hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much watching at you actual mobile video today patients come through with one very Block W and one not so blocked up yeah patient had been on holiday and dived into a pool and one ear become completely blocked since then they’ve been back and forth not only the local doctor but also the ear nose and throat consultant to try and remove the ear wax as you can see on this side we only got a partial blockage which we can remove quite easily this is not really the offender ear so there was a little bit in here so we just wanted to clear this out because the patients on holiday again soon so we just want to give nice and clear before they go the other side both the general practitioner and the ear nose and throat consultant had ago removing the ear wax on the second ear but at had real difficulty and couldn’t remove the ear wax so the patient was going to get a little bit desperate to get this removed before they went back on another holiday so they contacted us and came in to see us and see if we could remove it for them you can see that the ear wax on this side is coming up quite nicely we go to the entrance of the ear canal there so we’re just can’t use the Jobson horn to get behind that and pull that forwards just slow in the video down a little bit there we go so with this you can see with the ear wax it’s not not huge amounts that are in these ear ear canals but the ear canals themselves are very small so it means that it becomes a little bit more difficult and they’re a bit of an awkward shape so the the ear canal actually widens the further in you go so you end up with a very wide piece of ear wax sitting in a very narrow ear canal so we can see there’s lots of olive oil been putting here on the advice of both the general practitioner and ear nose and throat consultant just to try and soften this ear wax up a little bit to make it easier to remove so we’re using the standard sized zone tube here just to suction some of this excess other way which is wants to flicked up on the camera there so we’re going to go in though and see if we can get a grip on this chunk of ear wax now the ear wax itself is very hard it’s formed perfectly to the shape of the ear canal but in a round ball shape which means it’s not the easiest thing to get hold of I mean the consultant had quite a bit of difficulty trying to manoeuvre this down the ear canal and get it out so what we’re doing at the moment is when you’ve got these sort of ball shape pieces of ear wax that are a little bit too wide to fit out the ear canal I always try and take away the looser sections first on the surface before we try and manoeuvre this out so you can see I’m just trying to get a grip on any loose edges there we’ve taken one chunk away already just working on this right side see if we can break any smaller pieces away it’s difficult to gather Griffin oh ticket that one side away there it’s difficult to get a grip on not the easiest of ear waxes because of its shape being round and that the size of it being very close to the ear canal walls things like jobs and horns which you’ll see in a little bit when we train user jobs in home we have to have enough of a gap to work between the ear wax and the ear canal wall and if we don’t have that then what happens is the jobs in Hong tends to push the ear wax further in so that’s why I’m relying a little bit more heavily on this suction at the moment just to try in because the suction will hold on to the ear waxing and bring it down the ear canal which is going to help us to sort of move it out to the ear canal but also break little pieces off as it’s moving down you can see olive oils work down the side but this piece is just so big that it’s just not your topic in relation to the size of the you can I should say really that it’s just not budging down the ear canal very well I can turn it which is what I’m trying to do here and try to spin the ear wax because I can see that this sections not going to break up break away very well so I’m trying to hold on to this front section to bring this down now we’ve created a little bit of a leading edge so we’ll just see what happens with the crocodile forceps as we try and pull it wide enough to get a grip as we close the forceps see the whole thing spins and moves backwards so which is why it’s difficult to use other tools you can see from that shot then that how how close to the ear canal walls the whole edge of this ear wax is so now I’ve got to use the suction air to bring this back forwards down the ear canal trying to lift to get a hold of a small smoother so we say that the ear wax there so just lifting from the base try to turn this piece of ear wax around so we know it’s not going to budge very well we know it can’t come out of the ear canal the size it is so what I’m doing at the moment is turning the ear wax looking for any looser smaller pieces of ear wax here that we can break away so that we can keep turning and reducing the size of this piece of ear wax so that we can effectively get it out I’ve got a grip on it here so I’m trying to see if we can bring it forward enough to sort of wedge it we’ve got a little leading edge of looks like a bit of dry skin or dry flaking bit of ear wax there just trying to get above it with the jobs on the horn you can see as we try in as we try and get past the ear wax because obviously the jobs and horns only going to work if we can get past the ear wax we’ll bring it forwards or if the ear wax is soft enough that we can get a grip into it but the ear wax is too hard to get the grip in and it’s too close to the ear canal walls to able to pull forward so we’re going back in with the crocodile forceps now we’ve got a hold of that little edge but that’s just broken away so it’s come away from the centre of the ear wax so we’re gonna go back to the section again now I think this is why the consulting had a bit of difficulty remove or trying to remove this obviously then you get a lot of this movement to the ear wax as there is there it’s difficult to to get to get this out them because yet you really have to work on the ear wax and break it down and spend a long time sort of breaking this down you are very reliant with this particular type of ear wax here on how tolerant the patient is as well because obviously you can be moving the ear wax around in the ear canal so there is going to be a little bit of rubbing you may get the odd mild pinch or mild scratching as this is moving around so as long as the patient is happy for you to continue and you must always check in with your patient when you’re doing this then you can carry on our patient was an absolute star they were a real trouper they did they sat through her you know a lot to get this out but they really really wanted this out so you can see we’ve got a smooth edge and I returned the ear wax a little bit so trying to hold on to this smoother edge now try to work it through this narrowing here we can see we’ve got a little bit of a gap on the right-hand side so I’m just going to attempt the Jobson horn in there yeah it doesn’t it doesn’t look big enough where you can size it up see if we can get above in that gap there see it as you try and push down to get the grip on the front end of the ear wax head to bring it forward it’s actually just pushed it further in so it quite a lot of patience needed with this this type of ear wax removal you can see that that sometimes the ear wax becomes so hard that the olive hole has difficulty penetrating into the ear wax but we’re starting to loosen some of this ear wax at the front end here so you can see it’s just starting to kind of flake away a little bit and we’ve got a thin edge there that we’ve worked towards which is in the perfect angle now to get the crocodile forceps in just holding on I see it as we as we try and break because there’s a rounded shape to that leading edge as we close the forceps what the for forceps the jaws are the forceps do is run along that rounded edge who actually turns the ear wax back around so you don’t get the grip you need just slowly repositioning this ear wax back to where it was okay I’ve put the fine end on here just because sometimes the fine and will break away smaller pieces and we can go a little bit more room you can see tiny little bits getting sucked away from the edge of the ear wax they know obviously anything we take away from this ear wax it’s gonna make it just that little bit easier to get this out so I’m using that the size of the fine end to be able to turn spin this ear wax a little bit more effectively than using the the standard size on the tube and you can see that we are breaking and loosening little tiny bits of this ear wax away maybe I’ll just slowly peeling section after section away there so we’ll carry on doing this now until we’ve run out of loose pieces and then what we’ll do is we’ll turn the ear wax again then and look for any smaller softer pieces anywhere else on there you can see just how sticky this ear wax has become as well so it’s really sticking to the ear canal walls when we’re tuning around making it a little bit more difficult to turn so we’ve seen for the top section I was a little bit harder you can see it’s moving quite freely in the ear canal and you this part of the ear canal is quite wide so it means that it can move quite freely here is where we bring it forwards that we keep getting it stuck so we’re just dragging the or gently sort of dragging that the fine and out the front end here of this ear wax just to break off any smaller pieces and then returning though you because you’re gonna loose a piece there so I’ll just remove that as well just constantly manoeuvring ear wax making it smaller just to try and sort of fit it out of the visit at the entrance of the corral here there we go I’ve got a good grip on a nice loose section there at the front and that’s broken quite a bit off the front and side there so that’s good that’s gonna make it just a little although just going to try them and over this out of the ear canal see if it’s small enough yet to fit out there I’ll just broke another little piece off there if you notice that I’m switching tools depending on what I’m trying to do to I’m using the fine end which is what you see you just a break little bits of the ear wax down and to chip away at it and then to get a good solid grip to try and bring this ear wax out we’re switching then to the standard size on the tube because that wider surface area then at the end of the salt there’s on the tube is going to help us to get a really solid grip the fine end is is wouldn’t really for this type of ear wax moves really solidly sort of wedge didn’t they wouldn’t give you the suction grip you needed to bring that out effectively so you can see we got the wide end back on again though so we’ve got the standard size on the tube back in here again we’ve got a good solid grip there gs slowly try to bring this forward you can see we’ve got much further than before towards the entrance to the ear canal now and we suggest on a shave this little piece off the front edge you can see that the ear wax is starting to break down a little bit holding onto it there patiently you’ve got it with ear wax you if you hold on to the ear wax and just let the suction build you’ll get a really strong grip and that’s what I was just doing there you can see those little sections the front here that’s peeled away I’m looking here to see if we’ve got any large enough gaps around it to be able to accommodate the Jobson horn trying to check this gap to the right hand side and not quite big enough yet so we’re gonna go back in with the standard size on the tube see if we can bring this forwards or just kind of wiggle back and forth you see another section they get sucked into the tube here we go just trying to turn to wiggle gesture manoeuvre a little bit I was starting to get a bit of movement now really kind of trying to wiggle this down the ear canal we’ve got it through that narrow sections and that way just at the entrance we’re going to try the Jobson horn now really pressing up before we were trying to use the Jobson horn there’s not a great deal of movement in the ear canal so if you’re pushing up against the cooler I went backing you can when you’re trying to push up against the ear canal wall there’s no flexibility to the ear canal wall so it’s difficult to get the jobs a norm between the ear wax and the wall itself when you get the ear wax much further out then you start to get into the cartilaginous part of the ear canal and closer to the entrance of the ear canal where there’s a lot more flexibility this you can start to manoeuvre the cartilage push against it and there’ll be a bit of give to give you enough space to get behind it just to bring this down which is what I’m trying to do I’m trying to bring it back down to the entrance the cam spinning as we’re going imagine you’re trying to get a very specific shape like I almost like a u-shape through it through a narrow entrance you’re gonna try and get the leading edge through first and pull the rest through after that’s what I’m trying to do here so as I’m trying to pull and try to turn to bring the ear wax down you are just starting to come towards the entrance to the ear canal now we talked a lot about difficult ear wax removal sometimes a difficult worker ball is not the amount of ear wax in there it’s just the size and shape and type of ear wax that causes the problem just who’s the crocodile forceps see if I can get a good enough grip to pull this forwards just to pull it through that gap a little bit more it’s brought it down so we’re we’re so close to the entrance to the ear canal now we’re almost there use the forceps to get a grip on this this slightly looser section of the film which is broken away from the main body of ear wax if we get a good enough grip and pull hard enough I can get it through the gap I’m thinking I just broke away just broke away but it did make a ear wax a little bit smaller again slowly rolling this again now bringing it sideways down the ear canal now this looks more promising we look we’re getting a little bit more movement to this front end of ear wax and we’ve got a slightly angular piece here so we’re going to see if we get a grip here move back a little bit so I’m not going to try again with those with the forceps let’s try that the smaller fine end again now let’s see if we can turn this now we’ve got it further towards the older part that you can at least break a little bit more off the area now we’re tuning it so we get the flatter smoother edge and we got a better chance of getting a good grip on this now with this flatter smoother edge there so we’re gonna switch back now to the standard size on the tube pop that on top of here let the suction build a little bit there now we’re at the entrance to the ear canal we’ve really moved this out and we’ve got it much much further forward this is where the delicate part of the procedure comes in if we go in there too heavy-handed now we’re going to push this ear wax exactly back where it was so we need to really kind of pull out as far as we can to wedge it in the ear canal Bend the cartilage using the top end of the jobs in order to really get behind it and push down and out it comes now we can get behind it again bring it the rest of the way out there we go out it pops I will take good look behind that you can see the eardrum there you can see where it’s been wedged down in there as well at that pinkness of redness and obviously we’ve been spinning this ear wax to make it smaller it’s just aggravated the skin and a bit I’ll take that loose little bit away and there’s the ear drum there looking healthy patient very relieved to get out of the rears you can see it wasn’t a massive amount of ear wax but compared to the size of the ear canal the ear canal was very very smaller patient really really happy to have that out especially with so the people had tried and failed in the past so yeah really pleasing one to do thank you very much for snapping here today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’d not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care


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