good morning plumbers as you know we do
everyday plumbing the good, the bad, the ugly and today is no exception we
have a leak on a iron pipe line if you haven’t subscribed please hit that subscribe
button leave any comments you like down below you know we are a plumbing
community and let’s make life easier for us plumbers all right thank you we’ll
see you at the job there they go the packing nuts we’re
trying to turn this house on here we got multiple leaks packing nuts
and the main leak is a pinhole in a iron pipe huh that’s my head there we go
CB2 laid out the tarp for me we’re gonna do here hopefully use a clampette on
this joker yeah give me some light CB I like it all these pipes are really low
CB there it is you see us Brian huh there it is can you see it spraying there it is CB – here we go we’re gonna
go easy breezy today clampette at and you know why time is of the essence and they’re coming in this weekend of course
but the main reason we’re gonna do it for the lesson this is a quick easy fix
for an iron pipe leak especially a pinhole see multiple things gonna happen here
today folks I like it already Chuck a little sanding Chuck this is what I did down in that hole
the water main we’re on a clamp that lets get pay you right now anyway huh I
haven’t use one of these in years listen to this guy that’s I mean oh this
is the second one now yeah there it is there it is Chuck here’s the best part I
did that while the water was on the water is on no leaky leaky we’re back in
business and guess what the clamp is the way I’m going here here’s our repair
a clampette at three-quarter iron pipe to use them on heat lines and galvanized
water lines now to change that line oh my lord
this whole place is galvanized dude Wow for me to change this whole line you see
every thing is galvanized I’d have to pull it on this fitting here I brought pex and
copper here is my clampette four-foot down the other end goes all the way over
there and then at 3/4 T by that PVC 45 which if you haven’t noticed a gas line
about six inches off the ground and that would create a major crawl for us so it
just doesn’t pay to replace all these lines this place is a summer cottage the whole system
because you know when you touch one galvanized line they all got to go so
this is the way to go for this job in and out done and for that we thank you
and CB what’s our motto and there goes another satisfied customer

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