Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Patch Uneven Walls

Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Patch Uneven Walls

The next we’re going to do is just start filling
in little pieces like in here we went ahead and shimmed this out to level because the
drywall that they put underneath the plaster is about 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch thick. Then
usually the mud that they put over it is about 1/2 inch so if you shim everything out to
the existing old drywall that they put up there then usually you can put 1/2 inch sheet
of drywall here and have a pretty nice even overlap. You know you are kind of just filling
in where the pantry stopped and the closet stopped and we’re just filling in that little
hole to even out the walls. That’s cool though, we’ll feather it in, just try to get it down
as far as you can. We just finished doing this patch. It is raised
a little bit and the problem with that is we had two different kind of heights of the
wall. One you can see right here is pretty flush and then you look on the other side
and it is a little different and the reason it is like that is because we had two different
walls going and the thickness of the plaster is just a little different. So we’re just
going to have to float this and this will just be one of those small problem walls.
No big deal, we’ll go ahead and float the mud out nice and wide and go all the way up
with it.

7 thoughts on “Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Patch Uneven Walls

  1. can't watch the video since it is covered with the text of what he says…all I see is a huge paragraph of what he is saying???

  2. To the morons making the racist comments: Did it ever occur to you that "the Mexican" might actually be AN AMERICAN CITIZEN? What a bunch of hatracks some of you are.

  3. What a mess – note to self, do not hire these guys to work on my jobs! First of all, if you had 2 different surface heights, why use a thicker piece of drywall? If you couldn't find 1/4" drywall, which is what it looked like you needed, you decided to 'feather' a joint that would not only create a hump, but take twice as long! What Amateurs! Either choose the correct minimal thickness and go over that with Durabond & firberglass tape, or REPLASTER the area since it sure looked like lath to me!

  4. I was left hanging… How did you guys finish this? I have a patch in a ceiling that is lower than the original ceiling, so I need to even it out. Wondering exactly how I would work the mud and tape. Like, to I mud the patch until it is about even with the rest of the ceiling, and then tape the seams? Or to a stick tape on the uneven seams, and mud over that?

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