases the surface are from which water can enter the well from the ground.

  26. Hey, I live in Jacksonville too! How did your well drilling experience go? Did you need a permit? What research have you done on city ordinances or did you just do so on the down low? And which pump solution did you ultimately wind up with?

  27. This example does not use a well screen. The gravel pack is the screen. It is not as efficient as a real well screen but it is easier and will produce a well.

  28. Perhaps I'm under thinking this, but how do you get the water out? I didn't see anything relating to a pump in the series before you filled it with gravel….?

  29. I still dont get it where all the sand goes, I dug a half well (2 inch pipe about 4 mt) the other day using a strong water hose and come out at least 4 of 10 lt bucket of sand.
    Planning to use your system with one hose only, water table should be around 7 mt. Any advise??

  30. Where I live in the southwest, I can easily find land within 2 miles of  the river where I can get drinkable water within 50' of the surface. But without a source of water to hook up the garden hoses, how would I proceed?

  31. Great video, and some damn hard work. Just wondering if you ever worked on drilling rigs before? I do and you used many terms and definitions that we use on the rigs.

  32. thank you , i ve done my 15 feet water well with 2 " pipe " screened the lower 3 feet " , i inserted another 1" screen 3 feet with cloth covering .
    i'm getting a good flow the first 24 hours , later flow decreases to half and so the next day ! , any suggestions

  33. Hi dawmlw, what type of river rock 1/4" or 1/2" or what type you used, and more or less I can throw inside. Thank you .

  34. Hello again , I try today to do the water well , I saw in internet at USGS my location and the water table is about 7-8 feet, that good but I try to make more deep , 10' more below to put the well screen , but the place where I make the hole uff , only I did 13 feet and is to hard and heavy and I can take it off the pipe , you know , I cant pull out , is too hard and heavy to pull , help me and tell me what can I do please , maybe is a big stone or I had to stop because my hands can't do more jejeje, but let me know if I can to make another hole or what you recommend me , this is my phone number , 786-955-3990 I live in North Lauderdale and my name is Yankee. Thank you before hand

  35. To effectively increase the surface area of the well. It makes the circumference of the well larger without using a larger pipe.

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