Easy Backyard Ideas: Outdoor Living Spaces

Easy Backyard Ideas: Outdoor Living Spaces

We’re going to show you some simple updates
that can keep the party hoppin’. Fire pits have been a special gathering spot
for people since the invention of, fire. Here are four updates that you can make to
your backyard grass area, that will truly be the talk of the neighborhood. They are simple, fast and cost just a few
bucks. Start with the base. Pick a flat spot away from trees and a good
distance from your home. Dig up the sod, add some gravel and sand.
Base done. Now, the Fire Ring. You can build one from
the ground up or just pick up a ready made sturdy 36″ steel fire bowl with a grated cover. Set that down in in the middle of the base
and it’s ready to burn. You can do benches or my favorite, these woven
chairs. They are super comfortable, stylish and inexpensive. How about a little natural décor? Set planters
around the perimeter of the base and plant with annuals and perennials. While small trees and shrubs such as rosemary
or lavender can create a pleasant visual border that also helps define the space. The Moon, natures night light, is awesome,
but you’ll probably want to augment your fire pit lighting with a bit more ambient illumination. Torches and lanterns are all great choices
for your fire pit area. That’s it. A great outdoor space, created
in no time for a little bit of money. You can do a couple of these updates or all four.
Now get out there and start creating some memories!

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  1. Once the sun goes down it's time to get your shindig started! These simple updates cost just a few bucks and will keep your party hopping. #Backyard #Entertaining #FirePit

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