DSM and Praxis introduce innovative paint: Good for your wall and the environment

Are you looking for quality paint that covers, is easy to clean, and is less harmful to the environment too? Then the new and improved Perfection with Decovery is
the perfect paint for you. We were able to produce this unique product
thanks to our unique collaboration with DSM and a component that only DSM offers. We will be selling a new and improved version
of our Perfection paint line. The product has been improved. We’ve improved the product’s scrubbability.
It stays matte, which is important to consumers. That high quality is there and we will improve on it.
It’s also a sustainable product. Decovery is a plant-based adhesive
used in paint. of course hope that people will enjoy
contributing in this way, but it’s even more important that they enjoy doing something
that’s better for their homes and the environment. Would you like to try our paint yourself?
You can. New and improved Perfection with Decovery
is exclusively available at Praxis.

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